Taylormade M6 D Type Driver Review

Taylormade M6 D Type Driver Review

taylormade m6 d type driver review


TaylorMade’s M6 driver is a TaylorMade WITB driver.

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New today: The M6 incorporates TaylorMade’s revolutionary speed-Injected Twist Face Technology with a brand new sole design. They deliver an incredible driver that is quick and simple to hit.

Like the M5 drivers’ M5, the new M6/M6 D Type incorporates the latest twist on the Twist Face technology from last year.

The all-new speed Injection process means that every driver TaylorMade produces is going to be right on the legal limit for speed. Therefore, you will have more ball speed as well as longer drives from the M6.

Even though this innovative technology is crucial in making the M6 extremely lengthy, the Aerodynamic Carbon Sole Design and its inertia generator’ are equally vital.

It is not uncommon for golf club manufactures to look at ways to decrease the centre-of gravity (CG), of their drivers. What does this actually mean?

What Are the differences between Taylormade’s M6 and Taylormade’s M6 D Type?

The M6 D-Type driver brings the same performance features found in the M6 driver into a draw-biased, easy-to-launch package. … These features combine to give the M6 D Type driver 20 yards more draw bias that the regular M6 driver. April 25, 2019.

What does D-Type mean on M6 Driver?

New features about the M6 D driver are that it is instilled to its full potential, so the distance is tremendous and the “D”, type is subtle visually but still does the job moving the ball 15-20 yards to the left (Right-handed golfer).

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What does Taylormade D Type Mean?

TaylorMade’s new M4 D Type (D is for draw) uses all the technology of the standard version but is heavier (41g) and has an offset. It also employs subtle visual cues which promote a square face when addressing and more draw-biased at impact.

Taylormade’s M6 driver is incredibly forgiving

Feedback from the M6 driver is below average. It is meant to be an easy-going, steady club that can take in any kind of mistake. You won’t notice any difference unless you go deep into your heel or toe. April 8, 2019.

.Taylormade M6 D Type Driver Review

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