Does Walmart Change Transmission Fluid?

Does Walmart Change Transmission Fluid? (Do This Instead…)

The U.S. has 2,500 Walmart Auto Care Centers. This means that there is a team of technicians and mechanics available to handle any service you need.

  • You might wonder if Walmart has a transmission fluid change program. You can see what I discovered by doing some digging.
  • Does Walmart Change Transmission Fluid? (Do This Instead...)

    Does Walmart Change Transmission Fluid In 2022?

    Walmart’s Auto Care Centers do not have the ability to change or flush transmission fluid as of 2022. Walmart does offer Fluid, where they can refill the transmission fluid of cars running low. It costs $19.88. Pep Boys and Jiffy Lube offer transmission fluid changes.

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  • How Much Does It Cost To Refill Transmission Fluid At Walmart?

    Walmart Auto Care Centers will charge you $19.88 to change your oil and lube. These services include checking and topping off the transmission fluid.

    However, it does not include transmission fluid prices, which could range anywhere from $4-$8 (see details below).

    Does Walmart Change Transmission Fluid? (Do This Instead...)

    Walmart: How long will transmission fluid refills last?

    For transmission fluid refills, Walmart mechanics typically only require 15-30 mins.

    Walmart has a priority system. To find out when your next appointment is, call the Auto Care Center. Centers open at 8 am and close around 4-6 pm.

    Walmart sells transmission fluid?

    Single bottles can be bought of transmission fluid. Prices vary depending on size and quality.

    Walmart also stocks a number of transmission fluid brands: Castrol Mobil (Mobil), Honda, Valvoline LUCAS, Super Tech LUCAS, Mopar Motorcraft, Carquest and many others.

    Does Walmart Change Transmission Fluid? (Do This Instead...)

    What Transmission Fluid should I buy at Walmart?

    Walmart’s Auto and Tires webpage features a Find Right Tires and Auto Parts bar.

    Enter your car details and discover the right transmission fluid for your car.

    Talk to Auto Care Center Technicians to talk about your choices. To find more, refer to your Vehicle Manufacturers Guide.

  • Where To Get Transmission Fluid Changed
  • Walmart doesn’t offer transmission fluid changes or flushes, but there are other shops that can. Here are some examples:

  • Jiffy Lube
  • Meineke
  • Pep Boys
  • Valvoline
  • Why is it important to change the transmission fluid?

    Stop-and-go city driving, hauling, and heavy loads accelerate the deterioration of Transmission Fluid.

    It helps cool and lubricate all moving parts. Walmart Auto Care Centers will check and replenish your vehicle as needed.

    You can read my posts about Walmart auto services: Walmart tire installation and repair, Walmart brake repair and Walmart coolant and radiator flushes. Also, see getting your car keys at Walmart.

  • Conclusion
  • Walmart’s Auto Care Centres will check and fill your transmission fluid during an Oil and Lube Service. It costs $19.88. Walmart does not allow you to have your car flushed or changed. Transmission Fluid 1 Quart can be bought for $4-83. This includes multi-pack deals.

    .Does Walmart Change Transmission Fluid? (Do This Instead…)

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