Taylormade Tp5 Golf Balls Review & For Sale

Taylormade Tp5 Golf Balls Review & For Sale

Taylormade Tp5 Golf Balls Review & For Sale

First Impressions Of The Taylormade Tp5 Golf Ball

There is no obvious difference in the Taylor Taylor TP5/TP5X from most tour balls. All numbers, text and dimple patterns are fairly standard. However, the box claims that these are "THE MOST COMPLETE TOUR BALL".

This statement does not reflect how they appear, but rather how they are designed.

The number "5" in TP5 refers to how many layers make up the ball, which is two layers in the cover and one in the core. This creates "progressive levels" of compression. The packaging contains additional technical jargon such as "Tri-Fast Core", "Dual-Spin Cover", and "Maximum Energy Transfer" (lest we not forget, Taylormade is the master of naming their new technologies, hello Twist. Face! Face!)

Overall, these are both great looking golf balls that should fit the eye of almost any golfer playing a comparable tour level ball.

Taylormade Tp5 Golf Balls Review & For Sale

Taylormade Tp5 – Final Thoughts

In my opinion, the hype around the TP5 and TP5X is well deserved.

Although they cost at least $45 per dozen like a professional tour ball, the price is still a lot lower than that of a Pro. The latest Taylormade Tour Ball release was excellent. It has V1s, and performs at least as well.

The TP5x as well as the TP5x have great feel. They perform exactly from tee on green. When compared to other tour level balls, I didn't feel as though I was left wanting in any specific area.

The best golfers can experience increased ball speed, carry distance and control at the greens.

Although I prefer the TP5X ball, it is not my favourite. However, I suggest that you perform a similar analysis to see which model best suits your needs.

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Vice Pro Plus golf ball balls might be a good option if your TP5 interest is piqued.

It has similar performance but is much less expensive.


Taylormade Tp5 Golf Balls Review & For Sale

Taylormade 2021 – Tp5 & P5X Golf Ball Review

When Tommy Fleetwood signed with TaylorMade, the biggest surprise for him was how well their ball performed. Sergio Garcia, who at the time wasn't even with the company (although he has recently re-joined), told him "Finally you get to see what you have been missing out on".

Additionally, the ball was a strong performer at 2019 Ryder Cup. European players benefited from its use around Le Golf National. Rickie Fowler chose to move out of the Pro V1 to the TP5x golf ball after that week in Paris, and this is a trend that we are seeing more of on Tour.

In 2019 a TaylorMade ball won five times on the PGA Tour, in 2020 that doubled with the TP5 range claiming two out of the three men's majors played.

Ten years ago, there was no TaylorMade ball on Tour. Now every staff player (except Tiger), has the TP5/TP5x.


Taylormade Tp5 Golf Balls Review & For Sale

Taylormade 2021 Tp5 And Tp5X Golf Balls Review

Indoor Performance I was able to see very little between the indoor models 2019 and 2021 when testing Trackman using the TP5x. This is because it's the ball that my most frequent use would be on the course.

TP5x 2021 6 Iron averages:

Ball Speed: 104.3 mph

Spin rate – 5557rpm

Peak Height- 81ft

Carry – 144 yards

TP5x 2019 6 Iron averages:


Taylormade Tp5 Golf Balls Review & For Sale

How does the Taylormade TP5 compare to other golf balls?

It's more common to see a ball class difference than between manufactures. Pro is what most golfers think of. V1 and PRO. V1x and Pro are the most popular golf balls. However, players who use Callaway's Chrome Soft as well as TaylorMade TP5 will agree that they perform the same or even better.

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Chrome Soft is the shortest, and most soft, while the TP5 TP5x matches up well with the Titleist Pro. V1 Pro. V1 x, respectively. Bridgestone makes three-piece Bridgestone Tour B330S and Tour B330S. TaylorMade however produces the five-layer ball.


Taylormade Tp5 Golf Balls Review & For Sale

These Would I Use It?

The TP5x would be my choice, not only because it is slightly faster for me but because it has a firmer covering that I enjoy the feeling of hitting the greens with the ball.

I also have enjoying using the Pix pattern as I enjoy the visual on greens to see the ball rolling towards the hole – it gives you great feedback on how you are stroking it!

I also find that it looks as if it sits up a little more in the rough, and it seems to be easier to identify when playing with other golfers using a plain white ball, which is a bonus for those of you who tend to be a little wayward off the tee!


Taylormade Tp5 Golf Balls Review & For Sale

Do I play the Tp5 or Tp5X golf ball?

Taylor's 2021 TP5x and TP5x provide a complete tee to green performance. Made's unique five-layer construction. The TP5 and TP5 deliver the best distance from the tee. However, the TP5 has a soft feel and is more spin-friendly around greens. It also achieves faster ball speeds thanks to a larger reactive core.

TP5x is currently the fastest and most long-range ball from Taylor. The Taylor made line-up has a firmer feel, and it launches higher on iron shots. The new, softer-cast urethane covers make it easier to spin the greenside than previous generations.

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2021 Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x reviewed


Taylormade Tp5 Golf Balls Review & For Sale

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Taylormade Tp5 Golf Balls Review & For Sale

Taylormade, A Serious Player In the Golf Ball Market

It is almost certain that the rank depends on the date and exact number of numbers looked at. However, TaylorMade can claim that they have been the fastest growing ball brand over the past four years. Its market share has, at times, reached into the mid-teens and, while that's a long way from Titleist, it's notable that unlike most of its competitors, TaylorMade's lower-cost offerings aren't particularly strong in the marketplace (though who doesn't love the Noodle ?). TaylorMade's Tour level balls are the driving force behind the company’s growth. It makes perfect sense considering the strength and experience of its PGA TOUR staff.

If its premium balls sales begin to trickle down, TaylorMade could find itself as a serious contender for the No. It could be a contender for the No. 2 market spot, where Titleist might one day take a run.

For the time being, however, company has enjoyed steady growth as well as the pride that comes with having DJ, Rory or Colin Morikawa play the game of golf.

.Taylormade Tp5 Golf Balls Review & For Sale

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