Hiking Trails Manitoba

Hiking Trails Manitoba

Spruce Woods Provincial Park

IUCN category II ( national park )

Spruce Woods Provincial Park as seen from the Spirit Sands observation tower

Map showing the location of Spruce Woods Provincial Park

Map showing the location of Spruce Woods Provincial Park


Location Manitoba, Canada
Nearest town , Manitoba
Coordinates 50°2′24″N 100°11′42″W  /  50.04000°N 100.19500°W  / 50.04000; -100.19500 Coordinates : 50°2′24″N 100°11′42″W  /  50.04000°N 100.19500°W  / 50.04000; -100.19500 [1]
Area 269 km 2 (104 sq mi)
Established 1961
Governing body Government of Manitoba

Hiking Trails Manitoba

Top Hiking Trails In Manitoba

Canada to Explore

What better way than hiking through grass prairies, forests, undulating river valleys, rolling hills, or even wetlands. Be it just a walk in the woods to a stroll on the beach to a backpacking trip, Manitoba's hiking trails offer it all. These are the must-do hike trails for Manitoba.

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1. Spirit Sands & Devil's Punchbowl Spruce Woods Provincial Park

located two hours west of Winnipeg, is a favourite family spot and tourist attraction thanks mainly to the unique sand dunes in the region. These dunes were formed when sand from melting glaciers drained into Lake Agassiz creating the Assiniboine Delta. The sands of the delta were exposed when the continued melting of the glacier drained Lake Agassiz.

You will find the trailhead near Seton Bridge. Follow the trail to wind-patterned, wind-streaked sand. The dunes reach as high at 30-meters, and are rich in cacti. You'll eventually arrive at a 45-meter depression with turquoise-green water.

There are also interpretive signs, water pumps, and bathrooms along the trail. Go prepared with proper walking shoes, a hat, sunscreen and drinking water.

Hiking Trails Manitoba

Make sure you bring home some experiences hiking in Manitoba!

Manitoba is the best place in Canada to reconnect with nature. You can find many hiking trails, but the top ones are those listed above. Do you have a favorite hike? The best way to make your vacation unforgettable in Manitoba is to include hiking.

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Hiking Trails Manitoba

3. Devil's Punchbowl, Spirit Sands

Spruce woods Provincial Park, 10 km These trails may be a little more difficult than others, but they are worth it if you want to make your way up to Sprucewoods. These trails can be done separately to help break up the distance, or you could combine them in one trip if you feel ambitious.

The Spirit sands trail is one of the most unique natural attractions in Manitoba- an ancient delta of the Assiniboine River, the spirit sands look just like a desert dropped into the middle of the prairies. It's tricky hiking through all that sand, but totally worth it for the views. The trail allows you to learn all about the history of the spirit-sand formation and its importance for the Indigenous communities. You will find the Devil's Punchbowl section on the trail, which is easier to hike. The highlight of this section is the stunning oasis "punchbowl". The trail has many lookout places to capture great views, and take some photos.

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Hiking Trails Manitoba

A few helpful tips for hiking

Here are some tips to make your first trip on the trails a memorable one.

Take it slow. Start slow unless you are a fitness pro. You'll enjoy yourself far more if you take on things that are within your fitness level and comfort zone to start, and make it out with fewer injuries too. You should have fun hiking, and not suffer!

For longer distances, or for extreme terrain, train. Perhaps you are looking for the toughest trails. Putting in some work at home or at the gym to get your body prepared for those tasks is key for injury prevention.

Make sure someone knows where you're headed. It may sound absurd to consider getting lost while hiking on the busy trails in provincial parks, but it is possible. It's difficult to call a friend when things go wrong, especially since rural Manitoba doesn't have cell phone coverage. Sometimes, friendly strangers might not pass by on the lesser-travelled trails.


Hiking Trails Manitoba

Are These My Faves

The best hiking snacks I like are fruit bars, fruit bars sandwich, fruit and gatorade.

3. First aid, bear bell, whistle, sunblock, and bug spray are all essential outdoor safety items. These are some of the most important items you want in your hiking backpack. Raincoats are also great as Manitoba's weather is unpredictable. Bear bells can be used to let wildlife in the area, such as bears, know that you are coming. This will help you avoid surprises.

4. Plenty of snacks and water. You remember me saying that you need a hiking bag to transport all your gear. It is the main reason. The water you carry on your hike is likely to be the most heavy thing. It weighs in at 1kg (2.2lbs) per litre. For those who plan to spend hours on the trail, an insignificant 500ml water bottle won't cut it. Dehydration can be serious especially on hot sunny days so bring an extra bottle (or two!). Snacks are also a smart idea to keep you feeling energized while out on the trails. I like granola bars and fruit bars, or sometimes we'll pack a picnic lunch and take a longer rest along the trail.

5. A map of your trail. If you don't have a paper copy on hand, snap a picture of the trail map from the sign at the trailhead. You might find yourself on trails that intersect, and others may be more interesting if you are lost or turn around. GPS-enabled apps like alltrails or Map My Hike can also be very useful for looking back at your route if you find yourself off the beaten path.

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Hiking Trails Manitoba

The Bottom Line

Hiking offers a unique way to experience the beauty and diversity of local areas. The perfect way to have fun in nature and also get some exercise. There are many trails in Manitoba that can be enjoyed year-round. We are so lucky to have such well-maintained trails. If you don't plan properly, hiking can prove dangerous. Planning ahead and taking steps to look out for your safety will help make sure your trip is full of nothing but great views and stunning photos!

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Hiking Trails Manitoba

Here are four family-friendly trails for hiking in Manitoba

You'll find wild blueberries, an abandoned lighthouse, and even a lizard on these Manitoba-friendly hiking trails.

Travel Manitoba Photo: Spruce woods Provincial Park

1. Wetland Boardwalk Trail, Winnipeg Walk on water almost! at the wide, floating boardwalk trail at Fort. Whyte Alive nature center. It runs for one kilometre through Richardson Marsh. This trail allows children to explore the marshy ecosystems and swamps. Grab a handnet kit from the Interpretive Centre to collect small larvae and marsh insects. Or bring snowshoes to check out animal tracks in snow during winter. Four other trails are available for kids, with lots of eco-tainment. The Buffalo Stone Cafe serves delicious local organic foods.

1961 Mc. Creary Road Winnipeg, Adults $7; children 4 years and older: $5; younger kids 3-3: no charge at fortwhyte.org> Spirit Sands Trail Carberry Wind-rippled Sand dunes and live cacti You can't go wrong! This moderate, self-guided trail in southwestern Manitoba has a number of offshoots and options. For a 5-kilometre round trip hike, you can take the northernmost sandy trail to reach the fragile, rare sand dunes ecosystem. There are interpretive signs that provide useful information. If you're fortunate, you might be able to spot Manitoba's only lizard the northern Prairie skink perched high on a grassy hillside. At the beginning of this trail, you can take a ride on a covered wagon.

Spruce Woods Provincial Park Hwy 5 Carberry $5 per car gov.mb.ca> Lighthouse Trail on Lake Winnipeg. Hecla/Grindstone Provincial Park, Lake Winnipeg is not your usual provincial park. It is comprised of an island and a peninsula, along with an old fishing community, that used to be home to Icelandic settlers. Lighthouse Trail, 1.5 km long, runs from Hecla Island to the shores. Kick back at the base of the Gull Harbour lighthouse constructed in 1926 and still in use and enjoy the panoramic view of the big lake. Keep an eye out for fish-eating bird species like cormorants and eagles.

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Hecla/Grindstone Provincial Park $5 for each vehicle gov.mb.ca> Mc. Gillivray Falls Trail Rennie Whiteshell Provincial Park, takes you to the Canadian Shield and out into the Prairies. Your kids will be delighted by the waterfall at the beginning of the trail. The trail will lead to Mc. Gillivray Lake. There are two loops. You have the option of one that is only 2.8 kilometers long. Another, which goes 4.6kms all the way, leads you to the lake. The water will bubble over the rocks of the creek and there are several lookout points. Kids also have the opportunity to pick wild blueberries and enjoy the scenery.

Whiteshell Provincial Park Hwy 44, between Rennie and Caddy Lake $5 per day gov.mb.ca 6 best outdoor pools in Winnipeg> 3 family-friendly beaches in Winnipeg> 4 family-friendly water parks in Winnipeg> Family Hiking Outdoor activities St. Joseph Communications uses cookies for personalization, to customize its online advertisements, and for other purposes.


Hiking Trails Manitoba

Finally, a Canadian Subscription Box for Adventure Lovers

Explore Magazine is a monthly subscription magazine that offers outdoor gear, adventure challenges, and an inspiring community. I'd like to be part of Robert Linsdell Flickr.cc by 2.0. Manitoba Interior province lies between Ontario (Saskatchewan) and Manitoba. It has forests, rivers, and arctic tundra. The cold waters of Hudson's Bay, frequent sightings of polar bears in Churchill make Manitoba well-known for its winters. But, summer can be a great time for adventurous explorers who are open to new adventures. Hikers will find a variety of terrain in Manitoba, with over 80 provincial parks offering fishing opportunities and wildflowers. You should not miss these 25 hiking trails when you visit Manitoba.


Hiking Trails Manitoba

9. Pine Point Trail

Robert Linsdell Flickr by 2.0 Distance 8.2 km Loop Time: 4hrs Elevation Gain, 235m Pine Point Trail has beautiful scenery and is considered a great family hike. Rapids, waterfalls are just a few of the sights you'll encounter on this hike. You may be lucky enough to spot a white-tailed elk. When hiking in summer, you'll likely encounter bugs, so come prepared.

What is the best way to get there? The Pine Point Trail lies north of Betula Lake in PR 307.

travelmanitoba.com 10. Seine River Greenway Distance : 7 Km (with shorter trails options) Elevation Gain : Minimal. The Seine River Greenway has many trails so that it's a good option for everyone. Although the scenery is stunning, the trails can get crowded due to its close proximity to Paris.

How can I get to the trailhead The trail is located along Shorehill Drive in Winnipeg and travels along the Seine River.



.Hiking Trails Manitoba

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