Ping G25 Review Driver

Ping G25 Review Driver

Panfilo Lacson

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June 30, 2001 – June 30, 2013
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June 1, 1948

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Partido Reporma



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United Opposition

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Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

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Imus Institute

Bayang Luma Elementary School




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Philippine Constabulary

Philippine National Police

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Philippine National Police


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ping g25 review driver

Ping G25 Golf Driver Review

James Langmead Ping G25 Driver – The Ultimate Review Now it’s time to sift through all of the readily available information about the Ping G25 Driver , in a line of popular game improvement drivers. The ultimate review will be provided to help you decide if the Ping G25 drivers is really as amazing as the manufacturer claims.

Although we have reviewed the product’s information ourselves, and are happy to share it with you, we also collect reviews from various golf websites, magazines and advertisements. This allows you to access all information regarding the Ping G25Driver in one spot.

Keep in mind that some of those reviews from golf magazines and websites will be paid for by advertisers, leading to biased reviews that are unfairly positive.

Ping is getting more attention ever since Bubba Watson was the Masters spokesperson in 2012. Most golfers probably know at least some of their clubs.

To start out, let’s review some of the official information and specifications on the Ping G25 Driver.

Specifications PingG25 Driver. To start, there’s a couple of constants. Each version of the Ping G25 Driver available to the public comes with no offset and a 58-degree lie angle. The headweight is constant at 295 grams. Maximum head size is 460cc. The swing weight is D3 and all versions of the club are available for right handed and left handed players.

You can also get the club in a standard length 45.75 inches. So, only the loft specification of the driver is variable. The Ping G25 Driver is available in lofts of 8.5 degrees, 9.5 degrees, 10.5 degrees and 12 degrees. The loft can also be adjusted one-half degrees either direction, which allows golfers to adjust their trajectory and maximize distance.

ping g25 review driver

Review: The Driver of the Ping G25

Ping just made driving the ball easier The one club that most amateurs struggle with is the driver. Actually a number of pros have their driver woes too. We all are just looking for something easier to hit and longer. The G25 is a great option. I found it to be an easier and longer combo than previous G series Ping drivers. The G series has been Ping bread and butter driver for years, even many of their tour staff prefer the forgiving model. Because they are keen to reach fairways, just as we do, having the best driver possible is crucial. But no one would want to sacrifice yardage. G25 is able to offer both.

This shift is new in 2013 for the G25. It matches the color of the other Ping drivers. The matterblack is the same as the Anser or i20 driver. I think this is the best looking color for any driver on the market. You can see the difference at home. This matte black look tough. Also, the sole is all black and has just a Ping on the bottom. It’s a beautiful stick from top to bottom. This year, 2013 saw the introduction of the adjustable Hosel. Pings original adjustable driver, The Anser. Now the same hosel will be used in G25’s driver. Although it is not as flexible or complex as some drivers, this helps to adjust the driver to a better fit.

The Anser driver has more shafts options than the TFC 189, but there are fewer stock options. TFC189 is your only choice. Ping is always encouraging me to get fitted for all my clubs. I found that the TFC189 Tour Stiff shaft produced a bit too much spin. My shaft came with a second shaft: the Graphite Design DI 7. This will lower the spin. The TFC 189 tour stiff is lower launching, but the spin was higher, where as the DI offered higher launch with lower spin. Get fit to determine what combination works for you. You might also be able find a shaft from the Anser driver that will work in this head. It worked on windy days well when I used the Diamana Ahina, which is a Diamana Ahina. So with all the fitting options and abilities to tweak the head, get fit to figure out exactly what you need to get the most out of this forgiving yet long driver.

I played my first round with the driver at Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic. We’ve been experiencing an extended winter, so I had not played much golf outside in over a year. Just like any other person with a weak swing at a difficult course, my primary goal was to be able to hit the fairways. The G25 inspires confidence just looking at it. That big matte black head sets up very nicely behind the ball, it has a tall enough face to feel like you can find the center and has ample width so even the inconsistencies of winter aren’t going to be to penal. It was both nervousness and confidence that I felt on my first tee. So, I went ahead and hit a giant bomb right into the middle. It felt so good. High launch, low spin and straight as an arrow, you couldn’t ask for anything more. It was more of the exact same throughout the rest of that round as the next rounds. On average, it was 10 out of 14 fairways. It was a good result considering the year’s timing. There were four misses on fairways. Two were barely missed, one was playable but wide and the other was due to a bad swing. If you scroll to the bottom of my review, you will see the extent of how far I was off the face on that terrible swing.

The i20 is closer in sound and feeling to it. Although the i20 may still be my favourite sounding, feeling and driving device, the G25 feels a little more hollow. It is a low pitched metallic sound at impact that sends the ball screaming out into the fairway.

The stock TFC 189 is a great shaft, it is very tight, has a solid mid launch and feels very smooth. There is nothing wrong with the shaft in any way. It should be suitable for a large number of golfers. Unfortunately I don’t like the way that 99% of stock shafts spin my ball. My driver always needs a spin shaft with a lower pitch. The DI was the reason I bought it. This shaft is one of my favorite shafts. The G25 is a great canon because of the smooth Graphite design feel. I’ve also found the DI shaft to be very accurate so I ended up with the best fit for the G25. Due to the DI having a lower spin, the TFC189 was able to move the driver 10 feet further. Drives can suffer from too much spin, so it is a good idea to start with TFC189.

For me, the G25 ran a lot longer than I did for the G20. The lower spin and launch are responsible for the increase in distance. The distance I managed to achieve is not the greatest, but it’s easy to make it go quite a ways. At the end of the day that is what it is all about, I don’t want to work too hard or need the stars align just so I can hit a long drive, I just want it to happen automatically with each drive. It was precisely what G25 accomplished.

ping g25 review driver

Pros for PingG25 Driver

Our next stage in the Ping G25 Driver Reviews is to discuss what we love about that particular driver.

The club’s design is amazing. PING is a strong brand and this can be seen in how easily their golf clubs can be recognized.

It’s simple to use. This is a great club for beginning golfers. It is known to boost performance and give beginners more confidence in their game.

Distance: Golfers with all levels of ability are constantly looking for ways to increase their drive’s length.

Accuracy: Golfers often struggle with driving accuracy . However, a more patient golfer such as this one can help.

Adjustable Loft: As already stated, the adjustable loft offers flexibility that not all drivers possess.

ping g25 review driver

Ping G25 Driver: Best for Beginners? – Golf Driver Review

Shahan Kirk Golf Club Reviews 0 Comments Ping G25 Driver Review I want to tell everyone about one of my favorite drivers of all time – it’s the Ping G25 Driver – but before I get into the specifics of the club I want to say a few words about what I think makes a great driver for beginning golfers:

You need to find it easy to use. Let’s take a moment to enjoy this review… Simplicity. What makes a driver easy to use? My preference is for clubs to not allow manual adjustment. If the club can be adjusted, however, these changes should be made quickly. Ping’s Trajectory TuningTM (TM) technology is featured in the G25. It allows the player to change the loft by half a degree.

You can adjust the hosel by using the PING tool (similar to a small Philipshead screwdriver). Increase the loft angle to get more backspin. But, this will result in a lower ball flight and greater distance.

The club’s angle can be reduced, which will result in less loft and lower flight. This reduces backspin and allows for more distance.

This type of small adjustments could be very useful for professionals golfers. However, I simply set the driver up in my default stock setup and let it run!

The Sweet Spot The Ping G25 features a 460cc Clubhead that is very similar to those of other drivers. Its profile however, is massive! This driver has a larger sweet spot because of its increased head size. The sweet spot of the driver is much larger than other drivers. This allows for you to hit your ball slightly off center and still get it straight. Large sweet spots allow me to swing the ball more freely and not have to aim perfectly. Just another reason why I love this club.

There’s only one thing that is sweet about this: SWEET!

.Ping G25 Review Driver

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