Ryobi Impact Driver Review

Ryobi Impact Driver Review

ryobi impact driver review

Achieving Impact

We’ve used the older version of this Ryobi impact driver for about three years now. We use it all the time – and we have beaten it up! But it’s never let us down. It simply works. We will see how durable the new version, but we can only hope with its hardy pedigree.

This model is updated and enhanced. Let us now review the changes. New are the 3 speeds, as well as the belt clip and auto-loadchuck. The torque has been increased, IPM is greater, LED lights have a brighter glow, and the belt clip is brand new.

These improvements are significant over the old model. As an impact driver can be used every day by tradesmen it was easy to find plenty of materials for testing. Ryobi 18Vbrushless Impact Driver did a great job driving all sorts of fasteners. Ryobi was a genius for creating such a useful tool.

ryobi impact driver review

We provide a thorough and comprehensive overview of both the Ridgid18-30 Octane Brushless Impact Hammer and the Ryobi18-30 One+ Impact Hammer.

Recently, The Home Depot ProSpective tool program asked me to test the RIDGID 18V Octane 4-mode and RYOBI 18V ONE+ impact wrench. This wrench and the RIDGID 18-volt Octane 4-mode impact wrench came together at the most perfect moment. Today I will be sharing the details of each and how we use them around our house.

RIDGID18v Octane 4mode Impact Driver. Let’s start by reviewing the RIDGID18-volt Octane4mode impact wrench. With 485ft. lbs of fastening torque and 620ft. 0.25 lbs breakaway torque. You can set the Auto Mode to automatically turn the computer off whenever the tool strikes the ground. This will prevent you from over-tightening. This is a HUGE benefit when tightening lug-nuts on old vehicles. It is possible for rusty metal lugs to snap off and strip away, which the auto mode will help prevent.

A friend gave me a 1979 GMC Jimmy for free. Awesome deal, right? It doesn’t come with a motor so they drove an hour to pick it up. The tires were also completely worn. My husband grabbed his tools and headed out with his brother to pick it up, which involved changing the tires and wenching it onto a trailer.

The RIDGID 18v torque wrench took care of all the rusty lugnuts. It was able remove all of the tires, and also replace them so that the truck could be loaded onto the trailer. Although I would love to say that it helped me with loading, the fact is that there was no motor meant that I had to be patient and take my time. This impact driver is definitely going to be our go-to tool from now on for tire changes and will be in our tool kit when we travel.

We camp quite a lot and take a few of our RYOBI toolkits with us. Given that all of the ONE+ tools take the same batteries, The RYOBI 18-volt ONE+ 3/8″ Impact Wrench was an easy addition to our trailer tool kit. The wrench has 150 ft lbs torque. It can replace the tires on UTVs and quads.

It was an all-family affair to set up and tear down our camp. The boys know their jobs well and our oldest was definitely happy to have the impact wrench help him raise and lower the stabilizer jacks on our trailer. Before that, he manually turned them. It took hours. This step was cut in half with the RYOBI Impact wrench, if it wasn’t already.

The impact wrench won’t spend much time in my trailer but I grabbed it for my dust collection project. It was great at driving the 5/16” lag bolts into the wall of my workshop. The impact wrench allowed me to put the bolts in without having to worry about speed. It also made it much easier than manually ratcheting the pieces.

ryobi impact driver review

Ryobi Cordless 18V Impact Driver Ryobi Review

The Ryobi P237 is a three-speed impact driver that boasts 1,800-inch lbs. There is a great deal of torque. The driver is quite powerful, yet handy. It’s also easy to control, thanks to the rear-located switch. The three-speed selector on the back, in fact, adds a bit of length to the tool. The fact that it exists is not an issue, but rather a limitation. The Ryobi cordless impact 18V driver review gives us a deeper look into the driver. We will also find out if it is up to the task.

Pros Cons

More power, control, and flexibility than its immediate predecessor

Very well

LED lights are powerful and very useful

Strong amount of torque

Power is not as strong as other impact driving brands.

ryobi impact driver review

What do the users think about this driver

The majority of people who have used this tool are happy about the price of this driver. The next thing that people are liking a lot is the ability to alter torque strength. To those who drive in a linear fashion, it might not be a major deal. This is something that people who have different requirements and needs would appreciate. This tool’s speed of connection and its decent battery capacity are both a plus. Professional users on the other hand find it difficult to use and would rather have their better wired, stronger tools.

Ryobi P237 Final thoughts: If you’re a professional who needs high-impact ratings, torque, or other similar specifications, this is definitely not the tool for you. If you are a DIY homeowner, the Ryobi P237 is right for you. It’s not just the adequate power or less hardcore demeanor of the tool, but also the reasonable pricing that should get a lot more DIY’ers on-board. Read more Cordless Drill Reviews

ryobi impact driver review

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Ryobi also sent them over to me at no cost. Tool Craze was not paid for a review or to endorse the product. I am unbiased and honest as ever.

The Ryobi 18V one+ horsepower compact power tools all have brushless technology and are compact. Although the Ryobi impact drivers are shorter at 5-3//8 inch front to rear, it still ranks among the best in compact size. Ridgid, a sister company, has a sub-compact version of their latest impact driver that measures 4.67 inches. This makes the Ryobi appear smaller than normal. Ryobi’s latest brushless impact drive is compact and smaller than many of Ryobi’s other models. This makes it a bonus.

The brushless motor allows it to achieve 1,700 in-lbs torque. Ryobi claims that it is capable of driving 211 deck screws per hour with its 1.5ah battery pack. That’s a pretty impressive runtime considering it comes as a complete kit.

It doesn’t have all the latest bells and whistles and as such only has a single speed with variable speed trigger instead of 3 speeds and a single LED light at the base of the tool instead of a ring of light behind the chuck. They made it an entirely one handed impact driver chuck, which is comparable to Dewalt’s. It allows you insert and then remove bits in one hand. Ryobi’s works slightly differently. This hexchuck works in the exact same manner as the Milwaukee M12 Hex Chuck in that it locks up and can accept bits. You can insert a bit one handed without having to pull on the chuck and pulling on the chuck then spits the bit out. Sometimes, the locking sleeves can be locked in “bit inserted” mode if the bit is not installed. It requires that you pull the chuck first to insert bits. Dewalt’s high-end impact driver chucks will not have such problems. Although not as nice as Dewalt’s, I do like that Ryobi made it a true one handed chuck to insert and remove bits and even though it’s similar to the M12 screwdrivers chuck in operation, I like that they made it very compact on the Ryobi as the M12 can stick out quite a bit.

Ryobi’s build quality is excellent. Ryobi’s ergonomically designed handle has nice rubber overmolding that extends towards the back of your tool. There are also two side bumpers protecting the sides, back and edges from damage. However, it’s important to note that the front impact casing of the driver is made from plastic rather than metal. As we know metal is more robust than plastic and as such plastic won’t be able to withstand the kind of abuse a metal casing has as you’ll find on the pro brands.

The LED light is still available. Although it doesn’t look very nice, it looks better on the base than it does above the trigger. It also gives you more visibility and less shadows. An additional 10 second afterglow can be added to the light. Ryobi’s Magtray’s, which is basically a magnet tray at the bottom of the tool that holds bits and small fasteners are missing from this model. You also won’t find a belt clip on this bad boy either which is strange as belt clips come in very handy when working with tools such as drills and impacts. The impact driver was used to mount a TV wall mounted. I regret not having a belt clip, as it would have been very helpful when moving up and down the steps during installation. While the impact driver does have holes that allow you to put a belt clip either way, none of them are provided.

.Ryobi Impact Driver Review

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