Xxio Driver Review

Xxio Driver Review

xxio driver review

Xxio X Driver Verdict

The XXIO XXIO X driver has a lot to love, other than the eye-wateringly high price.

You will find it has some very clever technoloy ideas. It really assists golfers with slower swing speeds in getting more distance off the green, due to its light weight.

Consider buying this driver if your average-to-slow swing speed golfer.

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xxio driver review

Overall Impression

The XXIO Prime is not the club I recommend. However, my initial sessions have shown me that the XXIO Prime has delivered on all its promises.

Cost is obviously the main question. XXIO Prime will be a top-of-the-line luxury product. What about other clubs that are on the market? Will they be able give you similar results for a lesser price? Hard to say, because the performance of Prime during my sessions was unquestionable. It is true that there are some golfers who won’t spend as much for their drivers.

XXIO Prime will be a good choice for those who are looking to get more enjoyment from the game, have limited time to practice, or want to upgrade their skills. You won’t regret it and you will likely be delighted at the XXIO Prime driving system.

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xxio driver review

Get Excited To Play Your Next Round

AppStore Google Play Download Hole19 Mark Crossfield – New XXIO X Driver Test Mark Crossfield und Dan Hendriksen test and review this week’s XXIO X Driver. They both claim that it has faster clubhead speeds.

The driver is aimed at good players who have lost a bit of speed over the years, and who aren’t in need of a seniors-style club just yet. Is this big stick able to help you reach your lowest score ever in 2020?

Mark is here to answer this very question…

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Is Xxio A Good Driver?

Positive feedback was received from a moderate swing speed group regarding the XXIO Eleven driver. It’s super light, smooth and leads to distance gains. May 17, 2020

Do Any Pros Play Xxio?

XXIO clubs are different than those made by Srixon and Cleveland. XXIO golf products do not cater to elite amateur golfers or players on the PGA TOUR. XXIO clubs are intentionally designed for players with slower swing speeds wanting to gain back some distance that has been lost to father time. XXIO has a unique philosophy. January 30, 2018,

Are Xxio-clubs worth their price?

They have a natural ability to get the ball in the air quickly, are long and flexible, and are very patient. However, their high cost comes with a heavy price. The XXIO Prime Irons may be within your budget, but they are worth looking into to enhance your game. April 9, 2019,

Who is The Xxio Driver Driver?

XXIO [zeksi-oh] refers to a Japanese premium golf brand. This is a Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd. that is owned SRI (Sumitomo Rubber Industries).

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