Mizuno St Z Driver Review

Mizuno St Z Driver Review

mizuno st z driver review

What You Should Know

PRICE: APR 399.00 YEAR: From 2021 Mizuno is an established brand known for creating some of best golf irons. But in recent years Mizuno launched some really impressive drivers. The new ST series might be the brand’s best.

Mizuno’s new ST Series drivers represent the culmination of the Japanese company’s 3-year, rapid-fire driver development project. The ST190 and ST200 were Mizuno’s first drivers, widely used by global tour personnel. Mizuno’s ST190 and ST200 are now obsolete. However, Mizuno’s ST-Z, ST-X and ST-X continue to use Mizuno’s new SAT2041 beta Ti faces and carbon constructions, delivering both high ball speeds as well as a satisfying, dense sensation at impact.

While there are very few players who own a Mizuno ST driver, it’s not uncommon for them to be among the top-ranked.

mizuno st z driver review

Mizuno St-Z Driver: Full Review For 2021

Brandon, it’s time for the big show. That’s literally what the ST in Mizuno STZ driver means. Mizuno’s irons may be more famous than their woods. However, that does not mean they are not to be admired. How good is the new Mizuno ST-Z driver? The driver was an easy choice for us. Check out the full review.

Mizuno ST-Z Driver was Mizuno’s most recent effort to rival TaylorMade, Callaway and other big-names. With carbon composite heavily featured in the design, it offers some very interesting technology. It offers a moderate degree of forgiveness and has great sound and feel.

These drivers are best suited for intermediate-handicappers who don’t mind a bit of advanced. The driver might also be suitable for high-handicappers, especially those who have a tendency to strike the ball down on the forehead.

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Here are my favorite (and least favourite)


Incredible looks. The carbon crown is really beautiful

The sound and feel are great. It feels a bit stronger than others.

mizuno st z driver review

Feel it

The feel is where it gets a little interesting. Mizuno irons are built on feeling above everything else.

The Mizuno ST-Z driver was a lightweight composite one, so it wasn’t as smooth as I had hoped. I don’t think that is a bad thing. It was only me that was surprised.

Digging down into the details in my Mizuno ST-Z driver review, I came across the reason straight from the manufacturer. Mizuno states that tour members wanted more density through the club.

Are you able to see it?

Yes. Yes. This is a firm club that feels solid upon contact. It’s solid. You’ll notice when you can’t find the middle. It is very satisfying to find the sweet spot in the middle.

mizuno st z driver review

Mizuno St-X And St-Z Driver Review

New Mizuno drivers are hitting stores soon and we got a chance to put them to the test in the THP Tech Studio . This latest version is the result of a 3-year-long, fast-fire driver development program.

We want to talk about one of our favorite aspects, the SAT2041 beta Ti’s face, before we get into testing and video. What does it mean? What does SAT2041 stand for? It stands Super / alloy / titanium / 20% vanadium / 44% aluminium / 1 tin. The super alloy has 17% more strength and 8% better flexibility than the traditional 6-4Ti. In other words, stronger and faster than previous offerings.

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Chris Voshall, Mizuno said that most of the feedback from our ST200 tours was sensory. He wanted to hear a solid sound or density. “We spent a year improving feedback. Hand in hand, we released additional ball speeds we found in our SAT2041 Delta Ti.” Today’s video was a departure from many that feature equipment testing. Chris Voshall was invited to Tech Studio. He put the two heads to the test, and discussed the differences in the ST-X and ST-Z driver. All this while hitting balls in the hitting bay. Check out the Mizuno ST-X Driver Review.

Mizuno STX & ST-Z Driver review

For those who are looking for options, there is a wide range of shaft options. Project X EvenFlow Rifle or HZRDUS Black RDX standard shafts as well a Fujikura Motore X. When you switch to ST-X, the choices are Project X EvenFlow Riptide or Motore X. There is also a lightweight Mizuno option called MFusion. The Mizuno Shaft Optimizer 3D will have all these features.

In Stores February 2021 Shafts (See above) Follow, Like &Share 28 votes with an average 3.

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mizuno st z driver review

Mizuno St-Z And St-X Driver Review

DanSueltz Our review of Mizuno ST-Z drivers and ST-X drivers is complete! These are, we believe, the best Mizuno drivers yet!

Mizuno, along with its drivers has worked for the last three years in an effort to establish themselves as a leader in golf. Excellent was the ST190. The ST200 was even better. We now believe that the Mizuno ST-Z/ST-X drivers have been the most reliable drivers Mizuno has ever produced!

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Golf Digest agrees as both drivers made the 2021 Hot List – Gold!

Mizuno ST-Z is a consistent high-speed ball speed across the face. It also has very precise shot dispersions. We have tested the ST-Z with swing speeds from 80 to 115 and the results are consistently high! It is available with adjustable lofts up to 9.5° and 10.5°.

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STX is designed to achieve slower swing speeds (90 mph) than the ST. Because of its slight draw bias this driver is also more flexible. It features a higher heel-toe ratio which makes the driver much easier to handle. For greater ball carry and roll, a slightly higher spin can be used to make slower swings.

mizuno st z driver review

Mizuno St-Z Fairway Woods

ST-Z fairway woodens have a throwback profile that offers excellent stability, low spin efficiency and ‘curves to please the purist as well as performance for the pragmaticist.

They feature a third generation MAS1C fairway face. This brand says is their strongest to date. The 3 and 5 woods come with an adjustable hosel that allows the user to adjust the face angle and loft by as much as 4 degrees.

Ultralight carbon crown reduces the centre gravity for faster spin rates and more forgiveness. Wave technology was reengineered to reduce mass and increase launch.

Available from February 2021, the new Mizuno ST Series will go on sale. The drivers are priced at PS399 whilst the fairways are PS279.

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