Taylormade Spider Putter Review & For Sale

Taylormade Spider Putter Review & For Sale

Taylormade Spider X Putter Verdict

The Spider X looks are what attracted my attention immediately. Excellent roll, particularly on shorter range putts. You get the same sense of “can’t missed” that you get from larger Spider models.

On longer putts the more compact weights at the back give it a better balance and a more manageable shape than the larger Spider models, and for this reason I think it will have wider appeal.

TaylorMade has made the insert sound better than ever. Even though it has taken them over a decade for this to happen, I feel they are now on the right track.

The black on white line design on the crown is very easy to use and combines form with function. The simpler, single-line design is an alternative if you are not interested in this style.

Although the Spider X might have a drawback, it is a very affordable putter. It looks great and has easy alignment. I’m willing to spend a lot for something like this.


Taylormade Spider X Putter – Product Details

UK Launches February 15, 2019

UK launches RRP PS299

USA Launches on February 15th, 2019

USA Launch RRP $349

European Launch, 15 February 2019,

European Launch RRP EUR349

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Taylormade Spider Putter Review & For Sale

Taylormade’S Spider XPutter Can Be Optimised From All Angles With A Smaller Head. Thicker Insert. Y-Shaped Line.

TaylorMade launched the Spider putter 10 year ago. At the time, they gave little thought to how the model looked, as analysis technology wasn’t at the point where they could prove it performed better than the competition (with drivers and irons they showed gains on launch monitors).

Spider made a comeback and was tied to pro’s to between 10 and 11 club contracts. The trickle became an overwhelming flood when Jason Day was crowned world number one in 2016, using the Spider painted red by TaylorMade. It say TaylorMade catapulted the model to being the most played putter at stacks of PGA Tour events over the last two years. After such success and with more pros playing Spider putters than ever before, the brand reckon the time is right to introduce a brand new Spider X.

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Taylormade Spider Putter Review & For Sale

Spider X Putters : Key Features

The X Philosophy / True Path Alignment System. Research derived more than ten thousands putts over a twelve-foot distance shows that golfers aim the ball at the toe 66% of all the time – this result is called a “parallax effect”. Engineers sought to improve the mass properties of the putter head and introduced a True Path Alignment System. It allows for easier alignment which enhances focus.


Taylormade Spider Putter Review & For Sale

A New Design for 2021… Hydro Blast Spider X

Taylor. Made Spider X putter is the best-selling model in the franchise’s history, delivering proven performance at every level of the game. It’s been on Tour since the 2015-16 season, and has scored 11 wins (including the debut of 2020-21). Retail sales are also record-breaking.

Spider X Hydro Blast extends that success story with a fresh colour scheme and finishing procedure. A high-pressure, water application to the aluminum body results in a silky smooth finish. The silver colorway is a great choice. Added durability is a byproduct of this process, as the absence of paint means no surface blemishes related to chipping and greater scratch resistance.

Spider X Hydro Blast has the same innovative multi-material construction that the original Spider X. This includes a mix between aluminium (2g), iron (6g) or tungsten (12g), along with a composite central to maximise MOI (and stability).

The True Path, Tour-proven design helps in alignment. The soft-feeling insert, which has 45deg grooves at 45 degrees, encourages forward roll. It also provides better sound and feel than solid faces.

You can choose from lengths 33, 34 or 35 inches.

It is equipped as a stock with the KBS Chrome C-Taper Stepless shaft and Super Stroke Pistol GTR1.0 grip.

Taylor. Made Spider X putter, RRP: PS299, Weight: 355g Models : Single bend shaft (face balanced), small slant neck, moderate toe hang. Finish Options: Copper, White, Midnight Blue and Midnight Blue / white Grip: Superstroke pistol GTR 1.0 grip.


Taylormade Spider Putter Review & For Sale

How Does It Feel?

Taylor. Made the Spider Tour Black and Red retail models to feel different by using different inserts. Red Spider Tour Black has the metallic Pure Roll insert, which provides a solid click. The center may feel slightly hollower if you strike it further away. Because feel is subjective, everyone has their own preferences and Spider Tour Black may not be for everyone. Taylor is a perfect example of this. Made also has other options.

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The head has a big footprint, which makes it seem like there is too much to do. Weighing 355g, the weight is very balanced. It swings perfectly.


Taylormade Spider Putter Review & For Sale

Who’s it Best for/Not for?

First, I’d say that the putter is not for those who are tight on their budget. This putter is one of the most expensive and shouldn’t be bought unless you play a lot.

A second thing that I would recommend is it being best for somebody who doesn’t need a lot of alignment assistance while they are putting. The alignment line is something that putters heavily rely on, and I recommend you look at a completely different model. It’s only my opinion.

This putter was the most comfortable I tested. It has a slight bend or arc when I am putting. You’d likely like this putt if you can.

How is The Taylormade Spider X Face balanced?

Taylormade Spider X has a face balanced version. Most professionals prefer the version that has a slight arc and a 30 degree hang from the toe. Images below will clarify this distinction.

Standard Spider X Standard Neck with 30° Toe Hang. You should pay particular attention to your hosel. This is the version most pros use (e.g Rory Mcilroy. Jason Day. Jon Rahm. Matthew Wolff.

Spider X Face Balanced Single Bend Spider X As you can see, the Spider X Face Balanced has a different hosel which connects the shaft and the putter head. Personally, I find the toehang version more appealing (It is not this one).

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Taylormade Spider Putter Review & For Sale

Should You Get The 34 Inch Version Or The 35 Inch Version?

My theory is that many people putters are too long for their height. Here’s my personal rule of thumb for choosing the correct shaft length:

Take the 34 inch option if your height is less than 6 feet.

If you are taller than 6ft, go for the 35in version

I’m 5’10” and I chose the 34 inches version. A shorter version makes it easier to attain a balanced address position. I find it easier to adjust my posture and spine properly. The weight of the club is also more balanced. This was an easy decision that I am happy with.

Obvioulsy if you’ve used a 35 inch putter your whole life and you’re worried that it might be too drastic too change to the shorter version, then just stick to what you know.

Taylormade Spider Putter Review & For Sale

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