Can You Hide Orders On Amazon?

Can You Hide Orders On Amazon? (Prime, In The App + More)


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Online shopping can make it difficult to maintain privacy. Amazon and other online shops keep track of all customers who shop, their bank information, and even shipping details.

  • However, Amazon and other websites offer customers the option to keep their transactions private. Read on to find the answer!
  • Can You Hide Orders On Amazon? (Prime, In The App + More)

    Are You able to hide orders on Amazon in 2022?

    Amazon offers customers the ability to archive purchases and hide orders from or Amazon App. Clearing your search history allows customers to hide both the order details and purchase trace. Additionally, hidden purchases can be restored if customers need order details.

  • You can find out more details about hiding orders on,, or other means to make purchases anonymous. Keep reading to get more helpful tips and facts!
  • Can You Hide Orders on

    You can hide your order history or delete it on using the steps below:

    Click on your Amazon account and go to “Returns and Orders.” The orders page will open and you can view a complete list of the most recent orders. After locating the order you’d like to hide, select the “View Order Details” option. Choose “Archive Order” to move your order to the “Archived Orders” section of your account.

    Can You Hide Orders On Amazon? (Prime, In The App + More)

    Is it possible to hide orders on Amazon App?

    In addition to using, customers can also hide their orders on the Amazon app. To hide an order, you can follow these instructions:

  • Open the Amazon App on your phone and log in. Navigate to “Your Orders”, and find the order you want to conceal. Once you locate the order tap on “View Order Details”, and then choose “Archive Order.”
  • Customers must remember that although they may archive their orders they are not completely deleted from their accounts.

    Customers who need to locate an old order can use the Unarchive button to the right of their order.

    Amazon Household can hide your orders

    Amazon Household accounts can be used to conceal orders from family members who are already customers.

    Amazon Household lets each family member create their profile. This allows them to browse Amazon Prime Video, make orders, and also view the content privately.

    Amazon Prime Household allows customers to create separate profiles. These profiles can be password protected, but they aren’t individually password protected.

    It is recommended that customers create separate accounts for family members if they are concerned about their children viewing the orders or logging into their parent profiles.

    Can You Hide Orders On Amazon? (Prime, In The App + More)

    Amazon: Can You Make Discreet Purchases?

  • They can also make it more personal if customers order gifts for someone else in the family. Amazon sometimes labels packages as “Item Arrives in Packaging That reveals What’s Inside.”
  • Therefore, if customers don’t want their housemate to see the product label, they can place a “Discreet Order” by doing the following:

    Sign in to Amazon to locate the item you want to buy. When you add the item, make sure to look for the words “Item Arrives in Packaging That reveals What’s Inside.” It can be hidden by selecting ‘Ship to Amazon Packaging’ when you reach the checkout.

    Placing discreet orders is only recommended if doing so is absolutely necessary for customers, as this method of ordering doubles the amount of packaging Amazon is required to use.

    Customers with environmental concerns should consider placing discreet orders.

    Are there other methods to keep Amazon Orders private?

    In addition to archiving orders, there are a number of different privacy methods shoppers can use when placing orders on Amazon. Some of these methods are listed below:

  • 1. Use Incognito Mode for Your Browser
  • Incognito mode is a browser feature that will make search history invisible to other users of the same computer, or Amazon accounts.

    Incognito mode conceals all history of search engines, such as Google Searches and Amazon Product Searches.

    Therefore, if customers would like a product they’re searching for to be a private search, they use Incognito mode to prevent Amazon from saving the search.

    Incognito mode is able to hide Amazon Search History, but not Order History.

    Therefore, customers are recommended to use both Incognito mode and to archive their orders for extra privacy.

  • 2. Create a Safe Password
  • It is crucial to have a strong password if the customer uses an Amazon account that’s different from others in their home, but they also share the same computers and devices.

    For security reasons, you should use a combination of uppercase/lowercase letters, numbers and symbol to protect your family/housemate.

    Customer who wishes to keep their order private must not save their login details. If another user uses the same device, they may automatically log into their account.

    Finally, customers should always make a point of logging out of their account every time they finish placing an order to prevent their family member or housemate from accidentally using the wrong account and having access to their order history.

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  • Conclusion
  • Archiving your purchases is a way for customers to conceal their Amazon orders. This option is available on as well as through Amazon’s app. Simply go to your Orders section, and click “Archive Order”.
  • Customers can make sure that their order history and search history are kept private through tools such Incognito search mode.

    .Can You Hide Orders On Amazon? (Prime, In The App + More)