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Usps Orientation In 2022 (How Long, What To Wear + More)

  • Once you submit your application, have completed the online assessment, and been fingerprinted, it is now your turn to be approved. Now you just have to finish orientation, and then you’ll officially become a USPS employee!
  • The following information will help you find answers to your questions about USPS orientation. Our complete guide for USPS orientation is available here.

  • USPS Orientation for 2022
  • All new USPS recruits must pass the background check as well as the online assessment and apply. This paid training consists of three days of classroom instruction, a driving test, and practical skills instruction. This is the place where new employees can learn more about USPS rules, ethics and everyday operations.

    You may still have additional questions regarding USPS orientation. Continue reading to learn more.

    USPS Orientation In 2022 (How Long, What To Wear + More)

    What Do I Do At USPS Orientation?

    While each USPS orientation is almost identical, there are differences between them depending on the location you reside and the position that you’ve been appointed for.

    You’ll be watching videos on the first day and listening to orientation leaders talk about USPS policies. You will learn about diversity, ethics, USPS rules and USPS regulations.

    There are videos that show you how USPS operates. It is possible to see how mail travels from one place to another and how it is sort.

    Day two will feature a speaker from American Postal Workers Union, and a chance for you to sign up if you are interested.

    Safety policies will be taught to you through videos. It may be possible to learn how safely to lift heavy cartons and avoid injury.

    On the second day you will most likely be required to take badge pictures and complete any additional documentation.

    Day three is typically the final day that you will be in a classroom to learn. This day you will likely finish classroom driver training. As with the previous days, this will entail watching videos and listening to lectures.

    This course will teach you how to keep your car from rolling away, prevent injuries, and be more aware of what is happening around you while driving.

    After your classroom orientation you will need to set a time for your driving test. When you schedule will depend on your local Learning Development and Diversity center.

    Some people might take the driving test right after classroom orientation, while others may have to wait a week or more before completing the test.

    Closed course is used for the USPS driving exam. For the test, you will drive either a Long Life Vehicle (LLV), a Flex-Fuel Vehicle (FFV), or a Promaster van through a series of cones.

    On the course, you’ll learn how to deliver and pick up mail from mounted mailboxes. In addition, you’ll show that you can parallel park and back the vehicle up to a loading dock.

    After passing the driving test, you’ll get to shadow a working postal worker. You’ll be able to practice setting up mail vehicles for their route and capping mail.

    Lastly, you’ll attend “academy”. This training is for mail carriers. You’ll learn how to label and package mail.

    What’s the USPS Orientation Schedule?

    There is no fixed USPS orientation schedule. That’s because local Learning Development and Diversity centers (LDDCs) operate independently.

    However, for classroom orientation the first three day, you will be required to report at your local LLDC no later than 8:00 am.

    They are 8 hour days on paper. They usually last around 5 hours, but it looks like that is the case in practice.

    After the classroom orientation you will want to leave at least seven days available for hiring other duties such as the driving exam and the carrier school.

    Each LLDC is unique, and you might be able to complete the activities right away after your classroom orientation or wait for several days. You should be as flexible as you can.

    USPS Orientation In 2022 (How Long, What To Wear + More)

    What do I need to bring for USPS orientation?

    Your orientation email should provide exact information about what to bring to orientation, however, there are a few items you’ll need for sure.

    These include:

  • Your commitment letter (this is sent as part of your orientation email)
  • You can get 2 types of government-issued identity (e.g. two forms of government-issued ID (e.g. a driver’s license with Real ID, a passport, and a social insurance card).
  • Pens
  • For rural carriers that will drive their vehicles, proof of insurance is required
  • Water
  • What should I wear to the USPS Orientation

    USPS has an orientation dress code that is flexible. There’s no reason to spend a lot of money on new clothes. However, you should make sure your clothes look clean and well-fitted.

    You can choose to dress in jeans or slacks while wearing a button-down or sweater for your first day on the job.

    On the second day, you’ll probably take your ID badge photo. So make sure that you are comfortable and confident in what clothes to wear.

    The following items are exempted:

  • Wear clothing that fits well or is skin tight
  • Wear clothing with explicit, vulgar or offensive writing/graphics
  • Anything that is revealing or provocative (e.g. Uncover your mid-knee with see-through tanks, crop tops, tanks, or shorts.
  • Dangling jewelry
  • USPS tends to be more conservative when it comes clothing. However, USPS does have strict guidelines for shoes. You should wear shoes that are fully enclosed at the toes, heels and sides.

    USPS recommends footwear made from leather or synthetic materials like combat boots and construction boots. While it may seem obvious that footwear must not be black, the USPS does not insist on this.

    Prohibited shoes include:

  • Sneakers in canvas or mesh
  • High heels or shoes with a heel of more than 1.5 inches
  • Open-toed sandals
  • Flip-flops
  • Jelly shoes and Crocs
  • Slippers
  • Clogs
  • USPS Orientation In 2022 (How Long, What To Wear + More)

    Can I be Hired if I attend USPS Orientation

    If you receive an invitation to attend USPS orientation, then yes, you are provisionally hired.

    Inviting you to orientation means that your qualifications are complete and you can become a postal worker.

    Still, you must attend the classroom orientation sessions, complete the driver training course, shadow a postal worker and pass the driving test before being officially hired.

    The USPS orientation is held where?

    USPS orientations are offered at local Learning Development and Diversity centers. In the USPS pre-orientation email, you will find information on where to go.

    USPS Orientation In 2022 (How Long, What To Wear + More)

    Do I receive a payment for USPS orientations?

    USPS orientation like all USPS programs is free. On the first day of orientation, you’ll receive Form 1260 (also called a Nontransactor Card). You’ll use this to record how many hours you worked during orientation.

    Keep track of you card, and keep a copy in case yours is lost. In almost all cases, payment should be made for your orientation time on your first paycheck.

    Along with being paid for training hours completed, mileage from and to orientation will also be reimbursed.

    If you want to know more, you can also read our posts on how hard is the USPS exam, if USPS is a federal job, and if USPS is a good job.

  • Conclusion
  • It can be difficult to imagine USPS orientation. This is especially true if you have been waiting for months or weeks before hearing back about your application. But, getting invited to orientation can almost guarantee that you get hired for a secure, well-paid federal job.

    This should be remembered as you go through the classroom orientation, driver assessment, and on the job training. While it might take you a while to finish, it is well worth the effort.

    What should I wear to the Usps Orientation?

    USPS’ orientation dress codes are flexible so you don’t need to purchase new clothes. That being said, make sure your clothes are clean, neat, and fit well. An outfit that works well for the first few days is jeans and/or slacks combined with a blouse or sweater are ideal.

    How Long Will Usps’ Virtual Orientation Last?

    USPS is committed to customer satisfaction and consumer trust. 2 days is the average duration of orientation. The orientation might last for 9 to 11 hour per day.

    How Long is Usp Training?

    USPS Training is two weeks long. It starts with an orientation before you move on to more detailed job instruction.

    .Usps Orientation In 2022 (How Long, What To Wear + More)

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