Pxg Gen4 Driver Review

Pxg Gen4 Driver Review

pxg gen4 driver review

This is The 2021 Pxg Release: The 0811 Gen4 driver

Three models are available for the new PXG GEN40811 drivers.

Parsons Xtreme Golf releases the PXG0811 GEN4 driver as its fourth generation release. GolfReviewsGuide.com takes a look at what to expect from the new driver.

PXG claims that the new driver, part of the all-new GEN4 gen4 family includes fairway woodens, hybrids, irons which “are amongst our most advanced, best performing, best looking golf clubs”

The 0811 Driver is available in 3 model options – XT/XF and PS569/$784, with new technological advances for better ball speed, distance and forgiveness.


pxg gen4 driver review

What Are the Specifics of The PxgGen4 0811 Driver?

Driver Lofts Lie Length Head Mass

0811 XT GEN4 7.5deg, 9deg, 10.5deg 60deg 45.5″ 201g

0811 X GEN4 7.5deg, 9deg, 10.5deg, 12deg 60deg 45.5″ 201g

0811 XF GEN4 9deg, 10.5deg, 12deg 60deg 45.5″ 201g

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.Pxg Gen4 Driver Review

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