Wilson Triton Driver Review

Wilson Triton Driver Review

wilson triton driver review

Wilson Triton Driver Review

Wilson Golf was founded in 2016, by Tim Clarke and his employees. This effort sought to make Wilson-Staff more visible and to improve its presence. Driver vs. Driver was born from that idea. It was a reality-based contest where drivers compete against each other to bring their designs to life before millions of viewers. The winner would receive half a million dollars. Eric Sillies’ Triton was awarded the victory. This versatile driver brought more attention to the market than Wilson for a long time. THP managed to obtain the Triton for review in an 10.5deg loft, paired with Aldila Rogue Tour Silver125MSI to show just how adaptable the design was.

Key Technology Review:

Triton Driver is more than winning a design competition. This head has an incredible amount of technology that can be used to make it easy for fitters and tinkerers. It is more efficient to highlight these features than to just talk about them throughout the article. This will allow you to understand not only their purpose but also if they played any legitimate role in this review.

Visible Swaing Active Technology:

It only makes sense that the Wilson-Staff Triton, which is most obvious, should be talked about first. Sillies’ focus throughout Driver vs Driver revolved around the integration of an alignment technique into his design. A 1-to-1 alignment guide was placed across the top driver. This is because many amateur golfers are struggling with alignment. Aside from the precise width of the golf balls, the design also includes an extension to the back side of the club that can serve as a visual cue.

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In terms of tangible performance, the alignment aid on the Triton is unlike anything we have seen on a major OEM driver in terms of the contrast that it gives. Not only does the gloss silver stand out against the black of the crown, but how it is recessed into the crown gives for a much more purposeful aesthetic compared to just painting stripes on the head. But how well does this actually work? This, as you can see, is entirely up to each individual. It was like a forget-it-all feature that the reviewer used before every swing. That said, the cliche phrasing that “after a while you don’t notice it” is true here as it is with most visual tech that is different.

Interchangeable Soleplates:

wilson triton driver review

We have 3 top reasons to purchase

Top Trending Content from Honestgolfers Our Honest Star rating Wilson Triton Driver What is the difference?

The Wilson Staff team have taking a giant leap forward with the innovation packed into the Triton DVD driver.

The sole plat adjustment allows for easy customization so you don’t have to go to the club shop each time you need to change your clubs settings.

Such a consistent driver! Wilson Triton DVDs are a great way to enhance your drive consistency and accuracy.


.Wilson Triton Driver Review

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