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Little Mountain Park

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Walks on Paths: Check out this Discovery Walk video about the Little Mountain Nature Trail

It is situated south of City boundaries and covers 522 acres. Follow the 1.5 mile paved road to the top of Little Mountain, an elevation gain of 934 feet. You can enjoy a breathtaking view from the covered viewpoint of Skagit Valley, San Juan Islands and Olympic Mountains.

Little Mountain Park



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Little Mountain Park provides a great experience that is suitable for every age and ability. Every hike offers a unique trail and there are endless options for trail runs or biking. Come in the morning for trail running before breakfast. You can take a drive up to the summit for lunch at the south viewpoint with views of central Puget Sound as well as the Olympic Mountain Range. The north viewpoint is a great place to see the San Juan Islands, North Puget Sound, and sunsets. There's a wheel-chair accessible, interpretive Nature Trail; a paved road taking you from the bottom of the mountain to the picnic area and overlooks at its top; and miles of trails great for hiking, mountain biking, running, or walking your dog.

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Little Mountain Park

North Viewpoint

Paragliders will love this elevated platform, which is near the summit parking. This area offers a great view over Mount Vernon & Burlington. Baker beyond.

Little Mountain Park is beautiful all year. Little Mountain is accessible all year. While some hiking locations in Seattle may be closed due to snow accumulation, others are still easily reachable. Little Mountain has a wide variety of trails that you can hike. There are not many hiking locations near Seattle with such varied trails. Cascadia Weekly's Best of Skagit 2016 issue listed Little Mountain Park as Skagit Valley's best spot for hiking, and that's true in all seasons.

Mountain bikers with experience can try their skill on switchbacks along the Bonnie and Clyde's Trail and Sidewinder. The La-Z-Boy Trail allows for a relaxing hike up to the top of the mountain, or a gentle walk. Trail runners seeking a challenge should consider the Up Only Trail. The trail is known for being the most steep in the park.

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Little Mountain Park

Running in the Trail

Little Mountain's trail system is ideal for runners. It offers several 5-6-mile loop routes, with the possibility to alter course at every quarter mile.

Local communities in the Puget Sound are committed to protecting hiking opportunities and other outdoor recreation. That is what makes the Pacific Northwest unique. Little Mountain Park is a great example of that kind of effort. You can see the results of hundreds volunteering their time to create Little Mountain Park.

MVPF volunteers have contributed more than 17,000 man-hours to Little Mountain Park since 2009. They built, improved, and maintained the trail network of 10+ miles. Photo by Peter Wheeler. Click here to learn more about volunteering at Little Mountain Park


Little Mountain Park

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Little Mountain Park

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Log in/Sign up Dashboard Report a Trip Log In Signup Little Mountain Park – Bonnie and Clyde Loop Little Mountain can be reached all year. Mount Vernon is just minutes away, but this park of 522-acres feels far more remote than it actually is. Skagit Valley views are just a short drive away from the summit. It is accessible via narrow roads. The drive up the mountain is quite pleasant. However, it is far better to go hiking. mountain park_powder.jpeg Little Mountain Park – Bonnie and Clyde Loop


Little Mountain Park

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67 Trip Reports for this trail, below Aptly named Little Mountain is easily accessible year-round. Mount Vernon's central area is only a short distance from this forested park covering 522-acres. However, it feels much further away. You will find Skagit Valley views as you drive up the narrow road to the summit at sub-1,000 feet. The drive to the summit can be enjoyable but it's much more fun to hike.

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To make a quick loop, park at the pullout labeled "To trails." Then, head up the Bonnie and Clyde Trail. This trail begins with a gradual climb and ends in a pleasant curve around the mountainside. You'll come across an abandoned car along the trail, which is a sure inspiration for its name. The junction is located at approximately 0.9mile. Sidewinder Trail ascends gently and is very popular with mountain bikes. Turn right to access the Ginny's Trail, which is a short and steep hiker-only trail. Keep right on the road to reach the summit overlook.

From the top of Little Mountain, gaze over fertile fields and the Skagit River toward Fidalgo and Whidbey Islands. Follow the Ridge Trail sign-posted down to complete the loop.


Little Mountain Park

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Little Mountain Park

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Family friendly This loop is easy for children. You can also cut it by following Bonnie and Clyde's trail to the mid-mountain area. The section of Fred's Trail connecting the overlook area and the lower traverse trails (Bonnie & Clyde, "Julianne") is steep and slippery. This route is not recommended for running or kids.

It's a beautiful hike for both individuals and groups. This route covers a short distance and takes you to the most stunning forests and highest peaks in the region.

Only a few spaces are available at Entrance Trailhead. If full, try lower down the road or start your hike from the East Trailhead.

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If you're traveling with Fido, look for a seasonal water seep at the base of a rock slab that forms a tight spot on Bonnie and Clyde's From the Entrance Trailhead, locate the nearby crosswalk and follow it to La-Z-Boy for a mellow descent surrounded by lush ferns and mossy trees before turning to climb past the intersection with Cairn La-Z-Boy continues winding through tall trees and even larger stumps.

To quickly link with Upper Surfer's way at an intersection called a "T", turn right on Over The Top. Continue straight to descend the road, and follow the curve to reach the mid-mountain parking zone.

Look for the Ridge Trail just after the start of Bonnie and Clyde's . You will soon find yourself in a tranquil forest with scattered clusters of holly. About a quarter of the way up, hikers will pass a single maple tree with over ten trunks growing from the base. Get ready, because the trail's steepest section is next, including a small chute scattered with rocks.


Little Mountain Park


Little Mountain Park, which covers over 500 acres of Mount Vernon Parks, is both the biggest and most beautiful. Locals have long loved this tiny mountain east of I5, and the expansive views that can be seen from the road to its summit. In recent years, these richly forested slopes have been a favourite spot for trail runners, mountain bikers, and hikers. You can easily drive to the park from Seattle or Bellingham, as it is just minutes from Mount Vernon.

While not a destination riding zone, Little Mountain Park is one of only a few places to mountain bike between Seattle and Bellingham. There are 6.5 miles worth of singletrack that is multi-use and open for bikers. It's also well-maintained. It is possible to get to the top by road, but this area does not lend itself to a lot of walking.

Little Mountain Park has a predominantly flat terrain with low elevations, making it ideal for beginners and intermediate mountain riders.


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