Pxg Gen 2 Driver Review

Pxg Gen 2 Driver Review

pxg gen 2 driver review


PXG Chicago certified me to be a 0811 XF Generation2 driver. I knew which head to use, as I believed in maximum forgiveness. It came down to shaft selection and setting. I was struck by how strong the spin numbers stood up as we tried out different shafts. I was able to stay in one place with some shafts, but others made me move around. Regardless of shaft, the 0811 XF Gen2 kept a similar low/mid spin profile shot after shot.

The launch and ball speed were also extremely stable. Ball speed will always be affected by mishits, but I was able to maintain a top speed of at least 150 MPH with the 0811XF Gen2 on even my worst swings.

After much testing we finally settled on the Fujikura Speeder Evolution IV. Read our review HERE. This shaft has been a great help in finding the middle of my face many times. You can also add a black shaft to complete the set’s stealthy appearance.

When I got the driver to the range, I saw the same things I observed in the fitting studio: high launching, mid/low spinning drives that carried forever (by my standards). With the weights and hosel set neutral, the Speeder Evo IV kept my drives away from the left side, which is my preference. The Speeder Evo IV was capable of easily shifting between straight shots and cuts.

The 0811 XF Gen2 is far lighter than its brother. Five weight ports are located along the back of the XF. The 0811X X has nine ports, with three each in front, the heel and the back. What you gain by giving up the weight ports is more forgiveness. Although the difference in weight is not significant, it can be easily seen on launch monitors. Since both drivers have 1.5 degrees of adjustability at the hosel, I think that’s a good trade to make.

pxg gen 2 driver review

Review: The Pxg0811X Gen 2 Driver

PXG has been a blizzard on the golf market since they launched, shaking things up with unique technologies, distinctive marketing and much higher prices than the accepted norm. But does the new driver live up to the same standards, find out all the information in our PXG 0811x Gen 2 driver review.

PXG Irons are game-changers. Their irons offer forgiveness, feel, power and other benefits that others irons simply can’t match. But their first two wood lines have been only okay. This is not great. PXG prices demand extraordinary performance. PXG 0811x was more spinny than the 0811 driver. While hybrids or Fairway woods can be stronger, the new 0811X Generation 2 woods from Arizona will change the game. This woods are outstanding not just for their performance but because they’re so affordable. PS550 represents a significant price drop. Although it remains the most popular mainstream driver, the price is only slightly higher than those of TaylorMade or Callaway. This makes it a solid contender.

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pxg gen 2 driver review

What makes the Pxg0811X Gen2 stand out from all other options?

We review the PXG0811xGen 2 driver to see what sets it apart. The heads have Variable Face Technology, which increases ball speed when there are misses. There is also a Honeycomb TPE insert. The lightweight material fine-tunes the sound and feel but does it without adding too much weight to the clubhead. There are two drivers in the line. O811x design is low spin, while the 0811XF model is for more forgiveness. Also, there is a matching set of fairway woods or hybrids. PXG0811x Gen 2’s review revealed that the face is deeper and slightly squatter. The X is lightweight-forward for ball speed and low spin. There are 9 interchangeable weights so shot shape and trajectory can really be influenced, with weight ports in the front and back of the head, plus towards the heel to add some draw bias.

The XF extends the head forward to back. The XF is lighter and has the best overall MOI. It’s right at the limit of 5900 R&A and more than 10,000 MOI when including the sole crown MOI. Ping G400 Max has the best forgiveness but has a lower centre. The Ping G400 Max is extremely forgiving and has a low spin. Who would not want this? Although hybrids use the same technology as fairways, they have a steel structure rather than using titanium. The fairway head is a touch on the small side, but is easy to hit, while PXG has hit a home run with their third hybrid in a row. According to our opinions, it offers a wonderful combination of head shape and size as well as ease of use and adjustability.

pxg gen 2 driver review

The Verdict

It is great to drive the PXG 811x Gen 2 and I’ve already done so twice. It has a great feel and sound. Although it is a bit more lively than the PXG 0811x Gen 1, the driver sounds still powerful and quiet. Additionally, misses feel smooth and have a good ball speed. The crown design is unique but not ugly, and it does help line up down the fairway. Personally, I’m not a fan of the X alignment, but I know other golfers will like it. PXG might offer no alignment aid and it would be a good idea. Although the adjustable hosel is effective in lowering flight, playing around with weights had a significant impact on spin rate. It was difficult for me to miss the ball left so I did not try the heel setting. While this wasn’t the driver I was going to be with, it had ball speeds that were at the same level as the best and spun well. I’ve not ended up in this driver, but I was close and it would have been my second choice. PXG’s leather headcovers are a nice finishing touch. It doesn’t matter if the price is a factor when choosing a PXG car driver. That hurdle has now been removed from the equation.

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Has our PXG Gen 2 driver review piqued your interest? Get in touch to find out more information.


pxg gen 2 driver review

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pxg gen 2 driver review

Pxg Is In The Market Now

PXG 0811’s original driver was expensive for its poor performance. You can see that they have listened to customers and now the 0811 X GEN2 will be a contender in terms of other releases.

While I’m not saying it is wrong to spend $500+ on a driver, that is quite a significant amount of money. Writing reviews for driver releases is something I do. It’s a bad idea to blindly listen to marketing statements from all OEMs. Before you decide to buy a driver you need to first try them. I’ve learned a lot about clubfitting, and I know for a fact that there is no such thing as the best driver for all golfers. Different golfers have different results depending on each design’s unique features (most importantly the center of gravity).

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OK, rant over. Back to PXG.

The 0811 X GEN2 can be a very powerful driver. Many will notice an increase in ball speed, forgiveness and better launch conditions. Although you won’t become a better golfer overnight, the 0811 X GEN2 will make it easier.

pxg gen 2 driver review

What Does Pxg Have to Say about The 0811X Generation2 Driver?

“The PXG 0811 X GEN2 Driver features Hot Rod Technology inspired by the look and extreme performance of American muscle cars.

“The innovative carbon fibre crown of the golf clubhead combined with its weight-forward design allows low spin performance. It is also blazingly quick ball speed, incredible distance and forgiveness.

The nine weights offer a substantial amount of mass that is easily adjustable to adjust head weight, spin, and bias.

An adjustable hosel is able to alter the loft 11/2 degrees in order to optimize the trajectory. Weigh-forward designs support a low center of gravity (CG) position that is approximately 0.160 below its neutral axis. This allows for low spin performance which improves accuracy as well as distance. NEW FOR 2021

PXG 0811 GEN4 Driver Review

Are Pxg Drivers Any Good?

Because of the titanium face, Hybrid Crown Construction, high MOI and the titanium head, there is plenty of this in the 0211 driver. This driver is stable. When I held the ball close to my face, the ball speeds were always high. You can also see this stability in the way that the 0211 runs. January 25, 2021

What is The Most Tolerable Pxg Driver

PXG’s 0811XF driver has the best forgiveness and must follow the USGA/R&A’s MOI limit. PXG robot data revealed that this head produced the best dispersion of the three heads. May 7, 2021

What Are the differences between Pxg0811X & 0811Xf

The 0811X produces a more stable head by allowing for a more stable launch angle. The 0811XF was designed with a draw bias with five weight ports toward the back of the sole.Jan 2, 2019

How can you adjust the Pxg Drivers

Yes. PXG drivers can be adjusted. This driver has the same adjustable hosel as other PXG woods. … Another thing you can change in the PXG0211 is your 10g back weight. This can be as little as 2.5g or as high as 20g.

.Pxg Gen 2 Driver Review

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