Deer Meadow Farms

Deer Meadow Farms

Deer Meadow Farms

Web Deer Meadow Farm was started in 1999 by Karl and Donna Mandl. All natural heritage breed hogs are what the farm specialises in. You can find our product at many Harford County stores and the Havre de Grace Farmer's Market. In Baltimore County, we are featured in several restaurants like Laurrapin Grille (Havre de Grace), Maryland, as well as Atwater's. Deer Meadow Farm belongs to the American Berkshire Association and the Restaurant Association of Maryland.

Deer Meadow Farms

We are proud of the contributions made by local businesses.

We all visited Springfield before we made Springfield our home. The Peppercorn was our favorite place for lunch. Country Bake Shop had ice cream cones. This amazing area offered a great lifestyle. As the region continues to develop, I feel it's crucial to keep supporting these small businesses. Perhaps some new residents are unaware of the hidden treasures at Pineridge Hollow,


">Deer Meadow Farms. So I asked myself how could I bring attention to these places that I love and also my family's favorite.


So together with my wife we came up with the idea of "12 Months of Supporting Local Business" and here we are.

Each month I'm teaming up with a local business to provide a lucky winner with the opportunity to enjoy the shops, restaurants and services our community offers.

It is a great place to call Springfield home. Remember, it's a small town!

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Deer Meadow Farms

Deer Meadow Farm

Deer Meadow Farms opens in May and runs until late fall.

The couple has settled in their new home on Springfield Rd, just east of the Perimeter Highway. This sprawling property features a ton for kids to do and see. Kids can enjoy a farm adventure with pigs, chickens and goats as well as a wagon train ride, forest of deer, and other fun activities.

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You can see the Fallow Deer herd that roams a large section of the property. Playing on the huge hay bale tower and giant sandhill full of tractor tires is another favorite activity for children. Visit their farm store and cafeteria for a delicious meal or a picnic lunch. There are special events for fall like the storybook lane, which brings back classic fairy tales as well as the forbidden forest. These events are usually held in October.

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.Deer Meadow Farms

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