Ping G410 Lst Driver Review

Ping G410 Lst Driver Review

ping g410 lst driver review


Low spin is the raison d’etre for PING’s G410 LST driver. It delivers. According to PING, the LST spins 200-400 RPM slower than the Plus or SFT depending on which player is using it. The spin numbers of a 10.5-degree LST compared to my 9-degree Plus were almost identical. Both shafts were in the same heads. The LST is a great option for fitters to have because it can be used to reduce spin or maintain spin while boosting launch angle.

When I’m testing low spin drivers for the first time, my main question is “How many forgiveness am i losing?” For the G410 LST it was very little. However, the G410 Plus is among the most forgiving of all the available drivers. The driver’s ball speed, launch, as well as spin were consistent regardless of impact. Aside from the forgiving to looks factor, there is no better driver than the G410LST. The head is very slim at only 450 cc but still has the quality we expect.

As the G410 Plus, G410 LST also has the ability to adjust at both the hosel (or through weights in the rear) of its head. The new Trajectory Tuning 2.0 hosel has eight positions and allows up to 1.5 degrees of loft change in either direction. Three possible positions can be found for the movable weigh to support a draw/fade or straight-ball flight. The LST seemed to be slightly fader than the Plus in my experience, however that might just have been due to my small head and forward CG.

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PING has a wide range of shaft options for the G410 LST driver, as is their tradition. PING also offers the PING Tour 65, 75 and Alta CB Red 55. MCA Tensei CK Orange60 and Project X EvenFlow Black75 can be ordered if you are looking for an aftermarket option.

ping g410 lst driver review

Ping G410 Lst Driver Review, Photos And More: Clubtest 2020

ClubTest 2020 saw us test and review 28 drivers in order to help you choose the best one. Below you will find the Ping G410LST driver results.

Price: $500 / BUY NOW Lofts: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Our take: While the head is slightly smaller than the Plus version (450cc), the LST still offers the same range of adjustability and technology with a low spin profile. You can adjust the spin rate by moving the forward center or gravity, depending on your player.

ClubTester’s 2-hdcp take on ClubTester: “Filthy low launches and spins. It’s not like you don’t use pin!

Robot’s perspective: Very close to the top in speed of high-speed ballplayers.


ping g410 lst driver review

The Test

In October, I visited Ping to have the shaft length and type fitted to me for my driver. I could not hit the G425 because it was too secret. However, I did try the G410 heads. The LST-9 degree shaft was more suitable to my needs. The LST driver model was what I got when I received my G425 driver. It had the exact shaft so I could evaluate the club.

The driver was compared to the G410 LST at LSH Auto and Mercedes Benz Stockport with Trackman 4 balls. I then visited Reddish Vale Golf Club to test it out during a few different rounds to see whether it was worthy of a spot in my bag.

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ping g410 lst driver review


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PING G410 PING G410 LST Drivers New Gear John K. Solheim

PING is pleased to announce the arrival of the low spinning G410LST into its G410 driver line-up.

PING unveiled the G410 Plus, and G410 FFT drivers back in January. It was noticeable that the LST version wasn’t included in the line up.

* PING G410 Plus driver – FIRST LOOK!

LST is an innovative high-MOI driver that produces low spin and stable rotation with shot-shaping control thanks to the company’s innovative mobile-weight technology.

G410 LST is compatible with the G410 Plus’s movable weight technology.

ping g410 lst driver review

You are ready to play your next round

AppStore Google Android Download Hole19 Mark Crossfield. Ping Golf Driver LST Review – Mark Crossfield. Mark Crossfield returned this week with video reviews of the PING Golf driver LST, the low spin 2019 model.

Mark has a reputation for creating great clubs and driving drivers. Mark will test the latest “big stick” in the Ping G410 range. It is designed to help players who want less spin at the tee. It has a smaller clubhead than the Ping G400, and is intended to provide better stability for off-centre shots.

I wonder what he will think about this specific driver option. Watch the video…

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Are The Ping G410Lst Good For Driving?

Ping G410 LST is an extension of the Ping G410 driver line, offering another alternative for those who want to improve their game by decreasing spin. June 13, 2019,

Does The Ping Lst Allow Forgiveness?

PING LST drivers have impressed me with their ability to remain stable and forgiving even when spinning lower. The G425 LST is not forgiving, but it’s possible without having a significant handicap.

What is Lst on a Driver Ping G410?

PING G410 LST DRIVER The LST stands for Low Spin Technology and is the lowest spinning head in the G410 driver family.

What are the main differences between Ping-G410 Plus & Ping-G410 Lst

The G410 LST debuted last month on the USGA List of Conforming Drivers. Although it has a slightly smaller volume (450cc) than its standard G410 Plus counterpart, the actual dimensions of the G410 LST are just a tenth to an inch shorter front and back, as well as a narrower heel and toe.

.Ping G410 Lst Driver Review

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