Cobra F9 Driver Review

Cobra F9 Driver Review

cobra f9 driver review

Final Thoughts

Cobra’s brand image is much the same as many other golf brands. It is commonly viewed as the brand for young men and is an afterthought on trips to play new golf clubs. They should always be in your sights, I am here to say.

If you are worried the CNC-milled face will produce too much spin, simply find a low spin, low launch shaft to pair with the head and put the heavier weight forward. The F9 driver was about a hundred RPM faster than the others.

Last but not least, the price. The King F9 driver, which is $448.95 less than other brands’ drivers, has a price tag of $448.95. With that savings you can look to upgrade to an after market shaft that perfectly fits your swing profile.

cobra f9 driver review

You Need to Know

PRICE: PS349.00 YEAR – Starting in 2019. With all the exciting technology that is hitting the driver market this year, there were many new drivers on the market. But one driver everyone wanted to see was the King F9 Speedback driver, from Cobra. The F9 Speedback driver has already proven an incredible weapon on Tour with Rickie Fowler and Bryson de Chambeau ripping it down the fairways. GolfMagic HQ couldn’t believe the potential of this driver when it arrived.

The F9 Speedback features Speedback Technology which is an aerodynamic head combined with a low centre-of gravity. It’s Cobra’s fastest driver. You’ve also got a CNC Precision Milled face, which is thin and very hot, helping to promote really fast ball speeds. Check out the video below as GolfMagic’s Jack Seddon tests and reviews the latest driver from Cobra:

Review: Cobra King F9 Speedback Driver

cobra f9 driver review

Cobra King F9 Driver Review

Cobra drivers are showing a gradual improvement in their technology. The product also functions more in conjunction with the swing than against it. Even though these subtle changes are not obvious cosmetically, F9 has a profound impact on how the head appears at address. Now it is time for us to examine what the F9 driver can do for 2019 golf season.

Cobra is evident from the moment the driver leaves the box. The top line with its groove patterns and Snake logo gives you a similar feeling. Taking a deeper look, I could not help but focus on the “Speedback” as I assumed it was called, with the weight absolutely hammered down near the ground at the central point of the back sole region. Finally, while the yellow color really popped, I could not help but stare at the carbon fiber crown that rolled around the edge and down the side of the head. It’s something I have never seen before. What I am really excited about, is the decision to offer two color options to consumers. The yellow, black, and red profile which is pictured throughout this review, and a more subtle black head with matte crown and white highlights.

It is clear that there are many things to discover about this driver. There are also numerous components that make the F8 and other models a vast improvement. The crown of carbon fiber is first, and it’s rolled over the crown to fit into the main body. This design most certainly allows them to free up weight for optimal placement, driving the CG down towards the base of the head. Cobra refers to it as a “Carbon Wrap Crown”, adding an extra 12% carbon in the crown, which saves approximately 10 grams. The crown is strengthened by two stabilizer bars running from head to tail.

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I met with Cobra to gain a better understanding of how head shapes affect wind drag. Included in the presentation were some impressive graphics showing just how much F9 has helped the golfer get the head through the swing, promoted by softer leading edges on the top and bottom of the face, a crown that is more rounded, and a raised skirt in the back of the crown area. They also talked about more appropriately placing the raised elements on the crown, which not only support the head in this process, but also frame the ball well at address.

A F9 driver head features one of the most striking visuals, the very low weight position. The heavy weight can be thrown forward to get the best spin and launch profile, or to the back to maintain a low CG. This is determined by the location of your port. A difference of 12 grams is evident between both placements. It seems that there will be an impact on the results. Furthermore, most golfers will prefer to have the heavy weight in their back. It is quite a departure from F8 for Cobra where they placed a heavier weight at the back and down to the heel in order to create a draw setting.

The main topic of conversation during the testing was sound. Squared swings sound very different from glancing blows (think open face fades). Trying to really nail down the sound, the comparison between a metal baseball bat and a wooden baseball bat was used, where the F9 sounded closer to the ‘crack’ of a wooden bat when struck well. Although it’s not overpowering, the sound isn’t muted. Good contact was something I really enjoyed. One of my frequent playing partners would alternate between a squared contact and a fade strike. The sound was initially attributed to swing speed. A faster swing rate produced better strike sounds, but we later realized that contact quality played an important role in sound quality.

The results of testing were mixed in terms of dispersion. While I did spend some time to the right of my feet and on the outside of the circle, the ball flow was fairly consistent with predictable draw. When talking to one my regular players, he said that the F9 didn’t hit as hard to the right when he swing wasn’t perfect. However, he did recall enjoying a high-quality ball flight, great launch, and a low to mid-to-high ball speed. The F9 is a mid-launch model. Some golfers have better success with the Atmos stock setup, even at 12 degrees. Personally, I found the F9 to have low launch and penetrating flight with very little left-to-right movement. It does not seem like a head that is actively promoting high launch, but rather more penetrating launch for my game.

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cobra f9 driver review


Cobra King F9, a new driver for low and mid-handicap players, fills an unmet need.

I love this option for someone who is a 20 handicap and looking to improve their game. It is easy to pick up the golf game, even though it may seem difficult initially. However, your skills improve rapidly.

The best way to help these golfers is by purchasing a beginners set. But, that equipment won’t last.

As shown in this review, this Cobra Driver is an ideal option for this golfer.

A Driver will guide you through your progress and help you to reach your HDCP. The F9 Driver is a great value and something that’s difficult to find today in Drivers. Cobra achieved similar success with their F9 Speedback Hybrid. Please read our review to learn more.

Thank you for reading our Cobra F9 driver evaluation and looking to improve your golf game, please click the button to the right.

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cobra f9 driver review

Review: Cobra King F9 Speedback Driver

Set the bar for 2019, 2019 was dubbed the year of driver. It seems that all manufacturers are seeing advancements in driver technology. Although it’s still early in the year it appears that companies have improved their driver technology. Cobra has made a significant improvement and, in my view, has set the standard in 2019. The distance equation has some variables and some standards. The ball and COR restrictions are set by the USGA to the limit. Also, the limit on golfer ability is another. These parameters are the limits of golf companies. They must strive to maximize every mph and yard, as well as every CG, smash factor, spin number, and yard. Cobra is setting the standard in 2019 with their ability to extract the maximum from driver swings.

While there are golfers that claim the driver “war” was over years ago once the COR limit reached. Although this could be true if all golfers hit the sweet spot each time they swing, it is not the truth. There is plenty to do in order to increase driving distance and accuracy. You can improve your driving with the Cobra King F9’s many features. Speedback aerodynamics is what makes the F9 driver stand out. The Speedback aerodynamics are intended to make the driver’s swings more efficient. It is not the first driver to increase aerodynamics. However, this bold design was a major step forward in terms of the overall head. This combination of crown, sole, face and other designs will maximize the speed of your head. Simple math says: increase clubhead speed = increase distance. I used Flightscope Xi Tour for my testing and I had 1 mph more with the Cobra King F9 Speedback Driver than I did with the other drivers I was testing.

Cobra King F9 Speedback driver is all about speed. However, the weight-shifting weights can also reduce spin and increase launch. You can go forward or back. You can test it and find the right settings. For me, I chose to go forward since I was equipped with a 10.5* head that could deal with lower settings. The sound and feel of the F9 was excellent. The F9 is a significant driver, however, the F9 was not significantly different. It had a slightly more firm feel and the weight forward. However, the results were worth it.

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It is both the spin and launch. I’ve had problems with Cobra drivers in the past launching too high, even with a + model in a low loft. Cobra sent me a 10.5-inch King F9 Speedback driver, which would not be my preferred choice. However, it performed really well and was a great mid launch vehicle with low spin.

If you have read my Cobra Driver reviews, then you know that I like the Cobra’s face technology. It has been around for years. With every model, I find incredible forgiveness. It features excellent ball speed, forgiveness and milled face technology with E9 tech. The tuning that they’ve created with the milled face really works. Their dual roll tech creates zones for maximizing miss hits. Cobra King F9 Speedback Driver boasts all the finest Cobra tech, including forgiveness and speed.

Spin: 2065 rpms

Launchangle: 13.6*

cobra f9 driver review

Enjoy Your Next Round of Play

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The Cobra King F9 ‘Speedback’ driver is, as the name might suggest, packed full of technology to aerodynamically enhance clubhead speed and ball speed without compromising on forgiveness.

One simple question will help you determine if this is the right driver for you in 2019.

Watch Rick’s video and get to know his thoughts…

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Is Cobra F9 Driver Forgiving?

Cobra says the F9 Speedback was inspired by supercars. Cobra has been very accommodating over the years. December 8, 2020

Is The Cobra F9 A Good Driver?

The King F9 Speedback is a great driver and performs well with other top-of-the-line drivers. Cobra King F9 Speedback, a highly competitive vehicle at an affordable price, is great value and it will definitely be one to beat in 2019. January 11, 2019

Is The Cobra F9 Driver Good For High Handicappers?

Cobra King F9 fulfills the need for drivers that are able to support both low-handicap and mid-high Handicap players. If you are a player with 20 handicap or more, I recommend this driver.

Is Cobra Speedzone Better Than F9?

From a looks/setup perspective, the SZ is a big improvement over the F9. Addressing the infinity face is a lot easier. The SZ sound a bit better than F9. Mar 17, 2020

.Cobra F9 Driver Review

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