33 Impossible To Pronounce Ikea Furniture Names

33 Impossible To Pronounce Ikea Furniture Names (+ Meanings)

We discover the roots of IKEA when we go down to Almhult in Sweden, where Ingvar Kamprad founded it. IKEA was founded in 1994 and has continued to sell high-quality accessories and home furnishing at an affordable price.

Each item is uniquely named in the Swedish language, which can often be tricky to pronounce unless you speak the tongue.

  • We have listed 33 impossible-to-pronounce funny furniture names and the meaning behind them; if you accept the challenge of reading these names aloud, keep on reading!
  • 33 IKEA Furniture Titles that Are Impossible to Name [+ Meanings]
  • Before We Start
  • It is important to fully understand IKEA’s context-based names. The quirky names were created to assist founder Thomas IKEA in quickly identifying certain items regardless of dyslexia. Therefore each furniture type was given a unique key.

    Norwegian place names are used to identify hall, bedroom, and wardrobe furniture. The names of bookcases reflect the professions and names of Scandinavian boys, while names for sofas and armchairs were inspired by Swedish cities. Similarly, rugs correlate to the names of Danish locations.

  • Don’t be afraid to try it! Named after the charcoal grey corner sofa, this biweekly newspaper was published by The Norwegian Communist Party in 1941.

  • The word “cirrus cloud” is simply one type of cirrus cloud. It’s reflective of the cloud-like shape that this blue cushion follows. A common Swedish vowel, A, is used across spellings. It’s also pronounced in English as “au sound”.
  • Although this may seem like a confusing spelling word to an untrained eye it’s actually quite simple. The Danish company HAY and IKEA have teamed up to create the collaboration “yee-perlig”, which is derived from the Swedish word for excellent.
  • The BJORKSNAS series is named after a Swedish village; Bjork itself means tree, which fits the natural wooden, Nordic appearance of the furniture line. O, the Swedish vowel, may appear daunting. However they can be pronounced either as an “i” or as an “u” in many dialects.

  • 5. ORFJALL
  • It may surprise you to know that ORFJALL the most popular office swivel chair in vissel white and blue is named after an isolated village in Sweden’s Northern region.

  • 6. EKET
  • Versatile EKET cabinets have minimal features and are ideal for use in all rooms. Eket, a plural singular of the uncountable number “eke”, is an old Swedish term meaning “oak”.
  • 7. VIKTIGT
  • IKEA partnered with Ingegerd RAMAN, a Swedish ceramic and glass designer to create handmade glassware as well as naturally woven furniture. “Viktigt” derives from the concept of a person with high status and importance. You can pronounce it much more quickly than you think. All that is required to make the word Viktigt sound right is silencer G (“Viktit”).

  • The FROJERED Fronts are made from natural bamboo and designed to bring a fresh, modern feel to your kitchen. The surfaces are named after another village located within the southern region of Sweden.

  • As previously mentioned, rugs at IKEA are primarily named after villages in Sweden or Denmark. The STENLILLE, a rugs company, was named for a small town in Denmark’s Eastern regions. This area used to be called the West Zealand County.

  • 10. BEKVAM
  • Knowing that in many dialects “A”, “E” and “A” vowels sound the same, pronunciation of BEKVAM should not be too difficult. Interpretation of Bekvam is “providing relief and comfort.”
  • 11. EKOLSUND
  • Ekolsund Castle’s Ekolsund Gunnared light yellow-pink recliner also has this name. The castle’s first construction dates back to the 14th Century!
  • 12. SVARTA
  • Swedish is not your first language. If so, this definition may shock you.

  • 13. HEMNES
  • IKEA beds bear the same name as rug: they are named for areas of Norway. Hemnes, a municipality in Nordland Country of Norway that is situated south and east to the border with Sweden, can be taken as an example.

  • 14. BESTA
  • BESTA storage systems were designed to be stylish, durable, and easy to use. BESTA is a translation of endurance and consistency. This is a positive reflection on the storage items’ nature!
  • 15. FNISS
  • The FINISS trashbasket literally translates to giggle. This means that poor jokes should be thrown out with the trash! You don’t have to worry about the spelling. Simply pronounce it exactly as it appears.

  • 16. NISSEDAL
  • NISSEDAL’s black frame mirror is timeless and a great addition to any home. But where did the name come from? Nissedal is a rural municipality in Telemark, Norway, nicknamed after the Telemark River and located just a short distance from Gautefall Alpine Center.

  • 17. EXPEDIT
  • EXPEDIT storage units, which can hold up to 16 individual compartments were the ideal choice for vinyl lovers. Similar to IKEA bookcases and EXPEDIT storage units, the word “Expedit” can also be used for shop clerks or assistants.
  • We are now moving to the next item because unfortunately, EXPEDIT was not available in 2014.

  • 18. FJALLBO
  • Although hard to pronounce, IKEA’s modern industrially rustic shelving units and storage cabinets are named after good nature. Funny enough, the Norse sneeze is what “Fjallbo”, actually comes from!
  • 19. KVARTAL
  • IKEA lights have been named in accordance with units of measurement or Swedish phrases. KVARTAL, which is the English word for “quarterly,” sounds very cool.

  • 20. ANRIK
  • IKEA’s sleek, modern-looking coffee pot was named “rich and heritage” because of its elegant appearance.
  • 21. VITTSJO
  • It has deep contextual meanings. “Vittsjo,” was where Gustavus Adolphus (the Swedish King) almost lost his life during the 1612 Battle of Vittsjo. Vittsjo has been named for the durable IKEA glass cabinet. This area is rich in Swedish heritage. This area can be found in Hassleholm Municipality.

  • The word silicone bakeware is much easier to pronounce than it seems. Its use of SOCKERKAKA (sponge cake) is the perfect name for silicone bakeware.
  • 23. APPLARO
  • According to the key IKEA’s outdoor furniture are named after Scandinavian Islands. The modern APPLARO collection is named after Stockholm’s picturesque city.

  • 24. MINNEN
  • The MINNEN bed is unique and can be used to create memories. This bed seems to fit perfectly because “minnen”, as it is also known, means “memories”.

  • 25. BRIMNES
  • While we focus on IKEA’s bedroom furnishings, we move our attention to the pronunciation of “Brimnes.” The name is more complex than it seems, with many translations sounding a “d” at the start of the word (“d-brim-nes”). This wardrobe series, named for a small town in Southern Sweden is known as the Favorable Wardrobe Series.

  • 26. KYRRE
  • Named after the Old Norse word for “krr,” “Kryrre” means “calm and peace.” It’s not what you might expect to call a simple, birchwood stool.
  • 27. INBJUDEN
  • IKEA has created a series of INBJUDEN romantically designed furniture for weddings. In English, the word “Inbjuden”, which means “invitation”, is something that you will absolutely need to attend any wedding.
  • If you know this story, you will be aware that Godmorgon means “Good Morning” in Swedish. IKEA wants you to relax with its functional but stylish bathroom collections.

  • 29. VARMER
  • IKEA offers a wide range of winter accessories to help you stay warm in the colder months. These include functional furniture and cozy decorations. Strategically, VARMER is named after the Swedish phrase for warmth. This makes the VARMER collection a great match.

  • 30. IDEALISK
  • It’s possible that this was the right guess. “Idealisk,” the Swedish term for “ideal,” could be a reference to the polished stainless steel appliances.

  • 31. BARBAR
  • Designed with angled edges for easy grip, IKEA’s bird printed tray was introduced for your convenience. IKEA has undoubtedly chosen the name Barbar, which means “carryable,” to reflect the product’s idea.

  • 32. RODASK
  • The light brown to orange colored RODASK rug conveys warmth into your home. You’ll find different textures coming together harmoniously in this rug, which is made with both cotton-chenille and woven cotton. You’ll notice that the rug is named “red-ash” because of its name.

  • IKEA named its oak top table, a specially-crafted oak top piece of furniture after Morbylanga Kommun. This is one of just two cities located on the Swedish Baltic island Oland’s southern coast. MORBYLANGA’s table shares a lot of the same character as its surroundings.

    You can also find information about IKEA in our IKEA Statistics, IKEA Stock and IKEA’s Competitive Advantages posts.

  • Conclusion
  • IKEA’s furniture names may seem obscure to anyone that does not speak the lingo. These quirky names, however, are a distinct selling point for IKEA, and truly set them apart among their competition.

    What is the best way to pronounce Ikea furniture names?

    According to the company it’s pronounced “EEKAY-UH”. IKEA shared its pronunciation quite a few times throughout the years. However, this is an easy mistake to make especially when it’s repeated the same way everywhere else. It doesn’t matter if you can’t pronounce IKEA correctly.

    Ikea uses strange names?

    Ingvar Kamprad was the founder of IKEA. He created the naming system. Kamprad suffered from dyslexia. He had problems remembering the sequence of numbers in his item codes. So he swapped the numbers for names. He was able to recall each item more easily and made less mistakes filling out forms. June 19, 2018.

    What do the names of Ikea furniture mean?

    Feb 3, 2008

    What Does Bjorksnas Stand For?

    BJORKSNAS = The Swedish village’s name. Bjork means tree. Jul 8, 2016

    .33 Impossible To Pronounce Ikea Furniture Names (+ Meanings)

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