Taylormade Tour Preferred Mb Irons Review & For Sale

Taylormade Tour Preferred Mb Irons Review & For Sale

Taylormade Mb Irons 2011 – These are Sweet! Full Review

TaylorMade MB Iron Review. The pros: When I first got these irons, the first thing that I did was to inspect their lofts and lie. The best news was that they were spot-on perfect. Also, the grips fit perfectly. This iron is perfect for setup, and it feels great!

Cons: I might have made an error if I was completely honest. I shouldn’t have ordered the MCs in the 3, 4, or 5 iron. They are, obviously, blades and therefore not very forgiving.

Bottom line: For me, these irons have a wonderful set of features. For many years, 300’s have been my favorite iron. They are a very comfortable and responsive set of irons. TaylorMade is a great company that has made a forged Iron again. They feel just like butter on a perfectly struck shot.


I love the look of these irons. The slightly rounded tip is a great feature. They are classic in their topline and lead edge. Some people were concerned or have commented on the weight in the back. To me it’s cool. If it allows them to properly swing the irons, what is the problem? It isn’t like you can actually see the weight at home.

Taylormade Tour Preferred Mb Irons Review & For Sale

Review: Honma Tw737 vs. Forged Irons

Pros: Incredible feel all the way through the bag. This iron is very forgiving on mishits and has a slightly higher loft that generates a great distance to make forged irons.

Cons: Many will not consider the cost ($150/club) as a viable option.

Bottom line: All of the TW737 lines boast impressive looks and specs. TW737Vs with their stronger lofts and slightly wider shape could be the perfect choice for those who want to make the transition from game improvement irons to better irons.

Golfwrx Members Reviews: Taylormade 2017 M1 and M2 Irons

GolfWRX Forum Membership comes with the exclusive benefit of accessing Giveaways and Testing Threads. We give away all kinds of golf equipment, from GPS units to balls and golf clubs. All you need is a forum username. To enter any Giveaway, we randomly choose the winners. You’re then free to enjoy your prize as you wish.

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Testing Threads takes a bit longer. GolfWRX Forum members are invited to sign up and test new products. They then give in-depth evaluations on each product. Goofl.com was created by intelligent golf-equipment owners. WRX members are able provide honest and impartial reviews.

This Test Thread

To test the TaylorMade M1 2017, 7-iron, and TaylorMade M2 7irons, 75 testers were selected. Each club was built using the TaylorMade M1 2017 stock lofts, shafts, M2 2017 (28.5°) and M1 2017 (30.5°) respectively. The testers were asked to write reviews of each club. Each post has been edited for clarity, grammar and brevity.

We are grateful to everyone who participated in testing.

Tech Talk: Everything you need to know regarding TaylorMade M1 and M2 irons


Taylormade Tour Preferred Mb Irons Review & For Sale

Members Choice: The Best Irons Of 2017

Golf.co.uk was hired by WRX to help us find the best golf irons. WRX Members are some of the best-informed golfers you will find online. They are experts in all aspects of golf technology and have also tested new clubs extensively. Their knowledge and experience is a great starting point for those looking to purchase new clubs.

In order to collect their opinions and get feedback we, the company needed to first sort the irons into appropriate categories. We aimed to keep the categories as simple as possible with 2017’s crop of irons, and we broke them down into three general categories:

Players Irons: These irons can be described as small in size. These irons feature sleek, slim soles and top lines. These irons are designed to be workable and precise, so they can easily fit in the bags of professional golfers.

Game Improvement Irons: These irons have a medium size. These clubs combine distance, forgiveness and good looks with workability.

The Super Game-Improvement Irons are basically large-sized irons. They are characterized by large top lines, hot soles, thick toplines, big offsets and low centers of gravity. These are some other unique engineering features that can be found in these irons.

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Notice: Due to the high supply of Players Irons, we split that category into Exotics Players Irons as well. Exotic Players Irons lists included irons made by companies such as Epon (fourteen), Miura, PXG, Honma and Miura that are not readily available to test in the U.S.

You will find the entire Members Choice 2017 best irons results, along with feedback from Golfers about each one. WRX Community. Our sincere thanks to the golf. WRX members who participated in voting and gave feedback about the irons. Also, we want to thank all of those who offered feedback regarding the voting process. We assure you that we read and consider everything, and we’re going to continue to improve our process in order to provide the best and most useful information about the latest golf equipment.

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Taylormade Tour Preferred Mb Irons Review & For Sale

What does it mean to be Tour Preferred?

Tour Preferred’s goal is to design equipment that appeals to better players. We do this by collaborating with Taylor. Made engineers and designers. Similar to Taylor, we also build and maintain that equipment with all the precision and care required by the best players.” Made’s new Tour Preferred (fyi…I’m really fighting the impulse to say “TP”) lineup is about much more than just the clubs. Beyond Speed. What makes the new TP Tour Prefer offerings different from all the other Taylor products is the use of pockets. Made has a distinct advantage over its rivals in the quality of their products and the personal experiences that come with each Tour Preferred purchase.

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Is that what it really means?

Taylor. Made says that each detail is carefully considered. Every curve, every line, and each angle of the product is checked to confirm it conforms to specification.

Taylor will hand-assemble your Tour Preferred order even though it is 100% in stock. Made has a custom section and your irons will be sent to you with a spec sheet signed by the technician.

Tour Preferred stands out. Taylor has a perception that Tour Preferred is exceptional. I had high hopes for the creation.

Taylormade Tour Preferred Mb Irons Review & For Sale

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