Honma Driver Review

Honma Driver Review

honma driver review

Honma Golf Tr20 440/460 Driver Review: “First Impressions”.

Honma Golf products offered me the chance to try them out. It was somewhat of an unexpected experience. In January of this year’s PGA Show, I actively searched the list for participants. Honma Golf wasn’t on the list. As I arrived for Demo Day at Orange County National Golf Resort and Lodge, I was taken back when I saw their booth on the Demo Day range.

Their booth had been “hopping” throughout the day earlier. A sign of things to come? Perhaps. Honma Golf was the last company I’d swing with. This is how my 2020 Demo Day ended. An exciting day filled with surprises and cold weather (for Florida), as well as blowing wind.

Here’s my Honma Golf TR20-444 driver review.

Photo credit to Honma Golf. The set-up. Before I start getting ahead of myself, let me remind you that there are two models of Honma TR20 drivers. There is the smaller footprint, more compact 440 cc head and then there is the 460cc head. Earlier this year, while Justin Rose played Honma he elected to play the 460cc head. While I did have good results on Demo Day with the 460 cc option, I had better results with the 440 cc version. It is more spacious and has a smaller footprint.

The technology inside the Honma TR20 is described below.

TiCarbon+Fast Frame Technology: A lightweight frame made of carbon fiber and high-CIR titanium allows more energy to transfer from the golf swing to the ball.

ET40 Carbon Crown – Used in the crown and sole, this lightweight carbon allowed designers to optimize the weight in the TR20. The lightweight carbon also makes it possible for golfers optimize their speed.

honma driver review

Honma Drivers Reviews

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honma driver review

Clubtest 2021 Honma T//World Gs Driving

Honma-T World GS driver.

Courtesy of Honma

For ClubTest 2021, we tested and reviewed 22 new drivers to help you find the right one for your game. (For more on our testing process, click here .) Here are the Honma World GS driver’s results. You can find the full list of drivers and test results here Honma T//World GS Our take: Speed is what Honma was looking for with their T World GS driver, and that’s just what they gave to testers. “Even on my misses, I didn’t feel like I was giving up very much distance,” one tester said. Additional praises were given for the ease of adjustments, catering to players of varying ability.

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honma driver review

Are You Excited About Your Next Round?

Hole19 AppStore Android Play Hole19 Review: Honma Drivers We think that most Hole19ers are familiar with this driver. However, you could have been intrigued since Justin Rose made the sign. The Average Golfer reviews the Honma W747 455 drivers and 460 drivers.

Honma drivers W747 are priced at PS550. As such they will certainly be a top-end item on the market. Andy has high expectations for these big sticks. They will they live up their prices?

Watch the video below for some very interesting results…

Your scores will plummet if you have a deeper understanding of the game than if you bought a new “big stick”. Register for Hole19 today and get a free app on your Android or iOS device. Hole19 premium also offers game-enhancing advantages.

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honma driver review

Honma T20440 Driver Review

Honma worked hard over the years to get into the North American golf market. When Justin Rose, the World Number One golfer, joined Honma’s staff in 2019, they seemed to have hit their stride. Rose won his very first tournament. Rose might be a small name but his instant win got the brand in the minds of more golfers. This is a strange situation, where Rose and Honma split up. To some this might put the brand in jeopardy. Honma is bringing out some very exciting products in this year’s lineup, such as the TR20 driver range, which can be purchased in a 460 or larger size. Let’s explore the TR20-440 driver and discover if this product can ignite interest in Honma.

Honma describes their TiCarbon fast frame technology as the central piece of tech embedded into TR20 drivers. A titanium frame is used to construct the chassis and a carbon structure. One of the advantages of this type of design is that it allows engineers to manipulate and hone in on where weight is most efficient in the clubhead. There are also three different weight ports on the sole that would enable fitters and golfers one way to dial in their launch, spin, and shot shape. Out of the box, there are two 3-gram weights and one 9-gram weight.

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Honma continues to use their nonrotating hosel. The feature was first introduced by the company in 2001. However, we did see the feature on both the TW 747 and TW XP-1 drivers, which was what we reviewed last autumn. For those who might be unfamiliar with this piece of tech, here is a quick breakdown. Pretty much every manufacturer has their take on hosel adjustability. One common characteristic is that the clubhead has to be removed or loosened quite a bit for a golfer to choose their proper setting. Honma’s adjustments don’t take place at the top or bottom of the shaft. The indicator mark on the shaft sleeve indicates the position of the shaft when it is being inserted into the clubhead. This helps ensure that the shaft has the right spine and responds to each swing. On the bottom of the club, there are four visible settings labeled as OP(open), CL(closed), FL(flat), UP(upright). You will find a rotating ring that has a notch to indicate its placement around the screw. The notch will indicate how the TR20 has been adjusted by pointing it at these settings or anywhere in between. This sleeve fits over the torque wheel and will make it easier to change settings. But, in an emergency, you can use a golf shirt. Honma is very particular about shaping golf clubs. Having spent time with past models of Honma drivers, it’s safe to say what they offer is usually pleasing to the eye, and with the TR20 440, this is no different. A world in which 460cc driver head can appear stretched out from the front to the back is not a good place to be. It’s nice to have a smaller size and a more traditional design. Part of the design also incorporates no markings on the crown. TR20 has one of most appealing driver heads available. There are no alignment tools and no borders with graphic lines.

The TR20 stood out on the course in many aspects. It is becoming a more prominent part of the overall equation as carbon fiber driver manufacturers continue to push out new models. From the very first swing, it was evident that Honma put the time in to make this driver look good and dialed in the audible tones to produce a pleasant mix of carbon and titanium. A deeper tone can make carbon fiber drivers seem more lifeless, but the TR20 produces a strong sound with a crackling face.

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The TR20 was left as-is, but with the additional 9-gram weight to its rear. This produced neutral flight. It did appear slightly bias, though. With the weight pushed forward, that bias seemed to increase, and changes to the hosel ring did help dial in the ball flight that I prefer. There is sufficient separation in shots with forward weight vs. back when comparing the numbers on a Foresight GC2. Our testing revealed a mere 500 rpm variation depending upon the position of the 9-gram. That combined with an extra 1.8MPH of ball speed means that the difference in yardage is nine yards. You will be able to see the actual difference by tweaking and adjusting weights.

We were able to increase ball speed, spin and carry distance by moving the weight forward. However, this made it more difficult for the driver to miss more. Even though this is not the 460cc head, placing the heavier weight in the rear or draw position made this driver play moderately forgiving. Keep in mind that this driver is not aimed at those looking for a super forgiving option. It is possible to sacrifice some ease-of-use by selecting the 440cc motor. However, it can still be used by anyone who has a single-digit handicap.

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Honma drivers forgiven?

CARLSBAD CALIFORNIA – Honma, the TR20 460’s driver, is honored to be recognized as MyGolfSpy’s Most Wanted Driver. … Honma has been recognized by MyGolfSpy and continues to help the industry.

Are Honma Clubs Worth The Money?

Honma is not a company that aims to provide products to budget-minded golfers. Honma only uses the best quality materials and processes to create a product that is loved by all who use it. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on golf clubs, Honma is not the brand for you.

Who is The Honma driver?

Honma Tour World TW717 Driving Review – Honma is celebrating its 55th Anniversary Year. Honma, the Japanese clubmaker that famously made all its clubs and graphite shafts at a single design studio in northern Japan, has brought back one of its ex-brands, Tour…

Why Did Justin Leave Honma?

This is the official announcement about golf’s worst equipment. Months after putting a competing manufacturer’s clubs in play, Justin Rose has split from Honma. The two sides confirmed the news in a joint statement. Honma’s relentless pursuit of perfection and his approach to product testing has brought great value. 23 May 2020

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