Taylormade Udi 2 Iron Review & For Sale

Taylormade Udi 2 Iron Review & For Sale

Taylormade Udi 2 Iron Review & For Sale

Taylormade P790 Udi Iron Review

TaylorMade P790-UDI iron is basically a 2-iron version the P790 Irons. You can either add it to your existing set of irons or you can use it as a separate driving iron.

UDI is Ultimate Driving Iron. However, the overall design of this iron is very similar to the P790. It has a 8620 steel body and a 4140 steel face cup. This is wrap around the front.

TaylorMade uses this to create a hollow head. Foam through the screw on the toe.

This not only supports the thin face but also acts as a noise dampening tool to make the UDI head sound more solid.

There is also a weight of tungsten in the backside of the sole. This helps lower the CG as well as position it so that it launches at maximum velocity and maximizes MOI.

TaylorMade Speed Pocket technology is included on the sole. It maximizes ball speed from lower strikes, particularly those that occur below the head.

TaylorMade is able reduce the size and thickness of the P790 head, also known as the variable face thickness. It allows you to play faster with more balls by making it smaller around the edges.

Taylormade Udi 2 Iron Review & For Sale

Taylormade P790 Udi Irons – Product Details

UK Launch April 2018

UK Launch RRP PS199

USA launches April 2018,

USA Launch RRP $219

European Launch April 2018

European Launch RRP EUR239

Golfer Mens


Taylormade Udi 2 Iron Review & For Sale

Taylormade Sim Dhy & Udi Utility Iron Review

Golfalot wanted me to test these irons. My initial reaction was "maybe I'm the wrong person to do it". I love hybrids and have never had to use a 2 in my life.

Dustin Johnson has also been gamed them. This is yet another reason I never imagined they'd become a problem for me. DJ's are about the closest game to mine.

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Modern day 2 irons don't look anything like those made by Ben Hogan or Seve. They were easy enough to hold the ball with, so I bought them.

TaylorMade's SIM DHY (Driving Hybrid), and UDI ("Ultimate Driving Iron") are designed for golfers who like the performance and look of a long-iron over a hybrid, fairway or wood.


Taylormade Udi 2 Iron Review & For Sale

Taylormade Sim Udi & Dhy Utility iron Verdict

Although I was able to hit the SIM UDI more accurately than expected, I don't think it will replace my hybrid. Unless I play a links course that has good greens and I am able to run up the ball.

I recognize that the driver of my golf club is one of the finest clubs they have, which I find gratifying.

The SIM DHY was not right for me. It went a bit too high, didn't go much farther than my 4 iron and I don't think it would be able to take my 20 degree hybrid (which carries 178 yards) with it.

It reminds me of the original Ping crossover which I tried to game whilst on tour but couldn't get on with the bulky head and wide sole.

For many, the Driver and the 3 wood are their enemies. It is therefore important to have something forgiving and friendly that they can use on long approaches into green.


Taylormade Udi 2 Iron Review & For Sale

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Taylormade Udi 2 Iron Review & For Sale

Who are You Using It For?

The UDI is a ball flight that is more precise and has a less compact view behind the ball. This is the right UDI for those who want more accuracy with their irons and a bit more forgiveness to help them hit it.

The DHY is intended for those who wish to become DJ's but aren't quite able to launch the golf ball. It is an excellent club that helps those who are unable to hit long irons, hybrids or woods. The club can be used to 'get your ball in play' from both the tee or on approach into the green.

Taylor. SIM UDI pros: Low-launching ball flight, penetration. A compact head shape is better suited for golfers. SIM UDI Cons Ball flow was a little too narrow for those with higher handicaps Taylor. SIM DHY PROS Easy launch. This is useful if your game has been difficult. Sim DHY cons Large head shape. Ball flight was too high.

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Taylormade Udi 2 Iron Review & For Sale

So. It's so. Whaddaya think?

It's actually very interesting for me to know your views on the UDI.

It was fun to have some playful fun while the Mini Driver drove, but it was very much appreciated by you two. I was surprised by that.

The Mini is a great addition to my bag, despite the fact that I am mocking it. Some people were concerned that the Mini wouldn't work on the fairway. These concerns were not justified. I hit it faster than any fairway-wood I've ever seen, and I hit it confidently EVERYWHERE except sidehill lies.

Can the UDI be equally versatile? If I can get a Mini off of 3' heather, then almost everyone should be able and able to hit a UDI at a fairway…and beyond the rough.

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Despite that, the UDI makes no sense to me. I did the same with the Mini. Is it something you'd put in your bag every day? Is it just for recreating the experience of The Open at home? You buy the club out of nostalgia. But you don't really use it beyond hitting balls on the range.

It's something you would consider spending money on.


Taylormade Udi 2 Iron Review & For Sale

What is it All About?

Continuing the SIM (Shape In Motion) theme first seen at the beginning of the year with the release of the SIM Drivers Fairway Woods , the utilities feature noticeably different shapes and profiles which define how they perform out on the course.

The SIM DHY presents a larger overall footprint with a thicker top line, wider sole and shallower profile which is more reminiscent of a hybrid and is aimed at giving you ultimate forgiveness.

Taylor is slightly more aerodynamic due to Taylor's hollow body construction. Made also offers other utility irons.

SIM UDI has a slimmer shape, a thinner topline and sole, and a less offset. This gives better players confidence when at the address, and encourages workability and shot shaping.

The weight port, unlike the DHY is located on the back of the club to increase the CG. This allows for a more powerful launch, and enables a higher ball flight.

The soles of both models are rounded, inspired from the SIM Max Rescue sole. This is to increase turf interaction on uneven surfaces.

Taylor. This club is designed to improve golfers' playability from both the fairway or rough.

.Taylormade Udi 2 Iron Review & For Sale

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