Cobra Radspeed Driver Review

Cobra Radspeed Driver Review


OEMs giving more precise and accurate information to consumers about the differences among their products is one trend I’ve observed recently. Cobra has taken part with their RADSPEED driver, which I appreciate. Per their website, the RADSPEED is targeted at 0-15 handicaps (the RADSPEED XB is 5-15) and claims the fastest ball speed, lowest spin and launch, and most workability of the three new Cobra drivers. The RADSPEED XB, on the other hand, has “back-biased RADIAL WELLING”. These differences in performance are due to “forward-biased RADIAL WAIGHTING”.


The RADSPEED Driver features a traditional (460cc) shape and 28 grams of forward-biased RADIAL WEIGHTING to deliver our lowest spinning driver with radical ball speed.

The launch monitor will usually show one number when I begin testing a club. With the Cobra RADSPEED driver, there was only one number: the ball velocity and spin rate. I started testing with the weight forward and saw very low spin rates and high ball speeds. However, the weight forward position makes drivers less forgiving. Although I reached very high peak speeds while driving with this weight forward, mishits proved to be a significant problem.

It was amazing how the numbers changed when the weight went to the back. The spin and forgiveness both increased noticeably. You can see that I had a higher average ball speed with this configuration. Spin is a variable that can be affected by your swing. You may notice larger or smaller variations depending on which configuration you use.

Taylormade Sim Max Combo Set, Steel Shaft, Kbs Max 85, 6-Pw, Aw, 4-22 Hybrid, 5-25 Hybrid, Right Hand, Regular Flex

TaylorMade SIM MAX Combo Set, Steel Shaft, KBS Max 85, 6-PW, AW, 4-22 Hybrid, 5-25 Hybrid, Right Hand, Regular Flex

If you hit the Speed Pocket with a low face, you’ll For more distance from any lie, in any weather, an ultra-thin 1 5mm face design with Progressive Inverted Cone Technology delivers extreme ball speed across the entire hitting area the most forgiving, fastest, and easiest to hit irons ever made by TaylorMade. A patented technology, Speed Pocket, allows us to make our iron face thinner while keeping it stable and consistent. So we can give you more ball speed and distance with a forgiving iron. We’ve added ECHO damping to our new Speed Pocket irons to reduce vibrations at impact for better feel, sound, and control.

  • Speed Bridge Revolutionary
  • Echo Damping System
  • Speed Pocket
  • Ultra-Thin Face
  • Progressive Inverted Cone Technology

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    And don’t forget about the Ultra Thin Face – designed to deliver extreme ball speed and forgiveness on low face strikes.

    Callaway Men’S Steelhead Xr Fairway Wood, Right Hand, Graphite Shaft, Stiff Flex, 3 Wood, 15 Degrees

    Callaway Men’s Steelhead XR Fairway Wood, Right Hand, Graphite Shaft, Stiff Flex, 3 Wood, 15 Degrees

    A new version of Callaway’s most popular fairway wood, the Steelhead XR. It has a classic shape with a Speed Step face cup for extreme forgiveness at impact. On-center hitting is now easier than ever with the Steelhead XR’s Fast Track technology. Paragraphic product description: The Steelhead XR Fairway Wood is Callaway’s most popular fairway wood.

    • Easy Launch From Classic Steelhead Shape
    • Fast Ball Speed From Next-Generation Face Cup Tech
    • Fast Head Speed From Speed Step Technology
    • Premium Stock Shaft For Power And Control

      Introducing the new Steelhead XR Fairway Wood from Callaway.
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      The Callaway Men’s Steelhead XR Fairway Wood has next-generation face cup technology for fast ball speed, extreme forgiveness, and fast head speed.
      It also comes with a premium stock shaft for power and control.

      Taylormade Men’S Sldr 3 Golf Rescue Hybrid Club, Left Hand, Stiff

      TaylorMade Men’s SLDR 3 Golf Rescue Hybrid Club, Left Hand, Stiff

      High launch, low spin, and low CG make this a low-and-forward hybrid for long carry. Its loft sleeve technology can adjust the loft from 18* to 21*. Long carry with the TaylorMade SLDR Rescue Hybrid. TaylorMade’s SLDR 3 hybrid is designed for maximum carry distance and accuracy. TaylorMade’s loft sleeve technology allows you to adjust loft from 18° to 24°. TaylorMade’s patented Speed Pocket technology allows for a low-and-forward CG for faster ball speed, lower spin, and higher launch.

      • Low-And-Forward
      • Taylormade Loft-Sleeve
      • Charcoal-Gray Crown

        If you’re looking for a hybrid club that will help you hit the ball farther and straighter, you need the TaylorMade Men’s SLDR 3 Golf Rescue Hybrid Club.
        Its low-and-forward CG location promotes faster ball speed, lower spin, high launch and long carry.
        Plus, the charcoal-gray crown and titanium-gray high-contrast face make it easy to align your shot.
        With its low-and-forward CG location, you’ll enjoy faster ball speed, lower spin, and high launch – resulting in longer carry.
        And with its charcoal-gray crown and titanium-gray high-contrast face, it’s easy to align your shots for improved accuracy.

        Cobra Radspeed Drivers Review

        In recent years, Cobra have struck a nice balance within the golf driver market. This club is known for being the best among amateur players and the longest-serving driver on the PGA Tour. That’s pretty good.

        Going back a couple of years to the F9 Speedback driver , it is, to it’s credit, still proving to be the go-to driver when searching for the best value big stick online. Speedzone’s Speedzone drivers range impressed me very much last year and both models have something to offer. Cobra continues to produce drivers that are cheaper at retail than the ‘big four’, whilst matching them in performance. Is it the most value-for-money driver on the market, or pound for pound? You’d have to say so…

        Cobra King Radspeed, this year’s model is trying to keep up the success trend. For price-conscious golfers, it is again a 3. The name was inspired by a radial weighting concept originated from a popular formula in engineering called the ‘radius of gyration’.

        This term, although confusing for many people, is actually quite simple. Cobra have increased the distance between front and back weights of the club heads. Cobra claims this allows for a perfect combination of ball speed, spin and forgiveness.

        Before I get into the details of my review, it is important to mention the name. Forgive me Cobra but when I hear the word ‘Rad’ I think of 90’s American films and TV series’. You can eat all you like Ted and Bill.

        cobra radspeed driver review

        Cobra Radspeed

        RadSpeed: [email protected] and [email protected] RadSpeed XB [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] RadSpeed XD [email protected] [email protected] Our Take: RadSpeed’s ClubTest performance was impressive with its hammer-like tone and incredible feel. RadSpeed XB: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]; RadSpeed XB: [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]; RadSpeed XD: [email protected] & [email protected] One tester said that the design is beautiful. The back has some visible carbon fiber, but matte black looks great. Cobra’s latest big-stick was well received by all. You will notice a lower spin, a deeper flight and more penetration thanks to the new adjustable sole weighting system. The CNC-milled faces also provide alignment support by framing your ball at address. It’s easy to see why this neon-yellow-and-black beauty is the driver of choice for U.S. Open winner Bryson DeChambeau and Rickie Fowler.

        Every market pick is independently selected and edited by the editorial team. A fee may be paid by GOLF.COM if you purchase a link product. Prices may differ.

        OUR VIEW: RadSpeed proved to be a great choice for GOLF’s ClubTest. It had a hammerlike sound and a very impressive feel. A tester raved about the “artistic.” It has a little bit of carbon fiber visible in the back. You cannot go wrong with matte. Cobra’s new big stick was praised for its “feeling great” and “great looks.” In addition to noticing lower spin and a more penetrating flight thanks to a reimagined adjustable sole weighting system, the eye-catching CNC milled face offered sneaky alignment assistance, framing the ball at address. It’s easy to see why this neon yellow and black beauty is Bryson’s driver of choice. THE DETAILS: Cobra’s technology is not standard. Cobra is not letting this happen again. Building upon standout designs, such as the new-age CNC infinity milled face and carbon fiber crown, Cobra has also reimagined its sole weighting system. The OEM used tenants from a popular engineering formula, called the Radius of Gyration (“Rad” stands for “radius”), to spread the weights in the soles of the drivers further to the front and the back of the head for desired performance enhancements throughout the lineup. The RadSpeed standard head is lower spinning and lower flying, the RadSpeed XB (“Xtreme Back” weight) is higher launching and more forgiving, and the RadSpeed XD (“Xtreme Draw”) has heavy heel weighting to encourage a draw shot shape. See 150+ customer reviews in our ClubTest 2021 collection. View the product details. Cobra has a reputation for pushing the limits with innovative technologies. The 2018 edition is no exception. Cobra has reinvented its soleweighting system. To achieve desired performance enhancements, the OEM applied tenets of a well-known engineering formula known as the Radius for Gyration (Rad stands for Radius) to move the driver’s sole weights further back. The RadSpeed standard head is lower spinning and lower flying while the RadSpeed XB (“Xtreme Back” weight) is higher launching and more forgiving. RadSpeed XD (“Xtreme Draw”) offers a more aggressive slice-killer. It has heavy heel weighting that promotes a good draw.

        cobra radspeed driver review

        Shop More From Cobra!

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        Don’t forget to read the bonus driver review near the end of this story. Andrew Tursky ( Senior Equipment Editor) and DJ Lantz (8AM Golf Content Creator), recently compared all three Cobra Radspeed models to each other at True Spec Golf Scottsdale, Arizona, to find out what the real deal is.

        Cobra calls “rad,” a slang for cool or sweet, but it really means “radius”. This refers to distance from club’s center of gravitation (CG) and where the weights will be. Cobra intended to shift the additional weights from the soles of the drivers to the edges in order to increase MOI and boost performance. Cobra has a greater range between the sole weights, and the Radspeed clubs’ CG. This allows for more speed. Cobra can dial in the spin and trajectory of its entire line-up using the radial strategy.

        cobra radspeed driver review

        You Need to Know

        PRICE: PS369.00 YEAR: GolfMagic tested the brand new Cobra Radspeed driver for Bryson de Chambeau in 2020, and it is an absolute beast.

        It’s the first new driver for 2021 that we have tested, so of course, it goes straight to the top of our list for the year ahead – but we think it could very well end up staying there for the entirety given just how impressed we are with its all-round performance. It is the best.


        PS369 might be expensive but it will still be a premium brand driver for 2021.

        You can see that it is very powerful from a teepeg, so you can understand why Bryson is so excited about putting it into play on the PGA Tour.

        Our video review is above. To get the full verdict, please watch it. You can also stay on our YouTube Channel to view our 2021 driver test results.

        Cobra’s RADSPEED XB drivers were another highlight. This driver offers a lot more forgiveness and helps players keep a good distance from the tee.

        cobra radspeed driver review

        How Rad is Your Driver?

        Ryan Heiman, founder and chief author of Independent Golf Reviews. I had 7 rounds with my Cobra RADSPEED driver and it was a great choice. The FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor allowed me to track shot data and I could hit it with my Cobra RADSPEED driver. Over 10 years experience in reviewing and testing golf clubs.

        When I was growing up, “rad,” was extremely in demand. For at least one year, it was “it” term. Although Rad is shorthand for radical, the meaning of the term didn’t necessarily refer to something radical or new. It was simply the word that was used to describe cool things. Cobra certainly caught my attention when it named their new driver lineup with RAD. The Cobra King RADSPEED driver is certainly cool, but it is much more than that; it is a performer.

        Cobra’s new technology uses RAD weighting to bring 28 grams straight up to the skin. Forward weighting can mean lower launch or spin. These are the qualities that I look for in drivers since I struggle with height and spin. I love a driver that can swing off and doesn’t worry about launch, spin, or reducing my distance. They use lots of carbon to transport so much weight. You can also find 8g of weight along the back side of the t-chassis. This makes it extremely stable.

        You can choose from three different models: regular, standard, or XB. I’m a sucker for submodels, and often choose one of these in drivers. However with this Cobra however, regular RADSPEED is my preferred model. The XB is about extra forgiveness, and the XD is about extra straightness (draw biased).

        Cobra King Radial Speed driver is also equipped with the same tech as the last year’s driver, the CNC milled Infinity Face. Because the face meets the ball, it’s the most crucial tech for a club. The sweet spot is where the ball hits the ground. My dream is to be a perfect robot swinging and repeat my swing each time. I am just like you, and I don’t hit the balls “on the screws”. I love this face because it protects ball speed everywhere.

        cobra radspeed driver review


        Cobra King Radspeed should be on your top list. I’m aware that some players are finishing the 2021 season, but we have the best times of the year here in south. The RADSPEED drive is worth a look, as it may just provide the boost your game needs for lower spin, better launch, or even higher drives.

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        cobra radspeed driver review

        Cobra’s View on Radspeed Drivers

        Cobra say: “We’ve levelled up to ‘RAD’ speed. Radial (RAD), Weighting Technology allows for faster ball speeds and extreme forgiveness. This is our most revolutionary driver.

        COBRA has the RADSPEED driver group, which can provide optimized performance for all players from the Tour to weekend warriors.

        The radial weighting is forward with 28g positioned in the front (16g of fixed weight and 12g adjustable weight) and 10g positioned in the back (8g fixed weight and 2g adjustable weight).

        It produces low spin, high launch, workability and the stability that the players want. The Radspeed is forgiving yet produces a ball speed Cobra have never achieved before in older models.

        Clubheads are traditional, 460cc shapes. They have a lighter T Bar Speed Chassis and thinner Carbon Fiber Wrap Crown.

        Cobra’s designers managed to save 13g of total weight. This allowed the radial weighting and the CG to be increased. Cobra’s CNC Milled Infinity Face appears on Radspeed.

        Are The Cobra Radspeed Drivers Forgiving?

        Cobra believes that the RADSPEED RADSPEED Models are exceptionally stable. Cobra also claims they have a very forgiving, low spin and draw bias.

        Is Cobra Radspeed A Good Driver?

        The Cobra RADSPEED driver is able to deliver whether you want solid forgiveness or low spin. Performance was affected by the movable weights. I found that the shaft and weighting had an impact on my performance. The RADSPEED can be tuned to meet your needs and is an excellent driver.

        Is Radspeed Better Than Speedzone?

        Drivers of the Cobra Radspeed. These drivers are better than Speedzone, but they don’t do any differently in terms of distance or carry. However, I found them to be more stable.

        What Cobra driver is the best?

        Cobra King Speedzone Extreme is the Best Overall.

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