Srixon Z 545 Driver Review

Srixon Z 545 Driver Review

srixon z 545 driver review

Srixon Z 545 Driver review

Golfmagic Golfmagic receives a review of the Srixon driver 2015

The SRIXON Z 545 driver was designed for players who want maximum forgiveness and distance, low launch and spin off the tee.

We all then…

This aggressive and sleek 460cc head makes this driver all-ability. It is placed right next to the ball & tee, and instantly causes you to take a wider stance and tear the urethane apart.

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srixon z 545 driver review

Srixon Z 545 Driver

January 7, 2015 – The latest launch of drivers by Srixon in Europe, the new Z 545 model , has recently come into our hands and we’ve had the chance to review it on the golf course so that we can explain to you how it works. You should know that this is a beautiful bomber designed to enhance your game. It can be used to help you hit more shots off the green in 2015.

This head looks sleek, but it is aggressive from the first look. Beneath a white cover we discover a 460cc black head, with an advanced titanium cup-face construction which, according to references, amplifies a lot the sweet spot thus making it notably forgiving on off-centre hits. With a great dose of confidence, this address inspires us.

Srixon’s Dual Speed Technology was patented to the driver 545Z. The technology maximizes player’s spin efficiency while providing more kinetic energy upon impact. Your distance will increase if you have a quicker clubhead.

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The Srixon Z 545 driver also comes with various mobile weights which are very simple and quick to change. You can adjust the Quick Tune System, which offers 24 options that include loft, lie, face angle, and… wait for it… centre gravity. The standard package includes two weights, 7g and 3, and an additional 11g to fine-tune the centre gravity to get the best launch and spin.

Standard shaft mount is the Mitsubishi Rayon Black Kuro Kage HBP-60. The configuration was designed to deliver a high-performance golf club, with excellent forgiveness and speed. It also promotes a medium-high launch.

Toni Alcazar was the pro and director for El Doctor Golf, Sitges (Barcelona), Spain. We went to her driving range at CG Terramar in Sitges (Barcelona), in order to test the driver. Srixon Z 545’s driver is 10.5deg and has 7g in front, in neutral, and 3g in center. He also has a 60g Stiff shaft. After having hit a dozen balls of golf, he spoke:

The clubhead was always in control and I initially thought it was too heavy. But once I began to use the club and start making swings with it, the weight felt quite natural.

srixon z 545 driver review


When the Z545 driver arrived, I had one idea in my mind. It was light. I heard the same three words from every one of my playing partners during my two review rounds.

With this club I felt as though I could just swing it out of my feet, but I found the Z545 to be light enough that I was able to easily swing the club. Because I did not feel any sensation in my hands when hitting it at the perfect spot, I knew that I had hit it exactly where I wanted. Even with all those misshits, my vibration in my hands is very minimal. This was an added bonus in my opinion.

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This driver makes a very dull “pinging” sound upon impact. However, it isn’t as loud or sharp as some of its Cleveland Golf sibling clubs such the Classic XL and Custom Driver. One thing I noticed is that it was the same sound no matter how far I hit it.

If you are a golfer who loves a quiet and forgiving sounding driver, then the Srixon Z545 driver is an outstanding choice. I really enjoyed the feel of this club.

srixon z 545 driver review


After taking the Srixon Z545 driver out for numerous range sessions and 2 review rounds, there was one aspect of this club that really stood out: forgiveness. For some reason, my round was difficult. The worst part of my round was when I felt uneasy over the ball. It didn’t matter if it was in the middle or off the fairway.

With this in mind, the driver I found most confidence with was my club. Although I was unable to hit the ball squarely (mostly miss the toe), the ball found the fairway almost every time. That’s a big deal since I may or may not be used to missing fairways off the tee (it’s probably my biggest weakness).

My Z545 distance hit was approximately the same as my usual, around 270-280 with an extremely nice and sharp mid to high trajectory. For those mishits, the variable face thickness (thicker in the center, thinner around the edges) seemed to do its job as I didn’t lose too much of the distance and still got a decent roll to make up the yards, which is always nice.

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It’s impressive performance will make the Srixon Z545 stand out. People will be hard-pressed to forget about the driver’s solid distance and forgiveness.

.Srixon Z 545 Driver Review