Does Amazon Accept Paypal

Does Amazon Accept Paypal In 2022? (Try This Instead…)

PayPal Holdings, Inc.
Financial technology
Founded December 1998

; 23 years ago







October 1999

; 22 years ago





Headquarters 2211 North First Street

San Jose, California

, U.S. (corporate headquarters)

La Vista, Nebraska

, U.S. (operative center)
Area served
Almost worldwide
Key people
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payment systems
Revenue Increase


25.371 Billion (

Fiscal Year Ended December 31, 2021





4.262 Billion (

Fiscal Year Ended December 31, 2021





4.169 Billion (

Fiscal Year Ended December 31, 2021



Total assets



75.803 Billion (

Fiscal Year Ended December 31, 2021



Total equity



21.727 Billion (

Fiscal Year Ended December 31, 2021



Number of employees
c. 26,500 (2020)






  • PayPal Inc (PPI)


  • PayPal Pte. Ltd (3PL)


  • PayPal Payments Pte. Holdings (PPLUX)


  • PayPal Payments Pte Limited (4PL)





Amazon provides a range of ways to pay for their products. These include gift cards, purchase now and later websites, as well as Amazon Pay. This works in a similar way to Paypal.

  • Many people may ask if Amazon accepts Paypal because of the similarities between Amazon Pay and Amazon Pay. If you’d like to find out, keep reading this article to learn more about the information I’ve gathered!
  • Does Amazon Accept Paypal In 2022? (Try This Instead...)

    Is Amazon Ready to Accept PayPal in 2022

    Amazon no longer accepts Paypal payments as valid payment methods as of 2022. PayPal users are able to either buy a Paypal Money Card, which can be used to pay with a debit card through, or to purchase an Amazon gift certificate from a seller that accepts Paypal.

  • You can read on to discover more about Paypal, Amazon’s payment options, and how other payments are used.
  • Paypal Directly for Amazon

    Amazon customers are not able to use Paypal through

    But, there are some ways that customers can make Paypal their method of indirect payment if they want to be more secure.

    It is easy to order an Amazon gift certificate from a seller that accepts Paypal.

    Dundle, PC Game Supply and other shops accept Paypal payments and offer Amazon gift cards.

    When customers buy the Amazon gift certificate, they can redeem it for Amazon purchases. Amazon gift certificates can be bought in denominations up to $100, $15, $20 and $25.

    Customers who plan to buy an Amazon item that is more than $100 should purchase several gift cards to avoid having to pay an extra payment.

    In addition to using a gift card, customers can also obtain a Paypal Cash Card, which can be used on Amazon like a credit card.

    Additionally, Amazon offers a Paypal Key service that allows customers to access a virtual version Paypal. Customers only need a card number for this payment option.

    Does Amazon Accept Paypal In 2022? (Try This Instead...)

    How Do I Use a Paypal Cash Card on Amazon?

    The easiest way to use Paypal online is to get a Paypal cash card. A Cash Card is available to any customer that uses Paypal. It’s a card with a similar function as a credit card.

    Because the Paypal Cash Card is powered by Mastercard, customers can simply enter their card number and information into Amazon’s “Payment Methods” section on their Amazon account.

    The Cash Card can be added to the shopping cart by clicking “Enter new payment method” at the checkout screen.

    However, Amazon customers must be aware of the fact that Paypal cards cannot earn rewards for their customers such as cash back, travel rewards, or other perks.

    While this method of payment is convenient for those who use Paypal most, it may not be the best option for others who are looking to get rewards from shopping.

    How can I use Paypal Key to Amazon?

    A Paypal Key is another way that customers can access Paypal through Amazon.

    Paypal Key, a variation of Paypal’s virtual payments method, does not require that a site have a Paypal button in order to be used as a valid method.

    In order to use Paypal Key, customers must ensure they have their credit and/or debit card linked to their Paypal account.

    Customers will receive a 16-digit code for payment after linking their cards.

    Paypal Key code works on every website that accepts Mastercard. Therefore, customers can access the code via Amazon by entering the 16 digit code at the “new method of payment” section.

    This option is possible for customers that don’t wish to have a Paypal Card or do not want to wait until their card arrives in the mail.

    Does Amazon Accept Paypal In 2022? (Try This Instead...)

    What Alternative Payment Can I Use on Amazon Similar to Paypal?

    Amazon customers have a number of options to pay for their purchases if they would rather use an easier method than Paypal.

    Amazon Pay, the digital payment system for that is most prominent is Amazon Pay.

    A customer can add their credit/debit card as a payment method to ensure that it is more secure.

    Klarna is another viable option. Customers can add Klarna to their browser as a digital “buy now and pay later” payment method.

    Amazon’s customers have the option of making a partial or complete payment. Customers may also choose smaller payments, should they prefer.

    Both of these techniques are not currently available to customers in the United States.

    Customers in other countries may therefore need to find an alternative payment option.

    What is the Best Paypal Alternative to Use on Amazon?

    The best Paypal alternative to use on Amazon is Amazon Pay. This payment method, which is similar to Paypal in that it allows customers to purchase items without entering any credit card information and guarantees the same safe payment.

    Amazon Pay offers a great alternative to Paypal but is not available in all countries.

    So customers from overseas may choose to hack Paypal or use their credit card/debit card to shop on Amazon.

    Does Amazon Accept Paypal In 2022? (Try This Instead...)

    What Other Payment Methods Are Available on Amazon?

    In addition to the above-mentioned payment methods, there are a number of other options for customers when deciding how to pay on Amazon.

    These are the valid payment options:

  • Visa Credit/Debit Card and Prepaid Gift Cards
  • MasterCard credit/debit card, prepaid gift cards
  • Amazon Rewards Visa Signature card
  • Amazon Store Card
  • Amazon Secured Cards
  • EuroCard
  • Discover Network
  • American Express
  • Diner’s Club only in United States
  • JCB
  • NYCE
  • STAR
  • China UnionPay (credit only)
  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • For more information about Amazon’s payment options you can check out our posts related to whether Amazon accepts Paysafecard or Klarna.

  • Conclusion
  • Amazon does not currently accept Paypal payments. Amazon customers may still be able to use their Paypal accounts for Amazon orders by receiving a Paypal Money Card. These can be used with a MasterCard credit cards.

    Customers can also use Paypal Key to access their digital Paypal. This allows them to enter a 16-digit code in Amazon and use it as a Mastercard credit or debit card.

    Paypal with Amazon:

    Amazon will not let you use PayPal for payments, however you have the option to select the debit or credit card that you would like to use at the time of the order. PayPal is now accepting PayPal Cash Card, PayPal Business Debit Mastercard and PayPal’s new virtual credit card, PayPal Key. You can make Amazon purchase with your PayPal account. Feb 12, 2021

    Why is Paypal not available on Amazon

    Amazon hasn’t yet integrated PayPal with its payment systems. Perhaps this is because eBay has PayPal, which can be a direct rival. Amazon may want people to choose Amazon Pay, its payment system. You can’t pay Amazon directly with PayPal, no matter what the reason. May 6, 2020

    .Does Amazon Accept Paypal In 2022? (Try This Instead…)

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