Taylormade Udi 1 Iron Review & For Sale

Taylormade Udi 1 Iron Review & For Sale

Taylormade Udi 1 Iron Review & For Sale

Taylormade Tour Udi (Ultimate Driving Iron), review



The pros: This is not your grandfather's or father's driving iron. Easy launch, great distance and surprising forgiveness.

Cons: While more forgiving than expected, these driving irons are for the better golfer and if forgiveness on mishits a primary need, you'll want to stick with hybrids or fairway woods.

The Tour Preferred's UDI delivers distance and playability. This is what better golfers are looking for. With a solid feel off the sweet spot, good feedback, forgiveness on mishits and an almost effortless launch, the UDI delivers long distance off the tee and shots that hit the ground and rolls for days.

When I first put the UDI into play, I said casually on the first tee, "I think" and was then looked at by the rest of my group. "You're going to hit something?"

High-quality driving irons are in high demand right now. Every manufacturer is striving to produce the best equipment possible. Taylormade set out to make a club that could be played and long, but also have the workability and precision of an iron.

Taylormade Udi 1 Iron Review & For Sale

Review: Honma Twi737-Vs. Forged Irons

There are many pros to this bag. They are very easy to use and have a lot of forgiveness for mishits.

Cons: Some will find the price point ($150 per club) too high to consider.

Bottom Line: The entire TW737 line boasts impressive specs and looks. The TW737-Vs, with their slightly larger shape and stronger lofts, could be perfect for the player ready to move from game-improvement irons to better players irons or for those those looking for more forgiveness in a forged set.


Taylormade Udi 1 Iron Review & For Sale

Golfwrx member reviews: Taylormade 2017 – M1 and M2 irons

One of the many benefits of being a GolfWRX Forum Member is exclusive access to Giveaways and Testing Threads. You don't need a forum account to enter our giveaways. We will give away anything from GPS units and golf balls, to even golf clubs. You can enter any giveaway and we will randomly select the winners. The prize will be yours, and you are free to use it as much or little as possible.

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This Test Thread

We selected 75 people to try a TaylorMade M1 2017 7 iron and TaylorMade M2 7 iron. Each club was built using the TaylorMade M1 2017 stock lofts, shafts, M2 2017 (28.5°) and M1 2017 (30.5°) True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 shafts. The testers were asked to write reviews of each club. For clarity and grammar, we have removed all of the comments.

Many thanks to all who took part in this testing.

Tech Talk: All you need about TaylorMade’s M1 & M2 irons


Taylormade Udi 1 Iron Review & For Sale


The M1's regular flex made me nervous so I took it slow for the first 10-15 shots. Ball SHOOTED off my face. Loud crack was heard. But I didn't feel it too much and the ball kept going up and upwards, though not ballooning. It was not what I had expected. I did it again…a CRACK, and the ball flew. I set another down and I paid attention to how it looked behind the ball, not much offset for a game improvement and I thought…"I could actually play this club!" The 5-7 were EASY swings, aimed at a target of 170 yards away (my normal 7 iron distance) and with a EASY swing I was flying it by 20 yards or so. My next 5-10 was the hardest, and I was determined to go after it. The ball flew for 10 yards. These balls were still just short the 200 yard mark. I can't believe they went 200 yards on a 7 iron. They are lofty, but I feel good saying "My 7 irons only few 190-200 miles!" I love the Lamkin UTX grip

What was even more interesting was the fact that the M2 was significantly quieter and less powerful than the original M1. There is now more carbon fiber in this model and it has a Geocoustic label at the back. I am sure that it has something to do with all that carbon fiber but it does have a better sound. It was straight and long, just like the M1. The REAX shaft was a little less powerful than the True Temper shaft, and flew a little lower. However, I couldn't find any other information.

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Taylormade Udi 1 Iron Review & For Sale

What's the Difference Between a Driving Iron and A Hybrid Car?

Hybrids have been more popular in recent years than the driving irons due to the extra loft they offer. Driving irons fill the space between you driver and a hybrid. In windy weather, a driving club is easier than a hybrid to drive. It is generally more sensible to use a hybrid when there are difficult lies or situations in which you desire a greater launch trajectory, such as clearing large bodies of water.


Taylormade Udi 1 Iron Review & For Sale

What exactly is a driving iron?

Modern driving irons are cavity-backed and offer a more consistent trajectory than traditional 2 or 3-irons. The low-flying trajectory is great for cutting through winds and delivering a powerful ball flight.

These irons had originally been blades. Jack Nicklaus and Ben Hogan both used 2 and 1 irons to win major championships. It is difficult to hit the blades well. At first, it looked like these irons would soon be obsolete. There have been numerous improvements to the modern driving club, also known as the utility iron. It is now much more practical for the amateur golfer.


Taylormade Udi 1 Iron Review & For Sale

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Taylormade Udi 1 Iron Review & For Sale

So. You are welcome. .Whaddaya Think?

I would be very interested to hear what you think about the UDI.

While I did have some fun with the Mini Driver, you were very open-minded and receptive. I was surprised by that.

Mocking aside, the Mini has proven to be the best addition to my bag since I started playing this ridiculous game. There were concerns that it wouldn't be playable from the fairway, let alone the rough. They proved to be unfounded. I was able to hit it more accurately than any fairway golf wood I had ever used, and I could hit it confidently anywhere (except from side hills).

Can the UDI be equally versatile? If I'm able to get a Mini through 3-foot heather then most people should be able hit a UDI from a fairway…and beyond the rough.

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That said, I really don't know where the UDI make sense for most guys (I did say the same about the Mini). Do you carry it with you everywhere? Is it just for recreating the experience of The Open at home? It could be a club that you bought out of nostalgia but don't use beyond banging at the range.

Do you even think it's worth spending your hard earned money for?


Taylormade Udi 1 Iron Review & For Sale

Is it all about?

Max Impact 2.0's design and chassis are the driving force behind U505 utilities. They have been engineered for maximum forgiveness and launch distance.

The new design includes a support structure that increases power and stability, as well as a high resilience core made of polymer. This core provides speed and feel while also retaining the feeling of the face.

Titleist received feedback about their Wide Sole Chassis. It features a longer sole, a shorter blade, and a more heel-oriented CG.

Multi-material constructions include a muscular plate similar to those used in T200 Irons. Made of a type plastic that helps improve sound and reduce weight whilst looking exactly like metal, the muscle plate is part of the multi-material design. The combination of the plastic core and this plate dampens vibration and high-pitched sound that heads that are larger than the T200 irons would normally make. This gives the head that "better player" sound and feel when it hits the ground.

Titleist has also added D18 weighting of tungsten to help improve weight distribution. Tungsten is expensive but it's a key tool for ensuring that the CG is in the right place to provide easy launch characteristics.

You can choose to upgrade your U505 standard shaft to graphite Hzrdus Smoke Black or to get one of Titleists' Featured Shafts if you're feeling like Jordan Spieth. Or, you could go orange-and-white Tour AD.

Utility irons with graphite shafts are gaining popularity, not just in amateur golf but also on professional tour. The best amateur players use graphite shafts for similar reasons. Graphite is faster and more agile, which can improve utility performance.

.Taylormade Udi 1 Iron Review & For Sale

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