Does Target Replace Watch Batteries?

Does Target Replace Watch Batteries? (Do This Instead…)

Many people have had to deal with the problem of their watch batteries dying. It can make it difficult for them to find a replacement.

  • Target provides both everyday essentials and concessions. It may seem odd to you that Target can replace your watch batteries. Here’s what I found!
  • Does Target Replace Watch Batteries? (Do This Instead...)

    Target Will Replace Watch Batteries By 2022

    Target no longer replaces batteries in-store, as of 2022. However, some stores can still offer assistance in replacing the battery for watches that they own. Sterling Jewelers Inc, JCPenney Inc and Zale Corporation will exchange watch batteries in store.

  • Find out about Target’s inability to replace the battery on your watch and its cost.
  • Where can I buy replacement watch batteries?

    Customers can head to departmental store JCPenney to have their watch battery replaced. If you don’t have the funds to pay for a watch battery replacement, it is worth visiting your local jewelers.

    American chains, such as Zale Corporation or Sterling Jewelers Incorporated and Fred Meyer Jewelers and Samuels Jewelers are well-equipped to change watch batteries.

    Alternativly, you can go to JCPenney department store to get your watch batteries changed, or to visit your local jeweler.

    It all depends on whether you purchased the watch battery from the store. The replacement service can usually be done for free but depending on the complexity of the case, may cost $5 – $20.

    Does Target Replace Watch Batteries? (Do This Instead...)

    Target sells watch batteries

    Target offers watch batteries for a price comparable to that of most store-based rivals.

    For $3.99 and $6.49 respectively, customers can buy two Energizer377 Oxide batteries. You can also buy a set of 10 Alkaline Watch batteries or 5 Insten Lithium watches for $6.99 to $7.99 online. offers a 40-piece Powercell battery assortment for as low as $7 if brands don’t bother you or you are unsure what watch will suit.

    Duracell silver Oxide Lithium battery for sale at Kroger, $2.49

    Target doesn’t replace watch batteries

    Target had stopped selling watch batteries at its stores a few decades ago. The store used to carry battery-changing tools so that they could work with 99.9% of watches.

    Customers frequently expressed their dissatisfaction over the service by claiming that they received minor or scratches to their watches.

    Target had to repair or replace all watches, which resulted in unnecessary costs for the company.

    Does Target Replace Watch Batteries? (Do This Instead...)

    Target does Target sell watches?

    Target offers a huge selection of wristwatches for every gender. You can get your hands on sport, leather band, metal band, silver, and black and gold watches.

  • Men’s watches can be purchased from many companies, such as Apple, Goodfellows and Timex.
  • In the ladies’ section you will find sporty, dressy, casual and sport watches as well as leather bands, rose gold watches, and even a few of our favorite watch brands. You have a wide range of options for strap styles, from mesh to snakeskin to leather.

    Watch faces are a wide selection for customers. Target watches can be ordered in neutral colors as well, such as floral, animal print and gold. They also come in white or patterned options. ).

    How Much Do Target Watches Cost?

    Watches for women typically retail at around $10 each. But they can be made by other brands like Olivia Pratt.

    For Men, watches cost between $35-$40. With the addition of third-party retailers, customers can find more selections online.

    Every watch is equipped with a battery that works. To return your watch that is not working, please allow up to 90 day for a full reimbursement.

    Learn more: Our guide on Walmart replacing watch batteries, Target Apple return policy, Costco changing watch batteries.

    Does Target Replace Watch Batteries? (Do This Instead...)

    Conclusion: Will Target Replace Watch Batteries?

    Target won’t usually be able to change watches batteries. But, certain shops can help with replacements. JCPenney Jewelers (Zanes Corporation), Fred Meyers Jewelers (Fred Meyers Jewelers), and Sterling Jewelers all offer replacements for watch batteries. Purchase cheap Insten or Energizer batteries at Target for $3.99-$7.99. Replace your watch batteries every other month for around $10

    Target to Replace Watch Batteries

    While most Target stores won’t replace watches batteries, some shops might be able to help. … Replacements of regular watch batteries usually run around $10.

    Walmart Can Replace Watch Batteries

    Walmart will not be replacing watch batteries in 2022. Walmart stocks watch batteries as well as watch battery repair kits, which customers can use to replace their own watch batteries. Walmart Jewellery Counter employees can sometimes help to replace watch batteries in exceptional cases.

    Will Kohls Replace Watch Batteries?

    A watch costs $50 to purchase, but it’s not unreasonable to fork out between $8 and $10 to get the labor/battery. My editor goes to Kohl’s, where the replacement is $5 as long as you purchase the watch from Kohl’s. (They sell Armatron, Casio, Citizen, Timex, Pulsar and Seiko. )Mar 4, 2011

    How much will a jeweler charge for replacing a watch battery

    The cost of changing a battery can range from about $15 to as high as $60. After the change, you will need to pressure-test and reseal your timepiece to ensure it is water resistant. The cost of changing a battery in complicated watches can range from $65 to $195.

    .Does Target Replace Watch Batteries? (Do This Instead…)

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