Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero Driver Review

Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero Driver Review

callaway mavrik sub zero driver review

Fitters’ Take

Fitters’ Take is a new feature, which we’ll be adding to certain reviews. Club Champion has assembled a panel of masterfitters who will discuss their experiences, as well as what they saw during their fittings.

Callaway’s MAVRIK Sub-Zero driver is a low spin vehicle. Two of our fitters pointed out that this is primarily for higher ball strikers. He noted, however that missed strikes on the toe were noticeably more effective than those made with heel strikes.

Many fitters have commented, along with their clients on the superior sound of the Epic Flash. A number of fitters commented positively on the design, with one calling it the “best Callaway head” in years.

Callaway Flash Face SS20 Technology is praised strongly by a single fitter. The unique faces of each model’s loft are designed to assist different kinds and types. It is because of these unique faces that MAVRIK drivers can accommodate any type of golfer.

callaway mavrik sub zero driver review

Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero Driver Review – Low Spin & Workability

Paul Club Reviews Golf Product Reviews No Comments This is a comprehensive review of the Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver.

This model has the majority of the MAVRIK Standard’s features, plus two interchangeable weights to modify launch conditions or spin rate.

So, how does the MAVRIK Sub Zero shape up in practice? Do lower handicaps prefer it to other MAVRIK variations?

I’m going over the following in this review:

Features And Technologies Performance Look. Sound. Feel. Conclusion

Learn everything you can to help make an informed decision when making a purchase.

callaway mavrik sub zero driver review

Review: Callaway Mavrik Sub-Zero Driver

The Gamer Spot is Won (Again). Every year, the “Gamer”, spots in the iGolfReviews bag are available for the taking. Any brand is fine, so long as it offers the best performance. All clubs have the opportunity to be a “gamer”, and I am able to test them all. Callaway holds the driver’s spot for the past 4 years. In 2020, it looks like the Mavrik Sub-Zero Driver will take the title.

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Callaway Mavrik Sub-Zero Driver r represents a small improvement on the Epic Flash. Although there was no major advancement in technology or drastic design changes, the Mavrik Sub-Zero Drive r is a refinement and improvement to an already great driver. The Mavrik, despite having their names changed slightly, looks and acts much the same as previous Callaway designs. You will find Jailbreak, Flash Face and Adjustable Hosel. There are also interchangeable weights. Acoustics were designed. Many of the features used in this model have already been included. This model is now even more refined thanks to its new design, layout and other tweaks.

Sound is Callaway Mavrik SubZero Driver’s biggest change. The Epic’s sound was great, while the Epic Flash was harsh. But the Mavrik delivers the Epic’s great sound again. It has a soothing muted sound that is really relaxing to the ears. Although the A.I. design of the flash face offered benefits, the sound was not great. The A.I. had to be reworked. They created Flash Face for the Mavrik, which had the same benefits as Flash Face but greatly improved the sound.

Confidence was the key to my winning again for gamer. Because I’ve played Callaway drivers so many times, I feel that the new Callaway driver looks and feels great the first time it hits me. It’s easy to swing the best. I don’t need to think, adjust or risk my swing. This instant confidence can translate into instant results on the course. My swing can be seen right away. A couple of extra favourite shafts are a great idea to test and put in is a bonus. Although all of that confidence is great, I still would not drive the vehicle if it failed to perform.

Callaway Mavrik Sub-Zero Driver

That won the gamer slot was the 9.0*, which has plenty launch, even with its heavier weight. Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI is the perfect companion for this head. It comes in a 60 gram stiff shaft. The KBS TD shaft and the Graphite Design Tour ADVR shaft were also used in my head. It was in its neutral position. This allowed me to find that I prefer straight shots, with misses able to go in either direction. This is not a way to fix any swing problems. It may be anti-lefter than anti-righter.

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The Callaway Mavrik Subzero Driver’s performance remains the reason it is kept in the bag. This club performed slightly differently to the Epic Flash. The club was fast and I experienced a little less spin. It makes this combo only a few yards longer. I had been long with Epic Flash but the new average is longer.

callaway mavrik sub zero driver review

Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero Driver Review, Photos And Video: Clubtest 2020

ClubTest 2020 saw us test and review 28 drivers in order to help you choose the best one. Below are the results for the Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero driver.

Callaway Mavrik sub zero Price: $499 / Buy Now Lofts: 9 and 10.5 Our opinion: The lowest spinning Mavrik. The two adjustable sole screws (2 and 14g) can be positioned to control spin from 200 to 300 RPM. Better players will prefer a smaller head, at 450cc. A flatter lie angle is also advisable.

ClubTester’s take (3-hdcp): “One knock on Sub Zero models was their lack of forgiveness, but I can miss it with this one and it still goes!”

Robot’s perspective: Ranked among the top performers in high-speed carrying distance.


callaway mavrik sub zero driver review

Features & Benefits

From features and benefits point of view, the Mavrik Sub Zero has almost all the features like Mavrik Max. These are the features we discussed in detail. You can read our Mavrik Max and Mavrik Standard reviews for more information.

Jailbreak technology with the T2C triaxial Carbon crown. Fine Tune ball flight new A.I. Flash Face SS20 Jailbreak technology is already in use with Callaway Epic Series and has brought great success to the golfers. Find more about jailbreak technology here. Mavrik sub zero is similar to the Mavrik Max with two weights: 14g or 2g. However, the position is different. It provides a better feel and makes it more efficient. We have also discussed the differences in performance in detail. The new FS2S-titanium titanium is much lighter than traditional Titanium, but it has a stronger structure and delivers better speeds and spin durability than Epic Flash.

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The Flash Face SS20 is the same for all three Mavrik Series drivers.

callaway mavrik sub zero driver review

Txg Authentic Callaway Mavrik Triple Diamond sub-zero Driver

Clement: Take down your fairway trees!

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Testing the Callaway Triple Diamond version of the Mavrik Sub Zero driver and comparing it to the standard model.

Do You Think The Mavrik Sub Zero Is a Good Driver

Overall, the Mavrik. Sub Zero is a fun little player’s car with great control, speed, feel, and playability. Callaway executed the look well from address, making it appealing to many players. Mar 2, 2020

What Does The Mavrik Sub Zero Do?

Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero drivers are designed for higher level players. They allow you to manipulate the spin characteristics of the ball so better strikers have a chance at gaining a few more yards.

Is Mavrik Sub Zero Forgiving?

Callaway will be able to keep his title as the best driver for another year with the MAVRIK Sub Zero driver. The club is low-spin and more flexible than most OEMs. It also creates more speed. February 13, 2020

What Are the differences between Mavrik and MavrikSub Zero

The Mavrik’s standard version has a moderate draw bias. The Max version, on the other hand, has a maximal draw bias and mid spin. Sub Zero has a neutral draw bias. – The Sub Zero has a more traditional lower-tail design as the golfers it’s aimed at don’t lack clubhead speed.Oct 23, 2020

.Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero Driver Review

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