Kildonan Park

Kildonan Park

Kildonan Park
Location Winnipeg , Manitoba , Canada
Coordinates 49°56′37″N 97°06′10″W  /  49.94361°N 97.10278°W  / 49.94361; -97.10278 Coordinates : 49°56′37″N 97°06′10″W  /  49.94361°N 97.10278°W  / 49.94361; -97.10278
Area 96 acres (39 ha)
Established 1909 ; 112 years ago ( 1909 )
Designer George Champion
Owned by City of Winnipeg
Public transit access 18 North Main-Corydon
32 North Main Express
38 Salter
77 Crosstown North

Kildonan Park




">Kildonan Park was founded in 1909.


Scatliff + Miller + Murray (landscape architects) was given the task of creating a new vision in Kildonan Park for 2013-14. SMM published the Kildonan Park Master Plan in January 2015. SMM's report, the Kildonan park master plan, was published in January 2015. It highlighted several issues that, when resolved, will improve the functioning and enjoyment the park. Originally design plans from the park's inception in 1909 called for a boat launch area/marina. It hasn't been built as further investigation into riverbank erosion is required. It is recommended that Lord Selkirk Creek should be restored as far as possible to its pre-damaged state. Public feedback during the Master Plan consultation revealed a poor wayfinding system for pedestrians. Rainbow Stage has an opportunity to have extended use beyond the seven weeks where live performance theatre events take place. According to the report, there was an option for Rainbow Stage to have a car show, farmer's market, and extended operating hours with more live theatre events.

Kildonan Park

Outdoor Pool And Splash Pad

Kildonan Pool is a 50 m x 23 m (165 ft x 75 ft) outdoor Olympic-size pool, completed in May 1966, opened on July 20, 1966.

Following a C$3M upgrade in August 2010, the splash pad, water slide and shallow end with a beach style were added.

During the preparation for the 1967 Pan Am Games , one of scenarios for a facility for the swimming and diving events was to build two outdoor pools one within Assiniboine Park , the other at Kildonan Park. Metro Coun. Jack Willis suggested that an indoor pool called Pan Am be built.


Kildonan Park

Peguis Pavilion

Kildonan Park was established in 1911. The construction of the first pavilion cost C$13,000, and it opened just five years later. In 1964, the first pavilion was removed to make space for the second.

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Blankstein Coop Gillmor and Hanna (now number ten) designed the Peguis Pavilion. This building (originally known as the Kildonan Park Pavilion), was completed in the 1960s and inaugurated in 1966. It's located close to Lord Selkirk Creek. Blankstein Coop Gilmor Hanna, an architectural firm was chosen for the Pavilion Project.

The pavilion was renovated for $2 million over the course of 2012. These included new heating and cooling, new public washrooms in the basement and main floor, a family washroom and an elevator. A refurbished kitchen, Prairie's Edge Restaurant and a new roof. Landscape around the pavilion was done in spring 2013 with pond renovations.


Kildonan Park

Winnipeg Complete Dentistry

Kildonan Park Dental has a team of highly skilled dentists who offer reliable and professional dentistry in Winnipeg. All ages are welcome, whether you're a young child or a teenager. No matter how old you are or what condition your teeth may be, the services we offer will ensure that your smile is healthy. You can count on our team to help improve the appearance and health of your teeth. Our team of dentists also offers specialized treatments for patients in all of southern Manitoba, including the Interlake region. Our reputation is trusted and our clients regularly come from surrounding areas like Selkirk or St. Clements.

Kildonan Park Dental has a team of dentists who specialize in general dentistry. The team of experienced dentists and dental assistants works together to build a practice that takes pride and does right by its clients. Because we know how vital your smile is, we will give you the very best care possible.

Winnipeg Dental Spa. Some people may be anxious about going to the dentist. There are two possible reasons why you might be anxious about visiting a dentist. Our office is designed to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. We appreciate the opportunity to get to know our patients personally some members of our long-term staff have been with us for more than 18 years, meaning that we've been seeing the same patients year after year.

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We offer many specialized services, including wisdom tooth extractions and TMJ disorder treatment.

Restorative dentistry to replace or repair missing teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry Improve the appearance of your teeth with teeth whitening, teeth bonding and other cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Dental Aesthetics


Kildonan Park

Dental Team at Kildonan Park

We are proud of our team of dental hygienists. Our reception staff has been tireless in providing the best possible care for every patient. Some members of our team have been here for many years and are now part of our dental family.

Dental assistants, dentist hygienists and reception staff work together with Kildonan Park Dental to ensure that our patients have the best oral health care and beautiful smiles.

Kildonan Park Dental will help to solve urgent and serious dental problems.

Dental Hygienists Our qualified hygienists include:

Debby joined in 2018, Nicole joined her in 2008, Maria joined in 1999 Carissa joined Carissa in 2018, Gizelle joined Gizelle in 2011, Jamie joined in 2012, (not pictured). Our dental assistant team includes:

Nina joined in 2011 Jenn joined in 2003 Belinda joined in 2002 Sim joined in 2019 Allison joined in 2020 (not pictured) Reception Team Our reception team plays a key role in maintaining a stress-free environment for our patients. They handle pre-authorization, direct billing, and other tasks that help to eliminate surprises.

Dianne, office manager (joined in 2001) Brittany, receptionist (joined in 2009) Janice (joined in 2011) Dr. Depinder Samra Dr. Bryan Morwick Dr. Arun Misra


Kildonan Park


Dublin City Council Parks, Biodiversity and Landscape Services plans to make Kildonan a more attractive park for visitors. This will increase active and passive recreation, biodiversity, and visual enjoyment.

Dublin City Council is seeking feedback on the draft Masterplan that was submitted to this consultation. Following this consultation, the Masterplan was developed in response to any comments or ideas.

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Before you fill out this feedback survey, please download the masterplan and the overall plan (Under Related).


Kildonan Park

Why Your Views Matter

We'd love to have your feedback. However, because of Covid-19 restrictions we are not able to hold another meeting for the presentation and feedback on the design proposals. Online consultation is a solution.

Use the survey to give us your feedback or send an email to [email protected] referencing Kildonan Park Development.

Before filling out the feedback questionnaire, please refer to the Masterplan Document and Overall Plan at the bottom.


Kildonan Park

Kildonan Park opens a 'Classic Burger Joint.

Published Friday, June 18th at 11:00 AM CT. 18, 2021. Print Email. PHOTO BY SYDNEY. HILDEBRANDT. (From left, Grant Danyluk with Brian Unick, Dougie's, an upcoming restaurant located in Kildonan Park.

A new restaurant in Kildonan Park is now open to help you take advantage of public health orders which restrict restaurants that offer takeout or delivery.

Kildonan Park's new eatery has been opened to allow you to benefit from the limited take-out/delivery options available under public health orders.

Dougie's, a permanent burger place connected to Prairie's Edge's existing restaurant next to the park's duck pond is Dougie's.

WOW! Winnipeg Restaurants includes Prairie's Edge & Dougie’s. Hospitality Concepts. Although the former serves a menu that is prairie-inspired and locally produced, the latter offers classic comfort foods.

Chef Grant Danyluk stated that he wanted to create a classic, timeless burger joint. He was not concerned about current trends.


Kildonan Park

Important Dates

These groups are our thanks for choosing Kildonan Park Golf Course to enjoy outdoor leisure.

Heather Seniors

Kildonan Friday Seniors Group

Kildonan Ladies Golf Section

Kildonan Seniors Mixed Golf League

Ladies who Golf at KP Monday


Kildonan Park

Quiet Place

Kildonan park is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It's a 2.6-mile (6,000-steps) long route. The elevation gain on this route is approximately 29.5ft. It's rated easy. Pacer App allows you to find the best hiking trails close by.

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.Kildonan Park

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