Callaway Epic Driver Review

Callaway Epic Driver Review

callaway epic driver review

The Test

To take my first swing with Epic at the PGA National, the Belfry was open in December. I then was sent the fitting pack from Callaway where I fitted myself into the correct shaft and tried the drivers inside at LSH Auto, Mercedes Benz Stockport using Trackman 4 and Titleist Pro V1x balls.

I finally chose which head I liked and tested the club more during Christmas and New years.

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callaway epic driver review

Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic driver Review

Before I got into reviewing golf equipment to your enjoyment, I studied marketing.

Epic is the name someone chooses to give to their driver. There are few places where you could go wrong.

However in some ways it’s nice to see companies put a stake in the ground every now and then and say ‘here we are’ and the arrival of the Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic driver has the potential to be one of those moments.

Callaway led fast driver faces models like ERC. In 2003, COR rules were introduced.

By removing the sole from the crown, this solves the problem that the sole and crown can diverge upon impact. This causes the face to be stretched vertically and therefore loses energy. Callaway’s 3g titanium bars are placed behind the facial structure to connect the crown/sole. They can then stiffen the head and allow the face more flexibility, which will increase ball speed.

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It is a common phrase that I use to write thinner crowns/lower CG/save weight so often I am reciting it. However, the Epic Triaxial Carbon crown has a 30% reduction in thickness and is 64% lighter than its predecessor. In fact, 52% of this body now contains Triaxial Carbon. This Epic is based on the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion driver’s Titan exoskeleton. But the Epic now creates the carbon as a single unit which is bonded with the titanium

Doc Hoc the designer, and Doc Hoc the boys 37g for a little fun.

callaway epic driver review


Gear WITB Drivers Fairways Hybrids Irons Wedges Putters Balls Apparel Shoes Carts Bags Gloves Grips Shafts DMDs Training Aids New Releases Reviews Videos REVIEW – “Callaway Epic drivers deliver astonishing speed” Callaway Callaway Epic Speed Callaway Epic MAX Callaway Epic MAX LS Callaway Epic Jailbreak A.I. Callaway Epic Drivers Speed Frame Review Callaway’s Epic drivers were designed to speed…

Since its 2017 launch of Epic drivers and the Jailbreak technology, Callaway has strived to push the limits in driver design since then.

Due to their speed and efficiency, they were immensely popular while on tour.

Callaway now promises another big leap in speed due to the new Jailbreak A.I. Speed Frame.

The new Jailbreak architecture serves to improve stability within the body of driver in the horizontal and torsional direction, to go along with the vertical stiffening that ‘traditional’ Jailbreak delivered.

*Callaway Epic Speed and Epic MAX drivers. FIRST LOOK

Callaway’s Flash Face A.I. designed Flash Face is the perfect combination. Callaway claims that this formula “represents a new way to speed up that seems impossible.”

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callaway epic driver review

Callaway Epic Speed Driver Review: The Future Of Speed?

Paul Club Reviews Golf Product Reviews No Comments In this review, I’ll take a close look at the Callaway Epic Speed driver.

driver from a couple seasons ago.

The Epic Flash is built to speed. However, the new A.I. takes the Epic Flash to the next level. Flash Face SS21 Flash Face Speed Frame. Triaxial carbonweighting. Aerodynamic shapes that maximize speed.

While the Epic Speed sounds big, it’s actually quite impressive in terms of performance. Compare it to previous Callaway options like the MAVRIK and see if it is the future for speed. Are you sure it is worth carrying?

Let me tell you what this review will cover:

Features Technology Performance Look, Feel & Sound Where You Can Buy This Driver On-line Conclusion

You can read on to discover everything you need in order to make an educated purchase.

callaway epic driver review

Callaway Flash Driver Review: Should You Purchase It?

Low Handicappers—Best Driver:

Callaway Flash Driver “Callaway” features the most recent technology (Jailbreak and Flash Face architecture & adjustable features), that increases ball speed and gives you total control.

TaylorMade M6 Driver

However, is this the best choice for you?

We have an in-depth Callaway Epic Flash Driver evaluation that will assist you in making the best purchasing decision.

Is Callaway Epic Driver Worth It?

Jailbreak Technology stands out here. The two steel bars behind the eyes stiffen the head and allow more power to be directed directly at the ball. Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero – A great golf driver for advanced players, it is absolutely charming off the tee box.

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Does The Callaway Epic driver make it easy to forgive?

Epic Max Driver – The Epic Max Driver has the best forgiveness, and the Triaxial Carbon crown is 19g lighter than a titanium helmet. In order to achieve a deeper CG with more draw bias, a lower MOI, and straighter driving, this driver produces a stronger CG. … The Epic Max is also available in 10.5 and 12 degrees.

Which Callaway Epic Driver is The Best?

The Best Overall. Callaway Epic Flash. Ranked #1. Our Rating: 96/100. Flash Face Technology allows for incredible ball speed combined with innovative design. … Best Value For Money. Callaway Rogue Driver. No. 2. Our Rating: 94/100 … Premium Option. Callaway Mavrik Max Driver. No. 3. Our Rating: 92/100.Nov 12, 2021

Callaway Epic Driver is good for high handicappers

The Callaway Epic Max Driver is the premium golf driver that you should choose if money does not matter and you want to play with the most advanced technology available. … Epic Max’s driver features a sliding 17g read weight which allows users to adjust the driver to suit their specific game.

.Callaway Epic Driver Review

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