Does Petsmart Sell Cats & Kittens

Does Petsmart Sell Cats & Kittens In 2022? (Try This Instead)

  • PetSmart is one the most important pet-based retail chains, boasting nearly 2000 shops across the US!
  • They sell everything you need for your small pets, such as cats, dogs and even other smaller animals. PetSmart does PetSmart have a place that sells kittens or live cats? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know!
  • Does PetSmart Sell Cats & Kittens In 2022? (Try This Instead)

    PetSmart Will Sell Cats and Kittens in 2022

    PetSmart won’t sell kittens and cats live in its stores in 2022 because of concerns about animal welfare and the increase in cat shelters. PetSmart does however offer an adoption program for kittens and cats, which encourages customers to adopt sheltered or rescued kittens and cats.

  • You can learn more and find out about PetSmart’s adoption process.
  • PetSmart does not sell kittens or live cats in its stores.

    PetSmart made the decision to not sell live cats and kittens or dogs and puppies due to rising concerns about the long-term wellbeing of the animals.

    PetSmart CEOs agreed that pets of family, such as dogs and cats were being placed in shelters by people who had bought them sporadically for events or gifts.

    This was not a way to contribute, but the company decided that they would let their space go to foster the adoptions of neglected and sheltered animals.

    PetSmart’s adoption centres ensure that animals are healthy and happy. It also helps adoptive families enjoy happier lives with their pet.

    Does PetSmart Sell Cats & Kittens In 2022? (Try This Instead)

    PetSmart Online – How do you adopt a cat or kitten from the shelter?

    PetSmart is a place where you register your interest to adopt a cat or kitten. This is how you can do it.

  • PetSmart offers an adoption website. Click on your zip code to go to PetSmart’s adoption website. Select ‘cats’ and enter any breed, gender, or age you’d like your cat. Take a look at all of the kittens and cats in your area! Select the kittens and cats you like, then click “learn more”. Check out their My Story’ section for information about the breed and temperament that will suit your needs and lifestyle. Next, click on “Ask Group about This Pet” to register your interest. The adoption group may also provide their email and phone numbers. For a quicker and easier initial contact, you can always use that number. After this is done, you will be informed by the adoption group if the cat thinks you would make a great adoption choice. They will also give you further information about how to proceed.
  • Can You Adopt A Cat Or Kitten In Person At PetSmart Stores?

    Yes, you can! PetSmart stores have dedicated areas for cat adoption centres.

    You can search your local PetSmart to find one that offers these services and talk with a staff member about adopting a kitten or cat.

    You will need the following steps to become a PetSmart cat/kitten owner:

    You can find a PetSmart retailer that has an adoption center. Call the store and ask about availability. Call the store to let staff members know that you are interested. Helpful staff members at the adoption centre will guide you through choosing and browsing possible options. You can meet the kittens or cats on-site in their “meet and welcome” playrooms. When you and the staff are satisfied, there will be adoption paperwork and insurance details to gather. PetSmart might then give you a schedule of when your cat or kitten can come home. PetSmart also offers special adoption opportunities. One of the most sought after events they offer is their National Adoption Weekend.

    Does PetSmart Sell Cats & Kittens In 2022? (Try This Instead)

    PetSmart’s National Adoption Weekend.

    PetSmart’s national adoption weekend is a special event that is run by PetSmart four times a year.

    This weekend will be dedicated to helping animals find forever homes in shelters.

  • During one year alone, the event managed to see the successful adoption of over 600,000 pets!
  • PetSmart Used To Sell Kittens and Live Cats in Their Shops

    PetSmart is not able to sell kittens and cats living in captivity at its locations.

    PetSmart still sold rabbits and live bunnies, but this was discontinued at the beginning of 2007.

    PetSmart sells small, live animals including hamsters.

    A full list of the small animals still sold in PetSmart stores can be found on their website.

    PetSmart may be able to help you find out if you can buy other pets.

    Furthermore, for cat owners who just adopted one, we have a guide that will help you get your cat microchipped in PetSmart.

  • Conclusion
  • PetSmart does not sell live cats and kittens in their stores.

  • PetSmart is now a partner with top adoption centres across the country in order to bring abused and neglected animals to loving homes. It’s easy to make an adoption online or at the store.
  • .Does Petsmart Sell Cats & Kittens In 2022? (Try This Instead)

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