Target Makeup Return Policy

Target Makeup Return Policy In 2022 (All You Need To Know)

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Target’s beauty counters are visited by hundreds every day by customers looking for over 150 cosmetic brands as well as a large selection of cosmetic products.

  • You might be disappointed when a product doesn’t turn out as you expected. This is my take on it.
  • For Target Makeup, 2022 Return Policy
  • Target accepts all returns, opened or unopened, within the first 90 days of purchase. Target RedCard customers can return identical items within 120 days of purchase, and up to one year if they purchased a Target-owned product.

  • Continue reading to learn more about what makeup is allowed to be returned and whether or not a receipt can be issued. Also, you may find out why your request might be denied.
  • Target Makeup Return Policy In 2022 (All You Need To Know)

    Can You Return Makeup To Target after 90 Days?

    Target allows you to return your makeup after 90 days but will not issue a refund. Instead you’ll be given an equivalent of the price paid for your item in the previous 90 days.

    Target will accept makeup returns within 90-days if it was purchased using a Target RedCard. You have 120 days to return any makeup.

    Target also allows you to return your makeup up to a full year after purchasing makeup from a Target brand like Sonia Kashuk.

    What if you don’t have a receipt to send your makeup back?

    You can return makeup to Target without a receipt if you can provide alternative proof of purchase.

    Target can locate your order online if the payment was made with Target REDcard (or Visa, Mastercard, Mastercard), AmEx or Discover. Unfortunately, cash purchases cannot be tracked this way.

    To prove that you have purchased items online, you will also be able to access the digital barcode and receipt via

    In case you don’t have proof of purchase you will get a Merchandise Return Card. is not able to redeem it online.

    Target Makeup Return Policy In 2022 (All You Need To Know)

    Are you able to return cosmetics that have been used to Target?

    You can return opened and slightly used makeup items to Target within 90 days with the original receipt. Target is unable to accept returns and exchanges for empty or partially-used makeup products.

    Target also offers a standard return policy for defective products, such as makeup that has dried out. you have 90 days to return it with the original receipt.

    Target will not accept returns or exchanges for makeup products that are damaged, open or missing a receipt. The decision to refuse a return or exchange is at the store’s sole discretion. – How do you return make up? cosmetics can be returned at any Target store with the proof of purchase, including the receipt and barcode. Target also offers Target delivery and confirmation emails. Original payment forms are accepted.

    You may also mail makeup directly to Target Online Returns through But you must pay shipping charges unless Target is making an error.

    You should note that certain items cannot be shipped to Target Online Returns Centre as they are not returnable in-store. can notify you about makeup items that are not listed in the above list when you submit a return.

    Target Makeup Return Policy In 2022 (All You Need To Know)

    What Can You Do if Target Denies Your Return?

    Target has a modified policy regarding returns that may affect the refund request of some products.

    The Target Online Returns Centre will not accept your return request. If this happens, you’ll receive the merchandise via FedEx within 7 days. For tracking purposes, the tracking number you received with your return shipment may be used again.

    You will be notified by email if your item is declined. Any of these could happen:

  • The return window was not open.
  • This item looks worn, or is damaged.
  • The item was opened and excessively used
  • Unfortunately, the online return center couldn’t locate either the order number nor additional information.
  • does not have the same item.
  • Which Makeup Products Does Target Offer?

    Target sells a variety of makeup, beauty, and cosmetic products including foundations, eyeshadows, eyeliners, lipsticks, concealers, powders, blushes, and bronzers, as well as tools such as bags, brushes, organisers, wipes, mirrors and exfoliants.

    Moreover, Target sells both Target-owned brands and third-party makeup in-store, online, and on the Target app.

    Burt’s Bees Chapstick & COVERGIRL are some of the most prominent brands that it sells.

    Target Makeup Return Policy In 2022 (All You Need To Know)

    Target Makes Good Cosmetics

    Target offers a wide range of products and brands for makeup in-store and online. This ensures that customers are satisfied.

    They have established a strong reputation as leaders in the supply of non-toxic, safe, and high-quality makeup and beauty brands.

    E.L.F Poreless Putty Primer (which retails at $8) is one of their most well-known products.

    Other successes include W3LL People Bio Bronzer Stick ($24), Honest Beauty Lit Powder Blush ($13) and Pacifica Crystal Rays Luminous Setting Powder ($12).

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    Conclusion: How does Target make up its return policy for makeup?

    Target’s makeup return policy allows makeup items to be returned within 90 days with a receipt for a full refund or exchange. Target will accept returned opened and used items within the 90-day period, provided that the receipt has been received.

    However, if you don’t have the receipt, you can still return the item if you can provide an alternative proof of purchase. Target has the power to reject any request for refunds or exchanges of makeup items that are damaged, worn or not fully utilized.

    .Target Makeup Return Policy In 2022 (All You Need To Know)

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