Pxg Proto Driver Review

Pxg Proto Driver Review

pxg proto driver review

The Pxg Gen3 Driver?

PXG GEN3 Metalwoods should have launched in March or October if 2020 is anything remotely like a normal calendar year. It is possible that the former, however 2021 seems much more likely. Here is something for the moment.

You can safely assume that these prototypes offer a preview for the future PXG Drivers. That said, we should note that not every PXG prototype driver goes mainstream. There are many iterations and versions of PXG prototype drivers on the conforming list that have never been sold. I believe that 0811X GEN3 is going to look something like this, although it will not be identical, and have heavier weights.

Limited Edition Tour Prototypes currently have a price of $495.

If you haven’t been paying attention – and judging by some of the pervasiveness of uninformed comments on all things PXG, many of you haven’t – that’s $200 more than the cost of a GEN2 driver right now.

pxg proto driver review


Gear WITB Drivers Fairways Hybrids Irons Wedges Putters Balls Apparel Shoes Carts Bags Gloves Grips Shafts DMDs Training Aids New Releases Reviews Videos PXG makes limited edition Tour Proto Driver available to buy PXG 0811 Tour X PXG Drivers New Gear Equipment Bob Parsons What happens when your PGA and LPGA Tour staff fall in love with a prototype? PXG releases a small quantity while engineering the final product.

PXG is making a selection of limited-edition PXG 0811 X & X+ Tour Prototype driver available for purchase.

Based on the feedback of the tour players, and the need for additional feedback from the community, the release will be made.

Since February, 2008, the 0811 Proto Driver has been a hot topic among media as well as golfers. It first came into the hands of Wyndham, Wyndham, and Pat Perez.

* TaylorMade launches MyMG2 platform * PXG GEN 2 putters – FIRST LOOK!

PXG takes its prototypes out on the road to test them in order to guarantee their performance even under extreme conditions.

It does not necessarily mean that a company will soon release its product. James Hahn, for example, had a prototype driver in his bag as he won Wells Fargo Championship May 2016.

pxg proto driver review

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In my search for a replacement for the TA Atomic that had been failing, I jumped at used 0811XF (9) and 1011XF (10.5) drivers available from PXG via ebay. On the same day that those arrived from PXG I discovered a Proto 0811X available for purchase locally. All three in my possession, I went to the launch monitor at the PGATSS and spent a few days testing the range. Also, I swapped all of the heads and shafts.

0811X Gen 2 offers very little spin. The Xg2 is a very high spin player.

0811XF Generation 2 reduces the fade significantly. Many people have noticed that the XF lasts 15 meters longer. It was as long as any of the other models, but not me. The 10.5 loft launch was just right for the others, which were both 9s.

Proto has a speed of 1-3 miles per hour. I didn’t notice much difference in sound or feel. I noticed less fade with Xg2, and more with XFg2. Even with the weight in the draw position, it was still fading more than the XF.

So for me, the XF went into the bag. It is super effective at turning my fade into a straight ball.

The Xg2 was already taken to a new place.

pxg proto driver review

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Share on other sites Posted After some research and and stepping off of my PXG milk crate (don’t get me wrong, I still love their products) the MyGolfSpy review on the Sub 70 driver had me searching their site. After placing an order for the PXG 4 Hybrid, (I have had a Ben Hogan for three months and I can’t get used to it), that arrived in 3 weeks, after talking with PXG. The order was not shipping for at least Nov 15, so I cancelled. I then called Sub 70 and talked with Jason and ended up ordering a 4 Hybrid from them. It arrived in 3 days after I ordered it. The weather has been nice in SW Michigan, and I was able drive the Hybrid the same day. Called Jason back as there are no drivers available right now to find the timeline, he mentioned they had a few “slightly used” but in excellent condition drivers available. Snagged the 12 Deg 839D for $179 with a ProjectX 5.5 and a couple of adapters in case I wanted to swap out the shaft. Received 2 days later (oh btw, free shipping, unlike PXG who, well gouges you, imho on shipping) and again, hit the range same day. Although the Sub 70 does make a unique sound when hitting it with force, I really like the feedback.

Have 4 rounds under my belt with the new Sub 70 839D Driver. Based on my VivoFit 3 I now have 3 drives under the 290 (maximum I hit with the PXG Gen 1 driver was 278), and 1 at 397 (there was wind from the left). The fade is still there, however, have noticed on the mishits it’s not as bad, in the first cut of rough instead of 15 yards right of fairway. The 4 Hybrid, 839D and Sub 70 are my favorites!

Driver – PXG PROTO Driver 10.5Deg 6.0

3 Wood – Mixuno ST-190 (Miyazaki Kaula Stiff)

4 hybrid – Sub 70939X ProjectX Hazardous Toxic Smoke 6.0

6-PW – Mizuno JPX-919 HM / Nipon NS Pro Reg

52/56/60– PXG0311 Forged / Nickel NS Pro Steiff

Are Pxg Drivers Any Good?

This driver 0211 has a great deal of it, both in the center and out, thanks to its titanium face, Hybrid Crown Construction and high MOI. It is an extremely stable driver. The ball speeds were consistent when the ball was held near the centre of the face. That stability also shows up in how straight the 0211 is.Jan 25, 2021

What Does Pxg Proto Mean?

PXG 0811X Proto Driver features a low centre of gravity. It is suitable for golfers who have a downward or negative attack angle. These are typically part of a package of impact conditions that produce higher spin. May 5, 2020

What’s the difference between Pxg 0811Xf & 0811Xf

The 0811X produces a more stable head by allowing for a more natural launch angle. The 0811XF was designed with a draw bias with five weight ports toward the back of the sole.Jan 2, 2019

How heavy is a Pxg driver?

There are five options for weights. Online buyers will find the heavy weight in the front, which is the position where the driver can set for the maximum distance. For players who enjoy tinkering with their driver, consider adding a PXG weight kit to your order.

.Pxg Proto Driver Review

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