Rbz Driver Review

Rbz Driver Review

rbz driver review

Taylormade Rocketballz Tour Driver Review



TaylorMade has consistently been the top-rated driver on tour or in retail shops. TMag Driver Buzz seems to be most concentrated on the R11s, however we see the RocketBallz Driver as the dark horse of 2012. While surveying a select few top 100 fitters, we found this driver to float to the top slot in late year polling. It is best in class for its ball speeds, dispersion performance and other characteristics. This is a quote by Bob57, a respected member of GolfWRX. “Most tests today list the RBZ to be the most ball speed-producing driver.” Editor’s Review: fore_life. Pros: The RBZ has great center strike pop and is surprisingly patient with miss-hits. The FCT system allows for flight adjustment and high spin.

Cons: This white color can cause some problems for those who want to have the driver around for more than a few years.

Bottom Line: We have lift off. Sean O’Hair right. It’s a Rocket Ballz!

TaylorMade’s new driver features inverted cone technology that helps produce maximum ball speed across all areas of the face. The company’s Flight Control System allows you to adjust ball flight to achieve your preferred shot shape. Before I start, let me say that I favor traditional sounding and shape drivers. My eyes see nothing better than simple black club heads without fancy alignment tools or gimmicks. What sounds even sweeter is the sweet THWACK that many of these drivers have made famous here in messageboard land. The J33r and the Superdeep have all been my favorites, as well the Nike VR Tour, Superdeep and the J33r. All of these cars make a satisfying impact.

My initial reaction to being selected for the RocketBallz review was “I wonder what they would make me a black one?”. I’ve only seen the older models in r11 and I wasn’t impressed by the color. This made the 460cc rudder club head appear even bigger.

rbz driver review

Here’s the rundown

TaylorMade Rothman RBZ Driver. Click to view. “The TaylorMade TaylorMade is remarkable, particularly at this price point.”

Cobra King F8 click to see

The RBZ is extremely stable throughout your swing and has a great feel at impact. The club’s responsiveness to hitting the golf ball will be a delight.

Although the RBZ cost is about a third less than the most costly company drivers, there are some features that you can change, like a loft sleeve to adjust the loft and give more control over your launch angle.

We’ll be sharing our TaylorMade RBZ Driver Review with you to help make a purchasing decision.

rbz driver review

Taylormade Rbz Black Driver Review

Rocketballz products have been designed to assist golfers with keeping the ball in the fairway.

These clubs were made to help players feel secure and have a simple control. The RBZ Driver does all this and more, so even players with low handicaps are using it to improve their game.

The RBZ BLACK is a 460cc Titanium-headed driver that’s designed to provide higher launch and lower spin. This club also features an adjustable loft sleeve and a premium shaft offering, all for less than $200.

It may sound too good to be true, but it is not. We will be reviewing the TaylorMade RBZ Driver and highlighting both its positives as well as negatives.

rbz driver review


I am sure that many can identify with this sentiment.

When I play my best golf it’s because the club and I feel like friends. It’s not only that I feel in complete control of the club but also how it responds to my shots.

It’s strange to feel almost like I played a role in the creation of this club.

Now, sometimes this is a $500 club and sometimes it is a $200 club. This doesn’t make a difference. You want something that feels and looks good.

This TaylorMade RBZ driver’s review reveals that there are plenty positive things to this club which make it a good option for a variety of players.

This is an excellent option for a technology upgrade to a Burner Driver. The M6 and M5 are more powerful than the M6. It is unlikely. It is up to you whether or not you really need the full M5/M6 package. You can play golf four days a week if it is your passion.

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rbz driver review

Taylormade Rocketballz Tour Driver And Tour Rescue Review

We’ve seen that the RocketBallz fairway woods are ridiculously long but how do the RocketBallz Tour Driver and Rescue compare?

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The social media world went wild when TaylorMade announced the new name of their line, RocketBallz. There were snickers, jokes, humorous pictures posted, threats to TaylorMade to never buy another club again and predictions that this signaled the end of this dominant golf company that we know TaylorMade to be. TaylorMade got a lot more publicity from all the gossip and it created a tremendous buzz surrounding their product. TaylorMade may sound funny at first, but they know what they’re doing. TaylorMade earned more last year than any other global golf equipment manufacturer combined. TaylorMade is currently holding a 50% share of metal woods’ market, and their fairway woodens 75%. RocketBallz is one the most successful golf launches ever. There is also a hybrid and driver.

The unique name was created after Dustin Johnson, a TMAG tour employee, tested the prototype. Todd Chew Tour Product Specialist, stated that he had shown the prototype to several players. Dustin Johnson was one of the first ones to use it. He was amazed at how far Rescue had come. Dustin repeated the phrase, “It’s like a Rocket,” several times. Taylormade engineers took the liberty of inputting the name, RocketBallz, into the CAD model as well as the sole of Taylormade’s prototype clubhead. Todd Beach (Senior Director of Product Engineering at Metalwoods) said, “I didn’t think RocketBallz might actually appear on the prototype.” “Typically it has a MW label with a number. It was a prototype that I received back. I can’t believe you put that on there. This product name is not something we are going to use.” The marketing department kept the name. R&D never gave a product title.

The RocketBallz Rescue driver, and RocketBallz Rescuer compare with the fairway wood which boasts an increase in 17 yards. Let’s first look at the driver.

TaylorMade RocketBallz driver TaylorMade is the number one golfer for nearly a decade. TaylorMade’s latest line of products brings with it new technology, improved designs, and more sales. The move to white was a gutsy decision, one that no other company has done. Although Cobra produces a white driver, it is a restricted release. This may be the first you have heard of it. The conversion of 20% to white last year was a significant one considering that there wasn’t much demand. In keeping with this tradition, the TaylorMade RocketBallz 2011 driver continues to be white. However, it doesn’t feature a speed pocket the way Rescue and Fairway have. The driver however has some distinct features. There are two versions of the driver, RocketBallz Tour and RocketBallz Tour. RocketBallz Tour. This is my review. The great feature of both drivers it that they are tunable at $299. TMAG thought this important because it is so crucial for golfers to be fitter for their equipment.

Although the RBZ driver does not have R11’s adjustable sole plates or moveable weights, the adjustable technology allows you to optimize your launch conditions so that you have the best possible swing. This is TaylorMade’s Flight Control Technology (FCT). This was an option that isn’t offered by Burner clubs. FCT allows golfers to pick from 8 settings that have different effects on the head, loft, or lie angles. TaylorMade claims that the FCT settings can affect the ball’s trajectory from side to side by as much as 60 miles. If you’re a slicer, you can choose a setting that sets the face more to the left for a straighter ball flight. For those who like hitting draws, the setting should be more open.

rbz driver review

Taylormade Rocketballz Stage 2 Driver Review

TaylorMade updated their Rocketballz line by adding the Stage 2Driver. I take it for a spin to see how it performs and check out if it is really better-ier.

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TaylorMade recently released two new driver and woods product line. It was last year’s R11s and Rocketballz lines. TaylorMade changed it up for 2013 and launched the Rocketballz Line R1 and carried on with Rocketballz Line Stage 2, which TaylorMade dubbed Stage 2. It is my belief that the success of the Rocketballz driver surprised TaylorMade. The Rocketballz outperformed the R11s in my golf club, where TaylorMade drivers were used by nearly all of the players. Although the Rocketballz’s price is slightly lower than that of R11s, it still offered a fantastic experience.

Hoping to continue with the fantastic success of the Rocketballz driver TaylorMade has released the Rocketballz Stage 2 driver. TaylorMade has taken much of the same adjustable technology as the pioneering R1 driver. The crown graphics have been added to speed, giving the driver better control and greater distance. The challenge of following up an established club is never easy, but TaylorMade can give it a shot.

A driver with a 9.5deg angle and a graphite Matrix RocketFuel stiffhaft was provided to me for this review. Join me as I go through the details of this RBZ Stage 2 driver.

Like all TaylorMade clubs tech will always be part of the equation. TaylorMade advertises that “Our longest got longer-ier.” This tag line is for their entire Stage 2 product range. It is possible to extend your life by making the club smaller. TaylorMade made this change with Rocketballz Stage 2. TaylorMade says they have improved aerodynamics to lessen drag in order to achieve a higher ball speed.

The biggest change from the original RBZ clubhead is the loft sleeve which provides the golfer the capability to change the loft of the clubhead approximately 1.5 degrees in either direction. Apart from the possibility to change the loft, there is also 60 yards of adjustability via the loft sleeve. Because the RBZ Stage 2 driver cannot be adjusted like the R1, the player can’t change the face angle nor the weight of the clubhead. This means when the golfer desires a lower loft they must accept that the face will be opened in the process. So if you are using a 9.5 degree driver and change the loft sleeve to 8 degrees the club will be lower loft and will also have a fade bias that is introduced. A draw bias will be applied to the clubhead if the loft is increased to 11 degrees. The standard options available in the loft sleeve are 5 and 5. To compensate for the increased loft, the R1 lets a golfer lower the loft as well as close the clubface. An added technology feature to Stage 2 is the ability to change loft and bias the ball flight.

rbz driver review

Taylormade M2 Vs Taylormade Rbz Driver Comparison, Specs & Review 2021

Taylormade offers many highly-coveted drivers. There are so many options that choosing one over the other can prove difficult. Taylormade design technology features are common to many drivers making it hard for you to see the pros and cons of each.

Our commitment to helping you choose the right clubs for your bag remains steadfast, though. You don’t have to choose between the Taylormade M2 or the RBZ driver if you struggle with this decision. We are going to compare these two drivers in the next article.

A brief introduction to the clubs Before we begin to look at the specifics of these drivers, it is important to remember that they both suit mid-to high handicap players.

Both the RBZ and M2 drivers offer maximum speed and excellent forgiveness.

rbz driver review

Taylormade Rbz Black Driver Review [2021 Update]

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The Taylormade RBZ Black Driver has been around for a few years now and although there are more expensive models on the market there is still a deep fascination for this highly reviewed golf club.

It’s clear that the club still ranks among the top performers off the tee. And even though 2021 is approaching, many golfers will still be using the product.

Because of its flexibility and forgiveness, the club is a favourite with beginners and lower handicappers. But club pros keep using this driver for the many benefits such as adjustable loft and high-quality titanium club heads that deliver tremendous power and control.

TaylorMade RBZ Black Driver has seen an increase in popularity. There are more golfers who want to find out if the club still holds up in 2021. What advantages does it have over competitors such as Wilson Golf and Cobra?

In this thorough review, we will address questions golfers have and include a full breakdown of the club including technical specs, features, design, performance and what type of golfer should consider the club as the #1 driver in their golf bag.

Over 100 feedbacks and our TaylorMade RBZ Black Driver reviews, which examine all aspects of the club will help us to put an end the debate and provide the most useful information for you in making your final decision.

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