Cobra King F8 Driver Review

Cobra King F8 Driver Review

cobra king f8 driver review

Cobra King F8 Driver Review – An Honest Opinion

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Today’s review will focus on the Cobra King F8 Driver. Following my testing, I will share my honest opinions. Before this, I had swung an F8 fairwaywood and it was my favourite wood (and one I actually use). So I expected great things from the driver. How did it compare?

Although it was not my favorite driver anywhere in the world it was a good choice and I’d give it five stars. This was not my preferred looking driver. It is heavier and, for me, it looks better than the Callaway drivers. My opinion was that the F8 was much better than F7. The F8 also allowed for more forgiveness with off-center hits. The alignment of the ball was also very simple, much like with other Callaway clubs. It made a great impact sound and was solid. This version also has a much higher launch angle, which is cool. The F8 driver is a great choice.

If you find this information helpful, great! You can watch the entire video below or go to the blog for a detailed overview of the driver.

cobra king f8 driver review

Our Cobra King F8 Driver Review

2018 Cobra King F8 Driver Nardo (Men’s, Right Hand, Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 60, Reg Flex)

The first CNC machined driver face. Our thinnest, most accurate, and fastest face ever.

Aero-Innovative Polymer Aerotrips, placed aroundthe perimeter of the clubhead, improve drag reductionthrough thedownswing to increaseclubhead speed.

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Ultralight Carbon Fiber Crown – A lighter, 5-ply crown of carbon fiber made from ultralight materials. This allows for greater forgiveness and lower trajectories.

F8 adjustable position CG-2 in the heel and back result in two completely different ball flights that can be used to adjust your distance and trajectory in variable circumstances

SmartPad-8 is a smart pad that allows you to fine-tune launch conditions for maximum distance and control trajectory with the Fly 8.

It is one of the straightest drivers available on the market. The Cobra King F8 is a straight-line driver. Why should you pick it over the others? Today’s Cobra F8 Driver will be reviewed in detail.

cobra king f8 driver review

Best Golf Drivers 2018 – Cobra King F8 Driver Review

COBRA F8 F8 DRIVER FROM Golfmagic COBRA F8 F8 REVIEW HERE Face your F8, Cobra said when asked about its driver. The new CNC milled face makes it easy to see why.

Quite possibly the most exciting new driver of the season, it doesn’t just look snazz, but it packs a punch in terms of distance and forgiveness. Cobra always launches cool products. The new F8/F8+ drivers are a delight to drive.

The milling process is more accurate than standard hand polishing. It produces a thin structure with a faster ball speed and a more exact face thickness. You get exactly this.

Cobra’s CNC Milled Face is the lightest and most thinnest ever driver face. This allows for greater weight distribution in the clubhead, which results in a lower MOI as well as more forgiveness at impact.

This driver is for all players, and the F8+ suits those playing singles.

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How forgiving is The Cobra King’s F8 Driver?

RRP PS329) Ladies F8 Driver

What makes The Cobra KingF8 a good driver?

Compared to the F7 the King F8 not only sounded lower pitched and more solid, it did also perform better in the Draw and High weight settings. You can also try the KingF8+ driver if that doesn’t work.

Can the Cobra F8 Drive be used by high-handicappers?

Which driver works best for you? Cobra designed the F8 to suit the needs of most golfers, from low handicappers to professionals. They optimized the club-head’s shape, the adjustable loft settings, and the CG weight locations, to increase spin, increase loft, and maximize distance and forgiveness, for the average player.

What’s the Difference between Cobra F8 & F8 +

While the F8 is adjustable from 9-12 degrees, it has a wider profile. The F8+ is smaller and produces lower trajectory. The King F8 line will include fairway woods and hybrids, too.Nov 15, 2017

.Cobra King F8 Driver Review

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