1More Quad Driver Review

1More Quad Driver Review

1more quad driver review

Review: Iems 1More Quad Driver – An Ex-Forefront To Per-Four Mance

1MORE Driver IEMs

In the ever-evolving world of IEMs, can the mighty dinosaurs still rule?

Alexander and Ari at 1MORE were kind enough to provide the Quad Drivers IEMs to review. The Quad Driver IEMs are now available at 1MORE starting at USD $170

The market for Chi-Fi IEMs can be volatile. Those that follow the headphone trends see more brightly (but briefly) burning super-stars come and go than basically in any other tech market. Seldom do even high-performers remain in the spotlight, and all too quickly, the enthusiasts promptly move on to pursue ‘the next best thing.’ You will likely have familiarity with (and memories of) classics. Those models that stood out as best in class, offering the best value for your money and the most performance at their price point. The classics, such as the (1MORE Quad Driver IEMs), are still available.

It is possible that the top performers from yesteryear, which was literally just a few years ago, may still be mentioned in conversations. But, with the rapid technological advancements and high quality sound from China, we tend to think that the best always wins. Today we will see if Quad Driver still holds their own.

The 1MORE Quad Driver bring something different to the 2021 table. They are a sound. It’s like having your music tuned by an award-winning professional. It’s a musical, fun sound signature. It is a sound signature that’s different from current Harman and boosted V shapes.


1more quad driver review

High Quality and Design

1More Quad Driver I continued to be impressed during the review by both the style and design of the Quads. They’re a beautiful pair of headphones that look fantastic and have a solid construction. This is a premium-looking, solidly built metal product that feels and looks good.

These earbud houses are made entirely of metal. The shape is a turbine-shaped that taper from the widest point near your ears to the closest. These earbuds have a shorter nozzle, and the metal sheets at the ends of the filters are perforated. This is in contrast to the cheaper models that use paper filters.

1More uses a longer, more durable shaft that protrudes from the housing. This is in place of the traditional strain relief. This looks pretty cool and also does a great job of protecting the cable from excessive wear and tear.

It is a stunning cable and amongst the most impressive we’ve seen in any earphone. its a twister red black and copper wires set inside a soft touch rubberized sheath. It is very flexible and resistant to tangles.

There is a metal cable splitter but sadly not slider on it due the addition of an inline remote/mic. Also made in this same metal, the remote controls are of top quality. You can control volume, playback, or calls with its traditional three button design. They are made from metal and have a tactile, clicky feeling. There were no complaints about call quality in our review. Many people reported that they heard very clear conversations and there was little outside noise.

1more quad driver review

Sound Quality

1More Driver This is where 1More’s quad drivers really show off their skills. It has an almost identical sound profile to my Final Audio $1000 FI-BA SS. These have sparkle at the top, a richer set of lows and a smooth midrange that is packed full of detail.

Treble- The treble is a bright, sparkly sounding product. But after getting a good deal of use out of both my brain as well as the headphones the treble becomes more detailed and energetic. To cater to the mass, it’s refreshing to not see the treble rolled off like so many other companies do. The majority of contemporary music benefits from a powerful top end that is accompanied by strong lows. Listening to EDM, where the highs of Infected Mushrooms Converting Vegans EP are truly brought out their best qualities, is a great example.

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Midrange: The Mids are the stars of the show. They are smooth, with lots of detail but they have so much space and air that it is hard not to want more. They are a cut above the rest for their price. Strings or vocals they all benefit from that separation and layering that gives an almost 3d effect to the midrange. The upper midrange is natural and consistent, with no apparent peaking. Not once during the review did we feel there was anything forced in the midrange and its seem to handle any track we throw at them.

1more quad driver review

End of the Review: 1 more Quad Driver

My favorite Quad Driver sound is clear. They have been my favorite CD for the past week. I love their rich sound and great midrange.

1More, a company that makes better headphones for consumers at a reasonable price, exposes the overpriced nature of earphones designed to appeal to portable audiophiles.

1More’s work with the Triple Driver as well as the Quad Driver is incredible. This design was not compromised, it’s stylish and elegant. And the best part about this hobby is the high quality headphones.

Would I recommend them to others? Wholeheartedly, yes.

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1more quad driver review

Reviewer: Audiophileheaven

4.00 star(s)

The Pros include: + Quality Build + Simple To Drive + Experience Unboxing and Package.

https://www.audiophile-heaven.com/2020/04/1more-quad-driver-iems-and-stylish-tws.html 1More Quad Driver IEMs And Stylish TWS – Two For Bass, One For Treble 1More Quad Driver is a 4-Driver IEM priced at 170 USD, while the Stylish TWS IEMs are priced at 100 USD. Quad Driver will also be compared to Final Audio E4000 iBasso IT01S Shozy CP iEMs. As well, pairings will be available with HIDIZS APH80 FiiO Ka3 Shanling Ma2x. The Stylish TWS will compete with the HIFIMAN TWS600 Lypertek Teva TrueConnect 1More was a well-known company for their unboxing service. Their sound has always been balanced for price. The majority of products fall in the entry to midrange and middle-tier ranges. Even their current flagship is priced at 200 USD, which isn’t even midrange for some listeners. This being said, their products are some of the best made, with good overall quality, and they really make the unboxing experience nice. Although they respond quickly to emails and offer good service, local sellers are not often able to represent them. It would be best to get 1More products from them directly or through large online shops such as Amazon.

You should know that 1More is not associated with me and I do not receive any compensation to write this review. 1More was kind enough to send me the sample. This review is based upon my experience with 1More Stylish WSW IEMs. Each opinion is my own. I stand behind it. This review was written to help people who are looking for 1More Quad Drivers and Stylish IEMs.

First things first, let’s get the packaging out of the way:

Quad Driver might not have the most original name in the world but it is certainly the best. The best package is one that includes a basic feature, such an IEM. You can see that there are not many features, but you have tips, a pouch, and a clip.

The package is great for the price, but compared to some of the competition, Quad Driver does not have a Balanced cable, and it doesn’t come with more particular features. However, the tip selection also includes foam tips.

1more quad driver review

100+ Head-Fier

4.50 star(s)

The pros: A very natural, smooth and balanced sounding product. Still great value. Comfortable. Sleek design. No sibilance at all.

Cons: Not great for fans of more coloured sound e.g. strong bass/mids focus/brighter sound. No replaceable cable. A bit heavier.

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1More has been shaking up audiophile markets for years. The 1More Triple Driver is a massive success. It was affordable and delivers excellent sound quality. Even better than expensive earphones. Luckily for us consumers, they’ve gone and one-upped themselves with the Quad Driver.

We would like to thank 1More for sending us this 1More Quad Driver Hybrid Earphone for review purposes. The Quad Driver currently goes for $199.99USD, click here to find out more about these excellent earphones! With the tremendous success of the Triple Driver which was 1More’s original hybrid design (1 dynamic driver, 2 balanced armature), it seemed like it would be an extremely difficult task for them to repeat their achievement. While the Triple Driver retails at 100 USD, its pricing is well within their price range. It’s a highly-priced product that can be disruptive in a market with increasing costs. When the Quad Driver was announced as another hybrid but with 1 more balanced armature added, I was cautiously optimistic towards it. The Triple Driver impressed me so I had some confidence. However, 1More seems to just be following the trend and adding more drivers.

The Quad Driver has a balanced armoury, and that’s what I am happy to say. The Triple Driver received glowing reviews, but it was not the perfect product for audiophiles. Many felt the sound was too soft and scattered at times. The Quad Driver is a clear example of 1More’s commitment to bringing the best sounding product to market.

A short summary for people who don’t like reading – if you’re willing to spend a little more for quality audio at a still affordable price, look no further. 1More Quad Driver is a premium sound system that produces high-quality, soft and smooth sounds. The design of the unit is fashionable and very comfortable. Bass is close to neutral but hits with enough punch and authority to keep up with heavier tracks, while mids and highs are amazingly clear and never sibilant – this is the Triple Driver taken to the next level. While the Triple Driver has a better value proposition, the Quad Driver does not come close to the Triple Driver in terms of price.

1more quad driver review

About Quad Driver

The Quad driver is a hybrid in ear monitor that comes with a dynamic diamond like carbon driver for lows and three balanced armature drivers for mids and highs.

1More teamedup with Luca Bignardi a Grammy Award winning producer to tweak the Quad driver. They chose to have an extremely realistic sound stage and balanced sound. The Sound section will reveal if the team succeeded. 1More goes the extra mile to help their customers with a satisfied sound. It is refreshing to see them do that.

When we’re looking at the tech sheet of the Quad, we will learn that it has a rated impedance of 32 Ohms and comes with a sensitivity of 99dB. So the Quad driver monitor is relatively simple to operate. Hybrids are usually better when there is more power.

To be fully compatible with the mainstream audio-head’s needs, 1More decided to put a microphone and in-line remote into the Quad. It is located near the right earpiece.

According to the Japan Audio Society, the frequency range for the Quad driver can be from 20Hz to 40kHz. This makes it suitable to use the HiRes Logo. This is, to my mind, more marketing than anything about audio. But it’s okay.

For 149$, you can buy the Quad driver direct from 1More and any of their dealers both online or offline.

1More Quad Driver

1more quad driver review

1More Quad Driver Earphones review

The earphones come with 4 drivers.

The 1More Quad Driver earphones are priced at Rs. 13,499

1More Quad Driver is priced at Rs. 13,499

Three balanced drivers for armature and one dynamic are used

Although the audio quality is exceptional, they can be a bit pricey

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Truly wireless earphones might be a trend to look out for in premium audio going forward, but a good pair of wired earphones still has its appeal among purists. Audiophiles swear that wired earphones provide the best audio transmission between the source device, headphones, or earphones. They also avoid the lossy Bluetooth.

Even though the drivers of good headphones don’t determine how great they are, the types and numbers of them can make a difference in what kind of experience you should expect. Although we have seen headphones with one driver in each earpiece, the Rs. Unique earphones with four drivers are the 1399 1More Quad Driver. Is it better to have more or less drivers? Our review of the 1More Quad Driver ear-monitors will help you decide.

1more quad driver review

Designer and specifications for 1More Quad Drivers

It might seem difficult to believe that a basic pair of wired earphones can cost so much. However, the 1More Quad Driver makes it easy to comprehend its value. They are beautifully built with metallic casings that look just like jet engines. The casings also have red accents which enhance their beauty.

The canal pipes of these earphones is significantly bigger than the ones we’ve seen in other reviews. Additionally, they are 45 degrees away from the main casings which 1More claims improves comfort and fit. Use of the included silicone tips made the earphones comfortable, so we could wear them for hours and not feel any pain.

Beyond the earbuds themselves, the quality build extends to other parts of the device, such as the microphone module and in-line remote. It has a twist texture to prevent tangling. The cable above the splitter does have some cable noise, but the lower part doesn’t.

OneMore Quad Driver is named after the three drivers that are contained in each earpiece. These drivers have different sections of the high, mid and low ranges. There’s also a graphene dynamic driver for the lows. The earphones are also THX certified, and have had their sound tuned by Grammy Award-winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi.

These earphones are presented in a great sales package. It offers more than just a nice box and presentation. The package includes nine pairs of eartips in a variety of sizes and three foam pairs. While we typically prefer foam ear tips, the ones that come with the 1More Quad Driver didn’t give us a very secure and noise-isolating fit; we preferred the silicone ear tips with these earphones.

Also included are a carrying case, an aircraft adapter and a shirt clip. You can also use the adapter with high-end headphones by changing the length of the adapter from 3.5mm to 6.9mm. The earphones have a frequency response range of 20-40,000Hz, an impedance rating of 32 Ohms, and a sensitivity rating of 99dB.

Is 1More A Good Brand?

The Good. 1More Stylish True Wireless earphones sound excellent for a true wireless headphone, particularly for the price. They also have good battery life, fit pretty comfortably and maintain a reliable wireless connection. The controls are very simple and easy to use.

Are 1More headsets good?

Still a solid set of earphones. Although the 1MORE Triple driver In-Ear headphones have some issues, they are still a solid pair of earbuds and an affordable price for under $100. For anyone looking for an easy-to-use solution, these earbuds will be a necessity.

Are 1More triple drivers good for gaming?

Gaming: Average 1More Triple Drivers have a wired connection which means they are suitable for gaming. The microphone is compatible with both consoles as well as PCs, and produces a balanced sound.

What Do Quad Drivers Do?

Quad Drivers are composed of three balanced armature driver and one carbon, diamond-like carbon driver. This unique combination offers best-in-class sound quality all across the range. 1MORE’s Triple Driver headphones were also released at the time.

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