Honma Xp 1 Driver Review

Honma Xp 1 Driver Review

honma xp 1 driver review

Honma’s Xp-1 Driver: Review

Honma is the Brand This Club Is About Honma. What do you think of Honma? A driver for $20,000, irons for $40,000, Japanese brand that is extravagant, vanity clubs, and a Japanese extravagance label. Honma is changing the script on their brand. While those expensive clubs are still part of the brand, they really are all about performance. They have always taken a holistic approach to making golf clubs and now that methodology is going to be coming to the largest segment of the golf population, the mid to high handicap golfer. The new Honma XP-1 line is crafted to benefit the golfer that regularly hits a slice, but doesn’t want to buy cheap clubs, or industrial looking sticks, but wants beauty and performance in a well designed club. Honma performance is the focus of the XP-1 driver.

It was a privilege to be part of the Honma XP-1 launches and opening ceremonies in Carlsbad. This was a wonderful opportunity to check out their new space, get to know Honma executives, and even play some rounds of golf. The real value was in learning more about Honma.

Honma makes every wooden with that wood. The club is hand-shaped by Honma using Mississippi persimmon. Then they take it to CAD to design the internal weighting, carbon crown, titanium and final look of the product. Honma thinks that the extra effort of carving wood makes their clubs unique. This club is beautiful, and it’s hard to argue with that.

takes a holistic approach to the club, meaning they also design and manufacture the ideal shaft for the head. They don’t have to rely on a shaft manufacturer to supply a shaft that hopefully will work like they want in the head, they make their own in house so that they can control every performance aspect of this club. Vizard shafts are far superior than I anticipated. This information was reinforced by the XP-1 driver, which I also learned from my Honma Review. The shafts are available in multiple stiffnesses, including a Vizard 43- and 63-gram versions. I loved the 43 grams. Even though it wasn’t ideal, it still gave me great numbers and could withstand strong transitions of my 105 mph swing speed.

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Other technologies included in the Honma XP-1 driver include superlight carbon crown, double slot technology, spine alignment hosel adjustment and slice fighting internalweight. This driver is intended to be the most intuitive and easy hitting club with a strong draw bias. On the range, on the course and on the launch monitor; it did exactly what it is billed to do. I hit this drive long with just about every swing and 9 times out of 10 it was on the left side of the fairway. Because the face of the fairway is extremely forgiving, speed can be affected. You need to make it to the higher corners in order to reduce your speed. The dual slot tech helps you to hit low shots. This internal weighting makes the ball travel right to left when it hits. This club will assist you in fighting slice. This club’s super lightweight carbon crown allows them to move more weight the way they desire. Vizard shafts are spine-aligned and have an adjustable hosel. This allows you to loosen the screws and change the face angle, loft or lie of the cog without losing your spine.

Spin: 2188 rpms Launch Angle: 15.1* Dispersion: 7.2 yds Club Head Speed: 105.6 mph Ball Speed: 157.1 mph Total Distance: 286.3 yds Carry Distance: 272.2 yds I am really impressed by this driver, it is long, sounds amazing, looks fantastic and keeps the ball away from the right side. Although I didn’t have to do much with shot shaping, it was easy for me to adapt and use this driver in my bag. It doesn’t matter if you are fighting for slices, it does not mean that you shouldn’t be able to have a nice looking, well-designed club. Honma’s holistic approach is validated by head and shaft working so perfectly together to create Honma Check the price online here For more information:

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us.honmagolf.com/ +Holistic shaft designs +Adjustable Hosel to keep shaft spine. -Too bias for some

honma xp 1 driver review

Mygolfspy – The Honma Xp-1 was selected as the ‘Most Wanted driver for slow swing speeds’ in 2020

July 1, 2020 – MyGolfSpy.com, a popular website that reviews golf equipment has named the HONMA Golf XP-1 driver the ‘Most Wanted Player for Slow Swing Speeds in this market’.

The HONMA XP-1 (overall champion); the Peing G410 Plus (runner-up general); the best distance; and the INESIS 500 are the four highest positions in the category.

MyGolfSpy claims that their tests are completely independent. It has analysed 37 drivers using 15,540 shots in just 315 hours. 50 readers assisted.

HONMA XP-1, the most effective driver in the season for players who have slow swing speeds has been highlighted by the analysis. 1. in Strokes Gained, for swing speed less than 94 miles an hour (-0.011), consistency in Ball Speed (117.49mph), and Carry Distance (161.9m (177.04y). There has been less power in the total distance, which is slightly lower than the average of 178.5m (195.25y). You can also find data on 15.19o Launch Angle and 2,763 Backspin.

Its performance across all metrics of MyGolfSpy has been consistent good, so it did not sacrifice any other categories.

honma xp 1 driver review

Honma Xp-1 Driver Verdict

As far a looks go, the XP-1 driver is a winner. The stunning black gives it a true classic look, especially when combined with the silver of the face and sole.

The performance is good too with Honma’s research and development team working hard to provide more forgiveness than ever before in a driver, without adding any gimmicks to achieve it.

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The driver can be purchased at a lower price than TW747, so fans will be more impressed with the driver.

The XP-1 driver can be a decent option for a budget, but delivers a premium level of performance.

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Honma Drivers

Honma Drivers Are Good?

Honma TW737 450 driver features a cup-face construction and high density titanium, which gives it excellent impact feeling. This driver has traditional crackling at impact but is slightly muted. This driver is about as great as I have ever heard.

Honma Drivers Are Forgiving

CARLSBAD CALIFORNIA – Honma, the TR20 460’s driver, is honored to be recognized as MyGolfSpy’s Most Wanted Driver. … Honma is honored by MyGolfSpy.

Are Honma Clubs Worth The Money?

Honma has never wanted to be a value brand or to offer products to golfers on a budget. Only the best materials and manufacturing processes are used to produce products that can be appreciated by everyone who uses them. Honma may not be the right brand for you if you do not have much money to buy golf clubs.

What’s the Best Honma Driver You Can Find?

The XP-1 is the most commercial driver of HONMA Golf, since it is aimed at golfers with a medium to high handicap (from 18 to 30) who are looking for a performance that will help them improve and give them confidence, with the brand’s stylized design and superb quality, but at a more affordable price.Mar 3, 2020

.Honma Xp 1 Driver Review

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