Taylormade Tour Preferred Golf Balls Review & For Sale

Taylormade Tour Preferred Golf Balls Review & For Sale

Taylormade Tour Preferred Golf Balls Review & For Sale

Taylormade Tour X 2016 Golf Ball Review

As before the Tour Preferred X is a five layer construction in order to give it a slightly lower flight off the longer irons for players who put more spin on the ball by trapping their iron shots rather than sweeping them away.

Compression is about the same as it was before, with a 1 point drop to 87. There is no change to the feel of the 2014 X model. Soft Tech has made the cover of urethane cast slightly thicker, with the same number (322 dimples) as in the original ball.

The Tour Preferred X felt a bit firmer on and around the green than the regular Tour Preferred, and was very similar in many ways to a Pro V1x.

Whilst high spin or higher swing speed players will probably get more performance benefit from the X, if you base your ball decision on feel around the greens, then this difference between the two Tour Preferred models is what will help you make your choice.

Apart from the greenside feeling, performance numbers show the significant differences between both balls. The Tour Preferred X spins a bit more when using a wedge.

As the Tour Preferred uses longer irons, the Tour Preferred launches higher and has more spin. Additionally, the Tour Preferred can stop faster due to less roll.

At my swing speed, both drivers were pretty comparable. The Tour Preferred however had a slight edge because it was able to travel as far from an average swing speed that was marginally slower.

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Taylormade Tour Preferred Golf Balls Review & For Sale

Taylormade Tour Preferred 2016 golf ball – Product details

UK launches 15 December 2015

UK Launch RRP PS44.99

USA launches 7 November 2015

Golfer Mens

Ball Construction 4 Piece

Spin Low

Medium Feeling of Ball


Taylormade Tour Preferred Golf Balls Review & For Sale

Taylormade Tour Prefer Golf Ball Is A Lethal-Ier

Tony Covey Tony Covey This is the latest of a series of poorly kept secrets. TaylorMade announced today their Tour Preferred X and Tour Preferred X Golf Balls.

Sorry guys, the LETHAL's run is over. I know…I was right there with you. Who among us wasn't hoping desperately for 2014 LETHALIER or something more royal like SUPER DEATH NINJA? (TP, of course).

TaylorMade has a firm grasp on the fact that LETHAL is an absurd name. Really…they really do know it. When I discussed the subject with Josh Talge, TaylorMade's VP of Metalwoods and Golf Balls, he suggested that in addition to the ridiculous name, packaging the balls to look like a Metallica album perhaps wasn't the shrewdest marketing move either.

Keep in mind, Josh came from Old Spice. You might have gone a bit too far when the former owner of Old Spice admitted that some aspects of his previous product had been a little excessive.

LETHAL is a very good ball which sold really well. But, as it turns out, golf doesn't cater to the needs of this particular demographic.

Enter LETHAL. Go to Tour Prefer.

LETHAL Tour is like LETHAL, but Preferred golf balls are serious (actually 2 golf balls) for serious golfers and anyone else who's willing to pay $45 per dozen. LETHAL has no name to scare anyone off before they hit it. The packaging is a lot more Enter Sandman.

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Taylormade Tour Preferred Golf Balls Review & For Sale

How do the Taylormade Golf Balls Tp5 Compare to Other Golf Balls

Ball class is more important than differences between brands. The Pro is the preferred choice for golfers. The Pro.1 and the Pro.2 are considered to be the "gold standard" of golf balls. V1x as the "gold standard" of golf balls but, many players will find Callaway's Chrome Soft and TaylorMade's new TP5 lines play the same or better.

Chrome Soft is both the shortest- and the softest. The TP5 TP5x compares closely to Titleist Pro. V1 Pro. V1 Pro. Bridgestone also produces the Bridgestone Tour B330S, and Tour B330S three-pieces. TaylorMade is the only company that produces balls with five layers.


Taylormade Tour Preferred Golf Balls Review & For Sale

You're done with the Name, what about The Ball?

It is not surprising, seeing as Taylor is the Tour Preferred's most prominent position. Taylor, Made's most recent and greatest release. Made says that Tour Preferred's ball is its best-performing to date.

It would be hard to believe.

As you might imagine, there are a few key features of the new balls that Taylor. Made would love to share these key characteristics with you, so I'll simply copy and paste them for you:

React(tm), Core to increase ball speed for all shots and greater distance.

Spin Mantle ™, designed to provide consistent and precise spin rates for given shots through the bag.

Low-Drag Aerodynamics (LDP(tm), 322-dimple, designed to reduce distance from low spin shots. Also maintains a strong ball flight through the wind.

"Golf ball innovation doesn't just happen overnight. Rather, it is a series of ongoing conversation with our Tour players. This has led to breakthrough technologies like low drag aerodynamics that provide ultimate wind resistance and a five-layer structure for better control through the club set. We also have our softest and longest-lasting cover." Dean Snell (Vice President of Golf Ball R&D), Taylor. Taylor is the other technology featured in Tour Preferred golf balls. Soft Tech is the term Taylor uses to describe Made. Soft Tech ™ is marketing speak or double-speak. It refers to a cover material Taylor uses. Their claims are stronger and more durable that any product they have produced.

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.Taylormade Tour Preferred Golf Balls Review & For Sale

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