Walmart Tire Warranty Explained 2022

Walmart Tire Warranty Explained 2022 (What’S Covered + Price)

Walmart stocks many well-known brands of tire at attractive prices. With such a selection available, you will definitely find what is right for you.

  • But, when you find the perfect tire, you want it to last! This is why Walmart’s warranty on tires comes in handy. For more details about Walmart’s useful warranty, please continue reading.
  • Walmart Tire Warranty 2022
  • Walmart has two tire warranty plans as of 2022. The Walmart Road Hazard Warranty ($40 per car/$10 per tire) covers flat tires and general wear and tear for the lifetime of the tires. Walmart’s Limited Lifetime Balance Warranty ($56 per automobile) protects tire balancing, rotation services, and other tire-related activities.

    Additional, these warranties may be bought for the whole vehicle or per tire when your tires are fitted by Walmart’s Auto Care Centers.

  • To find out the benefits of each warranty plan, keep reading!
  • Walmart Tire Warranty Explained 2022 (What's Covered + Price)

    How Long Is the Lifetime Balance Plan Warranty for Tires at Walmart?

  • This plan will have you covered for the entire lifespan of the Walmart tires!
  • The initial payment is $40-$56 per vehicle. After that, you will get free tire balancing and/or rotation services.

    This warranty plan helps to maintain the tire’s health.

    Walmart offers a roadhazard warranty on tires.

    Road Hazard Warranty Plan is available for approximately $56 per vehicle or $14 per tire and includes maintenance.

  • This warranty plan protects your tires against unexpected road hazards, and also covers general wear and tear.
  • This plan offers flat tire repair or non-repairable replacement for tires that have less than 25% tread wear.

    Additionally, the Road Hazard Warranty is upheld at all Walmart Tire & Lube Express locations nationwide.

    Walmart Tire Warranty Explained 2022 (What's Covered + Price)

    How does the tire warranty at Walmart differ from other brands?

    Our research has shown that both the warranty plans are good for as long as the tires last. They also come at a similar price, $40 to $56 per 4 tires.

    Walmart suggests that you purchase both warranties for your tires. However, ultimately the decision is up to the customer.

    These experts suggest that the Lifetime Balance plan addresses a basic need for tires and is more effective in fitting them. The Road Hazard warranty covers any damage to the tires over time.

    What is the Walmart Tire Balance Plan Warranty?

    This plan will last for the duration of the Walmart tire (estimated 25,000-mile life span for tires) that it has been purchased with until you decide you no longer want to use the tire, or you choose to purchase a different or replacement tire.

    Walmart Tire Warranty Explained 2022 (What's Covered + Price)

    Walmart Roadhazard Warranty: What’s the Lifespan?

    This plan will cover the full life expectancy of the Walmart Tire Warranty, which is the period from the date the purchase was made to the moment the Customer decides that they want to change their tire entirely (an estimated 25,000 mile life span).

    Walmart’s Roadhazard Warranty for Tires: What Covers It?

    This plan is generally viewed as an ‘add on’ or ‘extra’ warranty in relation to the Lifetime Balance Plan for Walmart tires.

    This warranty plan is ideal for people who are more likely to stay with one tire for long periods of time.

    Also, your tires are protected against damage from potholes and general wear.

    Walmart Tire Warranty Explained 2022 (What's Covered + Price)

    How do you file a Walmart Tire Warranty claim in Person?

    If your appointment was not made over the telephone, you will be able to schedule one in person at your Walmart local auto service center.

    They may be able to serve you right away, however, this is dependent on their staff availability.

    Walmart’s Return and Exchange Policy for Tires:

    Walmart allows you to return an unworn tire within 90 days from the date of your initial purchase, even if there is no warranty.

    The receipt must be provided along with any original tags. Acceptance of the return will depend on the store and may vary.

    Walmart’s Road Hazard Guarantee allows for the exchange of damaged tires and repair.

    Walmart Tire Warranty Explained 2022 (What's Covered + Price)

    What should you do if Walmart refuses to honor your tire warranty claim

    Walmart can deny any claim that you make under your tire warranty program. You have options to appeal the decision.

    This may prove to be a useful service, like DoNotPay. You can appeal this decision by sending additional proof of damage, or explaining your specific situation more fully. This can be done in person or over the phone.

    You can find out more about Walmart’s automotive services by visiting our guide. We have guides that explain whether Walmart offers coolant flushes, transmission fluid changes, car stereo installation, key cutting, tire fitting, and other such things.

  • Conclusion
  • Walmart has two warranty programs that protect and maintain your tires’ health.

    Both of these warranties are similarly priced, yet they offer slightly different services, with the Lifetime Balance plan covering the more fundamental fittings of the tires. Road Hazard Warranty protects your tires from damage.

  • The warranties are valid for the lifetime of tires purchased and can be claimed at any Walmart Tire & Lube Express or Walmart Auto Care Center.
  • Walmart Tire Warranty: What does it cover?

    Walmart gives a $10 tire warranty against road hazards. The warranty covers unforeseen road hazards, flat repairs and free replacement of non-repairable tires within the first 25% of tread wear.Dec 1, 2021

    What Is A Tire Protection Warranty?

    Unlike most consumer products that offer a 3-, 6-, or 12-month warranty, tire warranties cover tires for multiple years, typically until your tires reach a certain mileage or tread depth. They cover things like tread life, workmanship, materials, and uniformity.Nov 15, 2019

    How Much Is A Tire Warranty?

    Typically, these warranties cost somewhere between 10-12% of the tires’ total cost and cover: “damage to the tire that occurs as a result of normal driving”.Apr 12, 2021

    Is Walmart Road Hazard Worthwhile?

    Whether or not the Walmart Road Hazard Warranty is worth it is debatable. Walmart Road Hazard Warranty is minimum $20. Lifetime Balance plans are $80. Discount Tire is a more cost-effective option as the road hazard plans don’t last very long.

    .Walmart Tire Warranty Explained 2022 (What’S Covered + Price)

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