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Formation 1983 ; 38 years ago ( 1983 )
Type Nature preserve
Headquarters 1961 McCreary Rd.
Coordinates 49°49′13″N 97°13′31″W  /  49.8202°N 97.2252°W  / 49.8202; -97.2252 Coordinates : 49°49′13″N 97°13′31″W  /  49.8202°N 97.2252°W  / 49.8202; -97.2252


Winnipeg Metro Region

Official language


President and CEO

Liz Wilson


Ian Barnett

Board of directors

Dr. Gordon Goldsborough
Debbie Grenier
Richard Enright
Tammy Johnson
Jody S. Langhan
Shannon Magnusson
Amy May
Justice Michel A. Monnin
Tanis Ostermann
Sacha Paul
Dr. Brian Postl
Liz Prall, Chair
Sprague Richardson
Susan Schmidt
Brian Thiessen, Past Chair
Paul Vogt
Liz Wilson, President & CEO
Website fortwhyte .org

Formerly called

Fort Whyte Nature Centre

Fortwhyte Alive


Fortwhyte Alive

">Fortwhyte Alive

1961 Mc. Creary Road Winnipeg, MB R3P 2K9 Contact by Email Visit Website Finding adventure in the city is as simple as discovering FortWhyte Alive ! Just minutes from Downtown Winnipeg, you can watch the city become a natural paradise. Waterfowl, bison, whitetail and whitetail deer can be found on the 660-acre forest and trail system. The land can be explored by bicycle or snowshoe. Or you could go out on the water in a rowboat or canoe. Every season is different, from winter's tobogganing and ice fishing, summer's bird watching and hiking, and autumn's stunning waterfowl migration. You can finish your outdoor explorations by visiting the Nature Shop, or the recently renovated Interpretive Centre.

There are plenty of guided and self-guided tours available year round to take in these experiences check out their Calendar of Activities to see what's coming up next!

Daily Back 9am-6pm

Fortwhyte Alive

Fortwhyte Alive

FortWhyte Alive occupies 660 acres in urban green spaces reclaimed. The nature centre is an experiential learning institution, a tourist destination, and a farm.

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Thousands of children and adults visit FortWhyte every year to take a step back, breathe a little more deeply, and connect with nature. An elementary school child boarded a bus with an oak leaf collage. This will be hung on the girl's bedroom wall for many, many years. One day, an older couple will attend a lecture. Then, they might realize in the car that their backyard can be a prairie garden. FortWhyte Alive connects people to have memorable experiences and create lasting connections with nature.


Fortwhyte Alive

Is Fortwhyte Alive worth the price?

Adults 18-64: $10.00 Seniors 65+: $9.00 Students & Children (3-17): $8.00 Children under 2 years old: Children Under 2 Years: Children Free of Charge: All CAA members get one admission for every purchase of an adult admission.

FortWhyte is accessible by foot or bicycle.

You can get tickets for the Firepit at $15/hour


Fortwhyte Alive

Fortwhyte Alive via Downtown Winnipeg

Downtown Winnipeg is a 30-minute drive to the southwest

Follow Pembina Hwy south to Mc. Gillivray Blvd route 155

Continue west on 155 and continue past FortWhyte Outdoor Adventure Site until you reach the FortWhyte Live turnoff at Mc. Creary Road will be clearly identified.

Parking is prohibited


Fortwhyte Alive

Fortwhyte Alive

1961 Mc. Creary Road

WINNIPEG, MB R3P 2K9 [email protected]

Fax: (204) 895-4700


FortWhyte Alive can help you find adventure in this city. The city becomes a natural playground in just minutes from Downtown Winnipeg. There are 660 acres of forest, lakes and trails that home bison, whitetail and waterfowl as well as countless other species. The land can be explored by bicycle or snowshoe. Or you could go out on the water in a rowboat or canoe. You can have a completely different experience with each season, including winter's ice fishing/tobogganing; summer's hiking/bird watching, as well as fall's breathtaking waterfowl migration.

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Open 364 days a year, FortWhyte Alive is the spot for animal and nature lovers alike. Entry fees are required. Reservations are required for guided group ecotours of English or French in English.

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Fortwhyte Alive

Fortwhyte Alive is pleased to welcome new baby bisons

Simon Stones Editorial Producer – CTVNews. Contact: Published Sunday, May 9, 20,21 at 10.17am CST. Mother's Day baby bison birth (Source: FortWhyte Alive/ Instagram) WINNIPEG – Fort Whyte Alive enjoyed a Mother's Day surprise by delivering several new bison calvelets.

In an Instagram message, the centre announced that their latest babies had been born. The center said they now have over 40 bisons.

FortWhyte Alive (@fortwhytealive), shared this article

FortWhyte reported that the newborn calves were gaining strength, and they are getting to be close to their mothers.

We look forward watching our children develop as adults and we encourage all to make a stop and say hi when possible.

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Fortwhyte Alive

Fortwhyte Alive Model Watershed Project

FortWhyte Alive's 5 lakes have been experiencing declining water quality. Staff observation and subsequent North-South Consultants Assessments of Current Water Quality Conditions were used to identify the problem. FortWhyte began collecting monthly monitoring data year round on the health of its lakes in 2013. This program is intended to be a source of data for post-secondary research and help in making water management decisions to improve lake water quality. FortWhyte lakes are home to an urban fishery, and can be used for swimming and boating.

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Fortwhyte Alive


Kentta Arvo

Abstract The following data sets contain parameters measured each month by facility staff between March 2013, 2013 and December 2017, respectively. Each year, sets of data will be revised and continued to be gathered. The data set contains five Lakes at Fort. Whyte Alive, a private facility in the south-west of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Fort. Canada Cement's clay-pit mining operations began in 1911 and excavated Whyte lakes. According to the order in which they were excavated, these lakes included Muir (1920), Lake 2 and Lake 3 (1950), Devonian (1970), Cargill (1980) and Cargill (2 and 3). Monitoring of the wastewater treatment plant (2001) is also possible during periods when there are no ice conditions. Measuring parameters include temperature, conductivity (ice thickness and depth), chlorophyll A concentration and Secchi depth).

Cite Project Fort. Whyte Alive 2018, "Fort. Whyte Alive Model Watershed Project, 10.5203/nwfd-2n12 Canadian Watershed Information Network.

Nom of the Research Program

Project website

Project Keywords

Keywords for. Whyte,Urban Fishery,Water Management,Watershed,Recreation,Water Quality,Phosphorous,Ammonia,Dissolved Oxygen,Temperature,Conductivity,Ice thickness,Snow depth,Chlorophyll,Secchi Depth


Fortwhyte Alive

Fortwhyte Alive – Win Huge

Kick off spring with a big win by purchasing tickets to FortWhyte Alive's first ever 50/50 Raffle.

5 for $5, 3 for $10, 10 for $20 and 50 for $50. Your tickets help us connect all people with nature and environmental sustainability. You win, but so is nature.


.Fortwhyte Alive

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