Ping G425 Sft Driver Review

Ping G425 Sft Driver Review

ping g425 sft driver review

Who’s the Best?

For wealthy golfers looking to improve their right-side accuracy, the Ping G425 driver SFT is ideal. The SFT driver will increase your left-side accuracy. However, is that how you want to achieve improvement? A $500 driver is a good investment. You can spend $500 on five PGA professionals lessons that will improve your swing or impact. But who am I to judge? I just write golf articles.

I use the word “wealthy” because anyone that is on a tight budget shouldn’t be looking at a brand new release like the Ping G425 SFT for another few years. There are simply too many other great draw-biased drivers on the market for far less money. For starters, you can just choose the SFT earlier releases. This is a great way to save some money. Even more important, you can just continue working on your swing without worrying about driver draw biases. Working on your swing is frugal & logical & genuinely helpful – buying a $500+ driver is not.

More Value Alternatives Typically I spent some time looking at the sold listings on eBay to determine which club offered the best value. I look at eBay sold listings. I look at previous models. I look at similar models from other brands. I read lots of reviews to see the general pros/cons of different drivers. The problem was that this particular driver was easy. The whole thing was too easy.

To save big on the Ping G425SFT driver, you will need the Ping G400SFT driver. Ping G400 SFT G425 SWFT and Ping G400 SFT SFT look almost exactly the same. There are two small differences. The performance differences between them are not noticeable in long-term. I would put my entire money into it.

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The Ping G425 SFT is selling for $530 + tax + shipping. The Ping G400 SFT is selling for around $200 (maybe plus tax) in solid condition with free shipping. To me, the choice seems pretty simple. Let me know what you think.

I’m almost at 1,000 words. This is where my stopping point. We’re almost there. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

About The Author The Golf Club Guru is a serial entrepreneur and golfer who enjoys teaching golf, learning web design, and writing articles non-stop.

ping g425 sft driver review

Golf Insider Verdict – Ping G425 Driver Review

This review is not about the Ping G425 driver range. I could continue to rave about them. In actual fact though, the verdict is very simple. Here you have a driver with exceptional performance, fitting options for every golfer at a price that represents excellent value in the market.

Ping G425 Max provides exceptional forgiveness and distance. For those who have trouble with the slice, the SFT driver is a great option. The Ping G425LST delivers excellent performance and helps reduce backspin.

Ping G425 drivers would be a good choice next time you want to make an upgrade.

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ping g425 sft driver review


Gear WITB Drivers Fairways Hybrids Irons Wedges Putters Balls Apparel Shoes Carts Bags Gloves Grips Shafts DMDs Training Aids New Releases Reviews Videos REVIEW – “PING G425 drivers take forgiveness to new extremes” Ping PING G425 PING G425 drivers PING G425 MAX PING G425 LST PING G425 SFT Drivers Review The new G425 driver line-up from can be summed up in just three words: dependable but brilliant.

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What does this actually mean?

You can be sure that when PING releases new driver, you won’t notice a lot of changes.

PING is in business to make the best drivers, and not to reinvent the engine.

* PING G425 drivers — FIRST LOOK

With the G425 line-up, the brand has decided to once again stick to its tried and tested engineering practices by effectively building upon the same brilliant designs and technologies that brought its previous G400 and G410 families such universal acclaim.

The CG-shifter, which is the most prominent piece of tech in this round, remains undisputedly the best. This enormous, easily moveable weight of tungsten is located at the extrem rear of club sole.

ping g425 sft driver review

Ping G425 Drivers: What You Should Know

Ping G425 are the most recent iteration in its G-series. In 2016, the Ping G driver started it all. Ping has been improving their clubs’ performance every year since 2016. A mix of power, distance, as well as a bit of forgiveness whenever you are most in need.

Forgiveness is something we all need on long par fives with the ‘bigstick’ in our hands. It’s an established fact.

There will be a couple of things you’ll notice that’s a little bit different this year in the drivers. Notice that I didn’t say “a lot different”. Ping displayed some restraint against the tendency for the golf industry not to adopt as many buzzwords/gimmicks.

Imagine that you’ve played with Ping driver at least once in the past five years. This will allow you to see some of the familiar aspects, along with some small changes that should make Ping drivers a firm favourite in the next golf season.

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Ping G425MAX will be my introduction. This driver promises to prove to be one Ping’s greatest all-around drivers. From there, we’ll go to the slightly more specific LST and SFT drivers, discuss the differences and who each club would be best suited to.

Let’s go… G425Max Driver Review The Ping G425, the basic “vanilla”, version of this three driver series.

Actually, scratch that. It doesn’t even do justice to the club. It is packed with features that all combine to make up a great whole…

.Ping G425 Sft Driver Review

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