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Walgreens Slogan In 2022 (What Is It, History, Meaning + More)

Walgreens, which has existed since 1901 has gone through many branding changes to keep its place in the retail and pharmacy market.

  • If you’re a regular Walgreens customer, you may have wondered – what is the Walgreens slogan, and what does it mean? I’ve looked into it, and here is what I’ve found out!
  • Walgreens Slogan in 2022
  • Walgreens’ slogan, “Trusted since 1901,” was first used in 2017. It is still used today by the retailer. This slogan refers to the year Walgreens was founded and the trust it has in its business. This was part of Walgreens’ move to be more minimalistic and engaging.

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  • Walgreens Slogan In 2022 (What Is It, History, Meaning + More)

    Was The Walgreens Slogan Last Modified?

    The Walgreens slogan changed to “At the corner for happy and healthy” in 2017.

    This shift is likely due to major brands moving towards minimalistic design, which appeals more to their customers.

    Walgreens has changed its logo to reflect the new slogan. It now uses a dual-color palette of white and red, which furthers the trend towards minimal design in the company.

    What Does the Walgreens Slogan Really Mean?

    Walgreens’ new slogan represents the start of their company.

    “Trusted since 1901” refers to Charles R. Walgreen, the founder of Walgreens who founded the company in 1901.

    The logo’s ‘trusted” element represents Walgreens’ popularity and success, which is intended to be a trustworthy retailer to customers.

    This is intended to build trust with new customers and increase the brand image of Walgreens.

    It is worth noting that Walgreens had an initial logo with the slogan below that stated “The Pharmacy America Trusts”. This slogan has been used in reference to the brand’s new slogan.

    Walgreens uses repeated references to trust to highlight their high-quality customer service and the trust they are gaining from existing customers.

    Walgreens Slogan In 2022 (What Is It, History, Meaning + More)

    How did Walgreens’ first slogan come to be?

    The first Walgreens slogan was the phrase ‘At the corner of happy and healthy’, to represent the purpose of the brand as a healthcare retailer.

    “At the Corner” refers to how many Walgreens shops were built traditionally on corners plots.

    This tactic was strategically designed to attract people from all walks of life to Walgreens.

    Buzzwords such as “happy” and “healthy” promoted the company’s ability to offer customers products and services that are related to health and pharmacy.

    Is This What The Walgreens Greeting Looked Like?

    Walgreens offered customers a “Be well” greeting during checkout.

    Walgreens made other service enhancements in 2015 and dropped the traditional greeting. They now expect employees to greet customers personally.

    The new personable approach of Walgreens aligns with its slogan of building trust and repeat business with its customers.

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  • Conclusion
  • The Walgreens slogan was changed from “Trusted since 1901” to “Trusted since 2001”. This refers to the length of time Walgreens has been in business and reflects the relationship it has with its customers.

    As part of this change, Walgreens has also opted to engage with customers on a personal level by making customer service changes, which include greeting customers by name and thanking them for their purchases.

    What Is Walgreens Slogan?

    Trusted Since 1901

    What is the Walgreens Symbol?

    Walgreens’ logo was made more appealing by using a red color in 1951. A blue pestle & mortar was added to the logo along with “The Pharmacy America Trusts” slogan. Walmarts wanted its compelling new logo to communicate its commitment to meeting all customers needs for pharmaceuticals.

    Why Did Walgreens Change Their Logo?

    The company began expanding and growing in 1951. A number of changes in the company name led to the urgent need for a new logo. This was the first major change to the logo. The grey color was changed to red to make it more memorable.

    What Is The History Of Walgreens?

    Walgreens’ history began with a tiny food shop on Bowen Avenue, Chicago. It was originally owned by Charles R. Walgreen from Dixon, Illinois. Walgreens had expanded to 4 stores by the end of 1913 on Chicago’s South Side. It opened its fifth location in 1915. Four more were added in 1916.

    .Walgreens Slogan In 2022 (What Is It, History, Meaning + More)

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