Verizon Nurse Discount

Verizon Nurse Discount In 2022 (How Much Is The Discount + More)

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Verizon is one among the biggest wireless carriers in the United States and provides discounts for customers with specific careers, such as nurses.

  • Are you curious about Verizon’s nurse discount? Do you need to find out how it works and how much it costs? Read on to discover more details about this awesome discount.
  • Verizon Nurse Discount In 2022 (How Much Is the Discount + More)

    What is the Verizon Nurse Discount in 2022?

    As a thank-you gesture to healthcare workers, the Verizon nurse discount is available to nurses and respiratory therapists. Verizon requires that anyone signing up for a discount use to verify their current employment status, and further documentation may be required. However, you’ll have to revalidate employment yearly.

  • You want more information on the Verizon nurse discount. For example, how do you verify your nurse status to qualify for the discount. If so, continue reading to find out that answer and more!
  • Verizon Nurse Discount – How Much Are You Paying?

    Verizon offers discounts to nurses, which will differ depending on how many smartphones are linked to an account. These discounts are currently available:

  • Get $10 Off Your 1st Phone Monthly
  • 25 percent off your first or third phone
  • However, 4 or more smartphones on an account will get you a 20% discount.

    What is the Verizon Nurse Discount Requirements?

    You must be eligible for the Verizon nurse discount.

  • You can be the Verizon manager or account owner
  • Nursing (LPN/LVN, RN, or RN) is required.
  • Be able to confirm your employment
  • Register online via and you will be verified
  • Willing to yearly validate your employment
  • Verizon Nurse Discount In 2022 (How Much Is the Discount + More)

    What is the best way to sign up for Verizon Nurse Discount?

    The first step to applying for the Verizon nursing discount is to visit the Verizon Nursing Discount section on the Verizon Website. Next, click the “Get Started!” button at the bottom.

    Further, will be redirected to you. From there, the validation and application process can begin. To apply for you must first register.

    Once your verification is complete, you will be directed to the Discounts by Verizon webpage. You’ll need either to choose new or to an existing customer and then follow the prompts.

    Verizon may request an upload document in order to verify your eligibility if you don’t have a Verizon email address.

    If you choose to attach a NPI or pay stub to your document, it will be accepted. However, the document requires that you adhere to certain requirements.

  • The document must clearly show your name and date.
  • The document cannot be more than 2 months old
  • Documents must be uploaded as GIF/TIF, JPEG/JPG, JPG/PDF, or PNG formats
  • To protect privacy and security, you can black out sensitive data such as employee ID, bank information and social security number.
  • Also, Check My Submission Status can be used to check the status of your submission. You should note that submitting a file can take as long as 10 working days.

    Verizon will inform you that your submission was accepted. The discount may not appear until after 2 billing cycles.

    Where can I find out my discount for a Verizon nurse?

    When your discount is added to your account and you are able view your details as a nurse by accessing the My Verizon app, or on the My Verizon website.

    To use the My Verizon app you must sign in. Click on “Bill” to see the latest bill.

  • Similar steps apply if browsing the My Verizon site. Log in to your account and click on “Discounts,” then select “Plan.” Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose “Promotions & Discounts”.
  • Verizon Nurse Discount: Can retired nurses apply?

    Verizon nurses are not eligible for the discount.

    Verizon Nurse Discount In 2022 (How Much Is The Discount + More)

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