Banfield Pet Hospital Prices

Banfield Pet Hospital Prices (Wellness Plan, Grooming + More)

Banfield Pet Hospital is partnered with PetSmart to offer the most comprehensive services and products for pets.

  • So if you’re planning to take your pet to a Banfield Pet Hospital, you may be wondering what services it offers, and what are its prices? This is my experience with research.
  • Banfield Pet Hospital’s Prices in 2022
  • Banfield Pet Hospital has wellness plans that start at $37.95/month (for dogs) and $26.95/month (for cats) as of 2022. There are many other services available at the chain of pet hospitals, such as declawing and neutering pets, and spaying for a variety of prices.

  • Continue reading to discover more about the cost of services provided by Banfield Pet Hospital like neutering, vaccinations, surgeries and many other things.
  • Banfield Pet Hospital Prices (Wellness Plan, Grooming + More)

    What Is The Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan?

    The Optimum Wellness Plan is a year-long package that supports your pet’s health through a variety of medical care and regular services.

    Banfield Pet Hospital states that it is not insurance, rather you pay yearly or monthly for a package of services such as vaccines and exams, which are delivered routinely.

  • You should know that they offer three different versions of their Optimum Wellness Plan
  • The first is Active Care, which is for general care, and the second is Active Care Plus which offers additional dental services at Banfield Pet Hospital.

    As for the third, this is called Special Care and is designed for pets with chronic conditions or those that need extra care at Banfield Pet Hospital.

    Note that Wellness Plans also include discounts of up to 20% on prescriptions and other products and services at Banfield Pet Hospital.

    What Are the Benefits of the Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan

    Depending on the package you select for your Wellness Plan, there are various services included.

    When you sign up for the Wellness plan, coverage starts immediately. Banfield Pet Hospitals are available all over the US.

    Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan includes unlimited office visits and the cost of routine vaccines.

    Banfield Pet Hospital makes it easy to check your pets’ health online. You can also get 20% off your pet insurance.

    Please note that Wellness Plans at Banfield Pet Hospital are renewed every twelve months and you will need to sign a 12-month agreement.

    Additionally, the Wellness Plans are not designed to cover your pet’s accident, illness, pre-existing condition, or other medical issues. Instead, they should be used together with regular pet insurance.

    Banfield Pet Hospital Prices (Wellness Plan, Grooming + More)

    What are the costs of Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Programs?

    For a Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan, there is a one-time start-up fee of $59.95 that applies to all three options.

    Beyond this, every Wellness Plan is subject to its own cost, which are described further below.

  • Active Care
  • Banfield Pet Hospital’s cheapest option for pet care is active care.

    For dogs, the active care Optimum Wellness Plan at Banfield Pet Hospital is priced at $37.95 per month or $455.40 per year.

    An active care Wellness Plan can be purchased for cats at $26.95 a month, or $323.40 a year.

  • Active Care Plus
  • Active Care Plus cost $46.95/month (or $563.40/year) for dogs. It costs $37.95/month (or 455.40/year) for cats.

  • Special Care
  • The Special Care Optimum Wellness Plan is the most expensive as it offers services for animals with chronic conditions or ongoing health concerns.

    The monthly cost of the Special Care Wellness Plan for dogs is $58.95, or $707.40 per calendar year, while it costs $563.40 per calendar year for cats.

    What is the cost of neutering at Banfield Pet Hospital

    Banfield Pet Hospital has spaying and neutering options available at their facility. Prices range from $350 up to $400 for a spay/neuter dog.

    As for cats, the prices vary depending on the service, with neutering costing between $180 and $210, and spaying costing between $250 and $300.

    Banfield Pet Hospital Prices (Wellness Plan, Grooming + More)

    Banfield Pet Hospital: How Much does Euthanasia cost?

    For both cats and dogs at Banfield Pet Hospital, the cost of euthanasia is around $50 to $100.

    Banfield Pet Hospital is not responsible for any additional charges. This will depend on your location, and the services that are required such as cremation.

    What Does Vaccination Cost at Banfield Pet Hospital

    Banfield Pet Hospital charges different prices depending on what vaccine is necessary and whether it’s for cats or dogs.

  • Dogs
  • Vaccines are available for dogs starting at $21 or $38, with Leptospirosis 4-Way vaccination at approximately $21, and Rabies vaccine around $25.

    Additional pricing is available for the Canine Bordetella vaccine, which costs $30, and Distemper Parvo DAPP vaccine, which costs $34.

    Lyme disease, which costs $38 for dogs, is the most costly vaccine.

    Banfield Pet Hospital can advise you about the vaccines that are essential for your dog’s well-being.

  • Cats
  • The vaccine prices range from $25-30 for cats. Rabies vaccinations can be purchased at a cost of around $25.

    Other than this, the Feline Distemper FVRCP and Feline Leukaemia Virus vaccines cost around $30.

    Banfield Pet Hospital’s veterinarians will advise you about the right vaccines to give your cat.

    Banfield Pet Hospital Prices (Wellness Plan, Grooming + More)

    How Much does Banfield Pet Hospital Declawing Cost?

    Banfield Pet Hospital made a statement declaring that they don’t support elective declawing. This is because it is cruel and inhumane.

    If necessary, however, declawing can be done by the Hospital. According to online reports, it costs between $150 and $500 to declaw a cat.

    What Does Pet Hospital Surgery Cost in Banfield?

    As well as offering vaccines, Banfield Pet Hospital is also able to offer routine surgeries, including dentistry.

    These services cost differently depending on whether the animal is a Banfield Pet Hospital patient or if the procedure was performed.

    The prices range between $300 and $400 for pets to fix common issues like dental prophylaxis.

    The Hospital offers other services, such as supplements for diets and Heartworm treatment.

    You should keep in mind that Anaplasma, Lyme and Ehrlichia testing for dogs costs around $40. For cats, you will need to pay $50 for a feline Snap Test for FelV or FIV.

    Banfield Pet Hospital will also be able to take in smaller animals such hamsters/guineapigs as well as exotic pets.

    Banfield Pet Hospital Prices (Wellness Plan, Grooming + More)

    How Much Does Grooming Cost At Banfield Pet Hospital?

    Banfield Pet Hospital is able to offer both medical and traditional grooming, but not traditional services.

    You can use medicated shampoos or conditioners to bathe, or for nail cutting.

    The Average Cost of Microchipping at Banfield Pet Hospital

    The cost to microchip a cat or dog at Banfield Pet Hospital is approximately $40

    Banfield Pet Hospital Prices (Wellness Plan, Grooming + More)

    Banfield Pet Clinic is more expensive than regular veterinarians.

    Banfield Pet Hospital’s Optimum wellness plans can be a great way to save on veterinary bills. They are much lower than their retail price.

    However, online shoppers have stated it is usually cheaper to attend a private veterinary clinic rather than a larger company such as Banfield Pet Hospital.

    Because of this, it may be best to shop around for the best deals near you to see if Banfield Pet Hospital is cheaper.

    What does Banfield Cost Every Month?

    The Banfield Pet Hospital site has an estimator that will help you estimate the cost of wellness plans in your local area.

    An active care package costs $37.95 per dog and $26.95 each month for cats.

    Similarly, if you are going for an active care plan plus, you will be paying $46.95 per month for dogs and $26.95 per month for cats.

    If you choose to purchase the special-care wellness plan, your monthly payment will be $58.95 / $46.95 / month for pets.

    Banfield Pet Hospital Prices (Wellness Plan, Grooming + More)

    Banfield offer payment plans?

    Banfield Pet Hospital lets customers pay for their Optimum Wellness Plans either upfront or in 12 monthly installments.

    For a monthly schedule, remaining payments will be taken on either the 5th, 12th, 19th or 26th of every month.

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  • Conclusion
  • Banfield Pet Hospital has Optimum Wellness Plans available to assist customers in paying for services such vaccines or veterinary visits.

    Banfield Pet Hospital also provides other services, including microchipping and neutering.

    .Banfield Pet Hospital Prices (Wellness Plan, Grooming + More)