Driver Reviver Review

Driver Reviver Review

driver reviver review

Driver Reviver Review

Driver Reviver works as advertised. Driver Reviver found all drivers that were out-of-date on my testing system. Driver Reviver makes it easy to use. You don’t need to know anything or do any complicated calculations. The prompts will tell you how to proceed. It’s easy to use and is well-worth 29.99. Continue reading for a deeper overview.

It couldn’t be easier to scan. It is so easy. After scanning, you will get a list with all drivers missing or needing to be updated in about 60 seconds. It is very easy to miss the point or make mistakes. You don’t necessarily need this list. I just like to see everything related to the subject matter.

The scan will show you the options to either download or install all the drivers by clicking the “Update Select Items” button. It is possible to go through each driver individually, as we have done in this video. Following the installation of drivers, you need to restart your PC. To make this video review shorten, we only installed two drivers. Afterwards I updated the rest of the drivers and did not have a single problem.

This Backup Tab has a wonderful backup and restoration feature. Before updating any driver, I always back up all of my drivers. Program already makes a System Restore point. It also backs up any older driver prior to updating. But it’s nice to have a full copy of your drivers for any future installation. If you are like me that is about every 6 months. The OS doesn’t require reinstallation unless the OS goes down. I do this for enjoyment.

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You can also see the video review that shows how we back up drivers and the final results.

Many of the options that you’d expect to find under the options section will be available. Driver Reviver is available in many languages, including English, German and French as well as Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Russian (Danish), Danish, Turkish and traditional Chinese.

In the Driver Exclusion section, you can choose to exempt drivers you don’t want to monitor for updates. You won’t likely need this. This is the option that only 1 person in 1000 will use.

driver reviver review

The Driver Reviver: An Introduction

Driver Reviver can help its users recover the health of the drivers in their computers. ReviverSoft has developed this utility to optimize your system. This utility scans every driver on Windows and finds the problematic ones. And after that, it provides you with their suitable updates.

You can use ReviverSoft Driver Reviver free of charge, as both paid and free versions are available. However, Driver Reviver’s full- or fully paid versions have many different features that we will be discussing in the review.

We now have an idea of the driver update tool. Let’s look at its features and pricing to get a better understanding.

driver reviver review

Principal Features of the Driver Reviver

ReviverSoft’s Driver Reviver tool offers many valuable functions. We have listed the most useful functions we discovered in our analysis of this tool.


One of the things that helps Driver Reviver to outshine other driver updaters is its compatibility. Most of the available driver repairing tools for 2020 are compatible only with Windows XP and Vista. But Driver Reviver is also compatible with older versions of Windows, including Vista and XP. In short, Driver Reviver is compatible with Windows XP & Vista as well, along with Windows 7, 8, & 10.

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Vast Database

It is essential to have a large database of driver drivers in order to be able update your driver. Hence, while making this Driver Reviver review, we have also evaluated the driver database of the program. And it impressed us immensely. You can access a vast database that includes more than 10,000,000 driver files.

Startup Scanning

Driver Reviver does not require that you scan drivers manually, unlike other driver updates. Every time your computer boots, it automatically scans for any faulty drivers. This prevents hardware problems caused by corrupted or obsolete drivers. It also allows you to repair them immediately after your PC boots.

driver reviver review

Review of Driver Reviver

Driver Reviver has offered plenty of helpful features, but as we are reviewing it, hence here is the critical evaluation of the software.

Some Things We Really Liked About Driver Reviver

We have listed the top things we loved about the Driver Reviver during this review.

Streamlined interface

Large database with over 10,000,000+ driver files

Launch On Startup feature

Descriptive scanning results

driver reviver review

Our final Verdict for This Driver Reviver review

Overall Driver Reviver can be described as a very user-friendly, competent tool to update drivers for Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista users. It will detect almost every faulty driver on your computer and provide the appropriate updates. It is just a few clicks away to upgrade all your driver files if you purchase the premium version. The program offers many other benefits that are not mentioned in our Driver Reviver review.

It does feel a little expensive when compared with other alternatives. Bit Driver Updater is an alternative that you might consider if this bothers you. It can still be an excellent tool to update your drivers if the cost is not an issue.

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We hope you found the review helpful in helping to make an informed choice. We hope you enjoyed the review. Subscribe to our blog and receive more information about PC optimizing programs.

Does Driver Reviver Work?

Final verdict Driver Reviver can be described as a user-friendly tool. It did a good job of finding the latest drivers on our computers, and it’s easy to use. The $29.99/year/computer price tag is a little steep, though, especially since it doesn’t have any additional system utilities for cleaning, optimizing, or maintaining a computer.Oct 28, 2020

Is Driver Reviver A Safe App?

Security is not a concern with Driver Reviver. The system uses various security precautions to prevent instability. The PC is protected from all risks. Nov 3, 2020

How do you get rid driver reviver?

Alternativly, uninstall Driver Reviver by going to the Programs menu > Start > All Programms > ReviverSoft >> Driver Reviver Uninstall.

How much does Driver Reviver cost?

Please see below for the exact price: USA, $ 29.99

.Driver Reviver Review

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