Epic Speed Driver Review

Epic Speed Driver Review

epic speed driver review

Callaway Epic Speed Driver Review- The Future Of Speed?

Paul Club Reviews Golf Product Reviews No Comments In this review, I’ll take a close look at the Callaway Epic Speed driver.

A driver from two seasons back.

The Epic Flash is built to speed. However, the new A.I. takes the Epic Flash to the next level. Flash Face SS21 Flash Face Speed Frame, Flash Face Speed Frame with triaxial carbon weighting and a speed optimizing aerodynamic shape.

The Epic Speed certainly talks a big game, but how does it actually perform? What does the Epic Speed compare to other Callaway models like the MAVRIK? And is it the future in speed? Does it make sense to keep the bag?

What I am going to cover in this review is

Features, Technologies and Performance See, Sound & Feel where to buy this driver online Conclusion

Read on to find out what you need to know to make an informed purchase.

epic speed driver review


Gear WITB drivers Fairways hybrids irons putters balls Apparel shoes carts bags gloves grips shafts DMDs training aids new releases REVIEW-Callaway Epic speed Callaway Epic max Callaway Epic max LS Callaway Epic jailbreak A.I. Callaway Speed Frame Drivers Gear Review Callaway’s Epic drivers are designed to go fast… very fast.

Callaway, since the launch of its Epic drivers in 2017 along with their innovative Jailbreak technologies has been setting new standards for driver design.

These drivers were incredibly popular both on tour and in the hands of us mere mortals thanks to the incredible speed and performance they delivered.

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Callaway has promised another great leap in speed through its Jailbreak A.I. Speed Frame.

To complement the vertical stiffening provided by the ‘traditional Jailbreak’, the new Jailbreak architecture improves stability in the driver’s body.

* First Look at Epic Speed drivers, Epic MAX and EPIC MAX LSL callaway drivers

Callaway’s Flash Face A.I. is combined with that and the result, Callaway states, “a new method of speed that does not even seem possible.”

epic speed driver review

Comparison of Epic Max Driver vs Callaway Epic Speed

Callaway Epic Speed vs Epic Max Driver Review & Comparison Are you having trouble deciding which Callaway driver to buy? Then you’re in the same boat as a lot of people. Callaway is a well-known name for its performance.

Their clubs are used on tour by some of the top pros. While it is difficult to find the right Callaway driver for you, choosing the most optimal one can be very rewarding.

Epic speed is usually for players with high swing speeds. It is lighter and more evenly distributed. This allows for higher and longer flight speeds. The Epic Max is more forgiving for higher handicappers and players that don’t swing the club quite as fast. You can fly higher and faster with a lighter weight. It also features a sliding weight that can be adjusted to address swing issues.

For example, a driver can be high performance in the hands of one golfer but no so much in the hands of another.

Be aware of what you are doing. To help with tangibles we have compared Callaway Epic Speed drivers to the Epic Max.

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Epic Speed vs Epic Max Overview. This Epic series targets players seeking forgiveness and long distance.

The Epic Speed is a slimmer version of the SS21 Flash Face. The Epic Max has the Jailbreak internal bar that stabilizes the face.

Is The Epic Speed Driver Forgiving?

EPIC’s most patient driver creates more straight and higher ball flights due to its smaller footprint. With its 17g slide rear weight, golfers have a lot of adjustability to make sure they get the ball flight they desire.

Is Callaway Epic Driver Worth It?

Jailbreak Technology’s standout feature is the steel bars located behind the forehead that stiffen the head to direct more power straight at the golf ball. The Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero, a great driver for advanced golfers is an amazing club.

Who Uses Callaway Epic Speed Driver?

Phil Mickelson is one of the Tour pros who uses the Epic Speed. He wants to catch up with younger men now that he is in his 50s. Mickelson states, “I want more speed. That’s exactly what Epic gives me.” I want to make bigger bombs. Now, I can. “Jan 18, 2021

What are the differences between Epic Max and Epic Speed Drivers, you ask?

Epic speed is usually for fast-swinging players. Because the weight of Epic Max is evenly distributed, it’s geared to a higher flight trajectory and a lower swing speed. Epic Max offers greater flexibility for handicappers with higher scores and slower swing speeds.

.Epic Speed Driver Review

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