Lidl Stock: Can You Buy Lidl Stock & Will Go Public

Lidl Stock: Can You Buy Lidl Stock & Will Go Public In 2022?

It is estimated that the grocery industry has a market worth trillions of dollars. With sales increasing by more than doubling over the last 20 years, it makes perfect financial sense to invest in supermarket companies.

Lidl is an American supermarket chain that started in June 2017. Since then, competition has heated up between Aldi’s and Lidl.

Maybe you want to know if Lidl stock is available for purchase and cash in on this competition. These are the facts.

Why cannot you purchase Lidl stock

Before diving into the reasons why Lidl stock isn’t sold, let’s first understand the background of each store.

Josef Schwarz, Dieter’s father was a partner in 1930s fruit wholesalers and helped to develop the business into a larger seller of food. He remained with A. Lidl until his passing.

Josef’s passing caused Dieter to become CEO. He also expanded the reach of the grocery stores outside of Germany, which was the firm’s core strategy over decades.

Lidl has been able to open its stores with slow and steady expansion without any outside investment. That is the reason Lidl does not trade on the stock markets.

Additionally, unlike other competitors, Lidl stores are smaller in size and have less staff, so the company was able to invest its own profits, while still having ownership of the company.

Lidl has reported that the shares of company are divided between two companies, making it hard for outsiders and investors to see how they’re doing.

Because of these reasons, Lidl, under its parent company Schwarz Gruppe (which also runs German superstore Kaufland) remains a private company with no public trading option.

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Lidl Stock: Can You Buy Lidl Stock & Will Go Public In 2022?

Lidl will ever go public

Do not expect this to happen. Although they haven’t shared their ideas yet, Schwarzes of the future are planning to.

Dieter will live, but the company and everything that he has been working for all his life, will stay in his hand, sans interference from anyone else.

How can I invest in Lidl instead?

Disappointed that Lidl stock cannot be invested in is because Schwarz Gruppe is worth billions.

There are however, some public-traded competitors to the low-price grocery sector.

Food Lion, a grocery store chain operating in 10 US states (mid-Atlantic/southern regions), Food Lion was purchased in 1970 by Ahold Delhaize. Ahold Delhaize is worth an estimated $30 billion. ADRNY, the US market for publicly traded companies in America, is where you can locate Ahold Delhaize.

Kroger – Kroger was created in 1898 and it is today the biggest US supermarket. It is ranked 23rd on Fortune 500’s largest US corporations list and reported over $122 million in revenue in 2020. Kroger stock stock can be bought under the ticker KR.

Walmart – Walmart has a “Great Value” brand that allows them to be competitive in grocery costs, while also offering the benefit of selling almost everything you need. You can find Walmart on the NYSE under the stock symbol WMT.

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  • Conclusion
  • Lidl Stock is not publicly traded so you won’t be able to buy it. But the market for economy priced grocery items still offers many investment opportunities.

    .Lidl Stock: Can You Buy Lidl Stock & Will Go Public In 2022?

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