Taylormade Udi Review & For Sale

Taylormade Udi Review & For Sale

Taylormade Udi Review & For Sale

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Taylormade Udi Review & For Sale

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Taylormade Udi Review & For Sale

Whom is It Aimed at?

The UDI is designed to give the best golfer a better ball flight. The UDI is for those who want to hit the ball accurately and have more forgiveness than the P790.

The DHY is aimed at the player who wants to be like like DJ but doesn’t quite have his ability to launch the ball. This club certainly helps that and helps players off the tee who struggle to hit woods, hybrids or long irons. It is a very good ‘get the ball in play’ golf club both from the tee and on approaches into the green.

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Taylor. SIM UDI Pros: Penetrating, low-launching ball flight. The compact head will be more suitable for better golfers. SIM UDI Cons Ball flight wasn’t very suited for those with higher handicaps Taylor. SIM DHY PROS Easy launch. This is useful if your game has been difficult. SIM DHY Cones Very big head shape. The ball flight was too high.

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Taylormade Udi Review & For Sale

How does it all work?

The SIM Drivers Fairway Woods continuations the SIM (Shape In Motion). These utility features have different profiles and shapes that define their performance on the course.

The SIM DHY presents a larger overall footprint with a thicker top line, wider sole and shallower profile which is more reminiscent of a hybrid and is aimed at giving you ultimate forgiveness.

The hollow-body construction allows for a low and deep CG placement which provides easy launch with a slightly higher trajectory than Taylor. Made offers several other utility irons.

SIM UDI features a compact design with a narrower leading edge and thinner sole. It also has minimal offset. The SIM UDI will give more confident players greater control at address.

The DHY does not have a weight port. It is placed at the rear of club.

Models have a rounded sole, which is an inspiration from SIM Max Rescue. This shape helps improve turf interaction and especially for uneven lying.

Taylor. Taylor.

Taylormade Udi Review & For Sale

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