Srixon Driver Review

Srixon Driver Review

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Sumitomo Rubber Industries

srixon driver review


After reading the ZX7 driver manual before I tested it, I was struck by the high emphasis placed on “penetrating” or low launch and spin. The focus also on “Tour shaping” was what set me back in my expectation for forgiveness. The combination of the higher carbon crown with the Rebound Frame resulted in ball speed, distance and accuracy that was acceptable even for imperfect swings.

Srixon’s product description emphasized the low launch and spin. This was apparent from the very first swing. It’s a good choice if the ZX7 will help you cut RPM from your tee shots, or make it more effective in launching penetrating drives. The ZX5 is a good choice for anyone who needs a greater launch angle or prefers a bit of spin. The shaft suits the more aggressive, faster swinger and enhances the ZX7’s low spinning and lower launching.

Finally, the ZX7 driver has simple, meaningful adjustability in two ways. At the hosel, you can adjust the loft, face angle, and lie angle. You can also adjust the weight of your toe and heel via the ports. Stock configurations have an 8 gram heel and 4 gram toe. These can also be turned to increase draw. More weights are available – 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 grams – through Srixon’s website at $15 per weight. I found the stock setting to be perfect. But, there are additional weights available for anyone looking to adjust their swing weight using shorter or longer driver builds.

srixon driver review

Srixon Zx

ZX5: 9.5@, 10.5@; ZX7: 9.5@, 10.5@ Our take: The ZX packs a two-fisted punch of added distance and forgiveness. One tester chimed in by saying, “The traditional shaping and the red line on the back look great. The ball hits very fast. The ZX7 is a much more powerful driver than the ZX5.

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OUR TAKE: Both the ZX Drivers ZX5 (and ZX7) pack an impressive punch in terms of added forgiveness and distance. A tester commented, “The classic shaping and red line at the back look fantastic.” The ball bounces very well off of the faces. “It’s the fastest one I’ve ever hit.” The two models give golfers the option of a longer trajectory or one that is more penetrated. DESCRIPTION: The carbon crown and the Rebound frame combine to improve distance and forgiveness for off-center hits. Additionally, and adjustable hosel and two rear and low weight ports enable golfers to fine tune the CG placement and face angle for a draw or fade shotshape. A ZX5 with a triangular shape has a lower MOI and produces more ballflight. However, the ZX7 is more versatile and offers more shotmaking options and delivers a much more powerful launch. Read 150+ ClubTest 2021 reviews. Detail: Our carbon crown and rebound frame work together to enhance distance and forgiveness with off-center strokes. A hosel adjustable and two low-weight ports at the rear allow golfers to set the face angle and CG for draw and fade shots. A ZX5 with a triangular shape has a greater MOI and produces higher ballflight. While the ZX7 is rounder and offers better shotmaking capabilities and flatter launches, it produces a smaller launch.

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srixon driver review

Srixon Z785 driver review

Srixon Won The Driver Race. It feels more like the drivers race is between two companies over the last couple of years. Although there are more than 20 drivers available on the market today, only two or three companies seem to be dominating the buzz, sales, and bag of golfers. Srixon was created to contend for the large dog position in your bag. They first had to impress the tour pros. Now they want to target regular golfers. It is possible that the new Z785 driver could be your next favorite player. Srixon boasts a lot about their driver. Will they be able to show real-world performance or bold claims? You’ll learn more about Srixon as they take on all the competition. They say they are faster than the Rogue driver and can drive straighter than an BMW M3. As they talk about their Z785 driver, they make bold claims. Their head to head testing lead them to proclaim they have a driver that can become a leader in the industry. It is a new TI51AF Cup Face, Carbon composite crown. These lighter weight materials in the head allow for better CG manipulation and greater energy transfer. These bold claims are not surprising. Did the Srixon Z785Driver live up?

Srixon Z785 driver is an excellent “off-the-rack” combination. The ProjectX HZRDUS Black Hand Crafted shaft is the real deal. As you can read in my review, I was already a big fan of that shaft. This package is basically black, from head to grip. It looks great. The little accent of red and chrome look very classic. You can see the carbon, but not too much. You can easily see every ball impact and the black face makes it look great. Also, the red bold headcover makes it look really cool in the bag. If you judge by his appearance, it is no surprise that this driver has the potential to compete.

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Srixon Z785 Driver had to convert me. Do they really deliver what they claim? Srixon could have done this, I think. I am truly impressed by this driver. From the very first stroke, I was impressed by how good this driver sounds. Srixon made the multi-material sound very appealing. The sound is not overly muted. The impact is so strong that it feels hot but not loud. Strong yet majestic, the launch was impressive. I was really happy with the quick launch and flat flight. Drive after drive looked like “pro” drives. The pros see clearly and have an advantage that the amateurs do not. Golfers can either use a spinny, high-speed ball to maximize roll or an easier trajectory. For incredible carry and roll, pros launch the ball higher using low spin. This was what I observed with the Srixon Z785.

Srixon Z785 Driver is a fantastic combination of sound, appearances and flight. The real deal comes in on the length and dispersion. These factors can make or break your driver’s success. These features are also available in the Srixon Z785 There were many drives that I took over three bills and they all went perfectly straight. They didn’t travel as far on off-center hits, but they still remained in play for a good length of time. The low spin on this driver really is the key to much of the distance and dispersion of this driver. I have been able to raise my swing speed some too, but this combo just worked for me.

Srixon Z785 Driver

Spin: 1805 rpms

Launch Angle: 16.1*

srixon driver review

Srixon Z785 Driver Review

Srixon X 785 Driver 9.5° Right Hand, Stiff

Ti51AF Cup Face — Stronger and lighter than ever, our Ti51AF Cup Face is stronger, lighter, faster, and allows for more distance.

Lightweight Carbon – A lightweight carbon crown moves mass to the perimeter for more forgiving, more accurate drives.

Quick Tune System – Effortlessly adjust loft and swing weight with the Quick Tune Adjustment and Customization System.

Srixon’s newest model Z785 is available. You will have full control of the spin and ball speed. This will increase your distance to the ball when you are hitting off-center.

Its modern looking shape and futuristic design will certainly get your attention, but looks aren’t all that it offers. The driver will bring you joy. This driver’s sweet sound will make this a popular choice.

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We will soon be able to dive in and review the product. This review will focus on the best features and benefits of the Srixon Z785 driver.

srixon driver review

Overall Impressions

My game showed that the Srixon ZX5 driver was the best of both new options. I had previously played as the Z785 player for the past year and was hoping to return in a ZX7-like driver profile. These examples show how it’s important to test out different options before you make a final decision.

Srixon is continuing to excel in the driver segment, and this new line shows that. This new release will undoubtedly result in a greater Tour and mini-tour presence by Srixon in the driver segment. provides more details about ZX Woods.

Srixon ZX Fairway Woods and Hybrids Review 2020 Global Golf Equipment Trends With Bill Bush

srixon driver review

Srixon Zx5 Driver Review and Comparison – Ping G425 vs Srixon Vs.

Srixon ZX5 Driver Review vs. Ping G425. There have been many advances in driver technology over this decade. This is why we wanted to test a few drivers which are definitely not your daddy’s.

Some of the most popular drivers today still have a great deal of forgiveness. We tried a few. Was it true to their promise? Let’s take a look at the results.

Ping G425 Max comes with the G425 LST. The selling point here is that the golfer can essentially choose what they want to emphasize from the tee – i.e. straighter shots, high moment of inertia, etc.).

Srixon ZX driver family is all about maximizing forgiveness and ball speed. It includes the ZX5 as well the ZX7.

How good are Srixon drivers?

Srixon drivers have performed well in our Most Wanted testing. Our Most Wanted testing revealed that the Srixon Z565, Z765, and Z765 took first and second place respectively in 2017. The Z565 model and Z765 models came in fifth and sixth in 2017 respectively. In 2019, Z585 was middle of the pack and Z785 were slightly better in 2020.

Srixon Drivers: What are the Pros’ Uses for Srixon?

Brooks Koepka (Hideki Maatsuyama), Shane Lowry and Cameron Champ are some of the many players who have put their trust on Srixon equipment at the PGA TOUR.

What Are the differences between Srixon Drivers Zx5 or Zx7?

ZX5 is designed for those who need more forgiveness or speed. The ZX7 model offers total control thanks to its penetrating flight and adjustable features that allow for any player to achieve their launch conditions.

What are the Srixon Drivers?

Srixon in Japan manufactures clubs for golf.

.Srixon Driver Review