Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner For Pressure Washer

Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner For Pressure Washer

Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner For Pressure Washer


You can buy vinyl siding cleaner in ready-to use or concentrated forms. Before using concentrated cleaners, it is important to dilute them in water. The pressure washer will use a concentrated cleaner to dilute it.

A hose-end dispenser works the same way: Water passes through the dispenser and dilutes cleaner, ejecting a spray on siding. Concentrated formulas are generally more cost-effective.

Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner For Pressure Washer

Why It’S Important To Clean Your Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding can be baked into the original color, which means that you won’t often need to paint. Over time however, vinyl siding can become stained and dirt-laden, which may cause the entire house to appear unattractive. Vinyl siding can be one of the easiest kinds of siding to clean. This is because vinyl siding doesn’t have any pores so you don’t need to use a cleaning product that was specifically designed for siding.

While most of the dirt and debris that collects on vinyl siding won’t permanently damage it, a few things might. Inadvertent splashes of mineral spirits or paint thinner or other harsh chemicals can damage vinyl siding’s color and dull its sheen. Premium vinyl siding has a lower chance of fading than low-end siding. It is best to get rid of any chemical stains quickly and wash the siding once per year.

Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner For Pressure Washer

Tips To Get The Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner

Vinyl siding cleaners could be labeled “house cleaners,” house and siding cleansers, or simply “house wash.” It’s important to read all labels carefully so you can ensure that the product is effective and safe.

You should look for cleaners that are specifically made for vinyl siding. Although most siding cleaners are safe to use, some masonry cleaners have caustic chemicals which can cause vinyl siding to look duller. Vinyl siding can only be cleaned with a cleaner that is labeled.

Choose a cleaner that is compatible with your pressure washer. A pressure washer is the best option for cleaning vinyl siding. It can remove dirt and grime as well as greasy stains. Don’t try to clean vinyl siding with powdered cleaners. An indication on the label will show whether or not a siding cleaner may be used in a pressure washer.

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Be aware of the stain’s type. Many house washes are made for different kinds of siding stains. Certain products are more effective at removing grease, grime and other ingredients. Others work better to destroy mold and mildew. Some cleaners also contain ingredients that can dissolve tree sap and leaf stains. A cleaner usually will list all the stains that it can be used to remove.

Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner For Pressure Washer

Tips For Cleaning Vinyl Siding

Low pressure is the best way to clean siding. Power washing vinyl siding requires that you use the least pressure possible. To avoid water accumulating under siding strips and causing mold, spray your siding panel at a downward angle.

Use abrasives when cleaning siding. While a power-washer is more efficient than a brush with hard nylon bristles, a larger brush will do the job just as well. However, it does require a little elbow grease. Don’t use an abrasive cleaner, such as scouring powder. Don’t use any wire brushes or steelwool to clean siding.

Rinse away cleaning residue afterward. Spray the siding with a garden hose to get rid of any cleaner residue. You can also spray nearby plants with a standard garden hose to clean up any residue left over from cleaning.

Make sure to clean gutters before you wash siding. Clogged gutters can overflow and leave dirty tracks on the just-cleaned siding.

Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner For Pressure Washer

7 Best Vinyl Siding cleaners – Reviews & Guide to 2021

Vinyl siding cleaners for pressure washers have chemical formulas that avoid ingredients such as organic solvents and petroleum ethers which can damage vinyl. There are many sizes available and they can be used to remove mold, algae, mildew, or other stubborn dirt.

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It can be hard to determine which vinyl siding cleaner is best for you. There are so much to choose from. There are Wet and Forget and Simple Green and Scotts. Star Brite and Krud Kutter also exist. You can read the reviews about vinyl siding cleaners and see which one has your best and worst.

This guide will discuss in great detail how to choose the best vinyl siding for your pressure washer. The factors that are important to consider include the ingredients and formulas as well packaging type, eco friendliness, smell, application method, and how they were applied.

The best vinyl siding cleaners are listed below:

Wet and Forget 800003 Moss Mold Mildew & Algae Stain Remover Zep House and Siding Pressure Wash Cleaner 128 Ounce Star Brite Mold & Mildew Stain Remover + Cleaner Simple Green Pro HD Heavy Duty Cleaner Concentrate 1 Gallon Simple Green House and Siding Pressure Washer Cleaner 1 Gal Scotts FBA 51501 Concentrate Plus Oxi Clean Outdoor Cleaner Krud Kutter HW01 Clear House Wash with Mild Odor, 1 Gallon

Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner For Pressure Washer

What Is A Vinyl Siding Cleaner?

Vinyl siding cleaner is a cleaning liquid that works on vinyl siding as well as other materials. Different products require different techniques. Some are applicable via a power washer, while others can just be sprayed on.

You can use a vinyl siding cleaner to clean your home of dirt, debris, mold, mildew, and other unwanted elements.

Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner For Pressure Washer

What is the Best Use for Pressure Washer Soap

The soap can be washed down storm sewers because it is biodegradable. You may need to follow local laws if you want to use pressure washer soap outdoors. Be aware that soaps that have been mixed with rainwater or hard water may leave behind calcium carbonate deposits.

Soap is safe for the environment.

Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner For Pressure Washer

5. What Pressure Do I Need To Clean My Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is very resilient but can still be damaged by strong forces like water pressure from a pressure washer. You should not use more pressure than 1800 PSI to damage vinyl siding. The average required pressure is around 1400 PSI.

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Never spray horizontal siding.

Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner For Pressure Washer

How to Clean Vinyl Siding

Because I’ve already written a lengthy article about pressure washing your house siding, this is all I will discuss here. However, the process itself is simple.

We hope you found this review of the best vinyl siding cleaners helpful and have already chosen one. You cannot overstate the importance and value of the ideal exterior house cleaning system. Find the issue and devise a solution.

That’s up to you.

Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner For Pressure Washer

Is it okay to power wash vinyl siding

Power washing vinyl siding should be avoided unless you’re an experienced user of a pressure washer. The vinyl siding can be damaged if the pressure washer is not used correctly.

Vinyl siding may be durable but will not withstand the same pressure as other materials. It can often become damaged if not properly washed.

It is fine to wash your vinyl siding with a power washer, but you need to be cautious to prevent any damage.

Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner For Pressure Washer

4. Do I have to use my Pressure Washer with a Bleach-Based Vinyl Side Cleaner?

Absolutely. Bleach can easily damage the heart of your pressure washer – its pump. Running bleach through your pressure washer can damage the pump seals. It will also drastically reduce the lifetime of your pressure washerhose.

You shouldn’t spray bleach with any kind of application. For instance, spraying bleach using a sprayer creates a bleach mist which can be dangerous to breathe and may cause lawn damage.

Use bleach only if absolutely necessary. Rub it onto the affected area using a brush. After a while, rinse it off.

.Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner For Pressure Washer

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